Xone:PX5 Soon to Support Traktor Scratch Pro

Earlier this summer, Allen & Heath were teasing a new 4-channel mixer for the masses, the Xone:PX5. This mixer is a 4+1 channel analog unit that boasts digital connectivity with classic Xone FX processing. The feature rich Xone:PX5 now seems to be getting the Native Instruments stamp of approval.

Xone:PX5 to Support Traktor Scratch Pro

In the short video above and from the post on Facebook, we can report Traktor Scratch Pro will support the Xone:PX5. This is huge news for both companies as Native Instruments is poised to drop Traktor 2.11 soon. With Traktor Scratch Pro support, DJs using the Xone:PX5 now get the full Xone mixing experience when using traditional DJ software. This added support is icing on the cake for the Xone:PX5 which is already a powerhouse of a unit. Some may even argue that this gives the Z2 a run for its money.

While the Traktor 2.11 beta is out now, there is no clear indication that the support is readily available in the beta. Adventurous DJs can read all about Traktor 2.11 here and sign up for the beta. There’s no final date when support for the Xone:PX5 will be available, so we will be watching for more announcements.

Other Xone Mixers?

Some commenters on Facebook (rightly) pointed out that this certification is a bit odd considering that the “flagship” mixers from Allen & Heath don’t have it.

The Xone:DB4 and DB2, despite being high-end mixers with great onboard sound cards, still don’t have Traktor Scratch certification. These mixers can be made to work with a bit of not-so-kosher hacking of Traktor, but why not have the official implementation? So far Allen & Heath haven’t replied to any comments on the matter.

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  • Ezmyrelda Andrade

    How can something that is twice the price give the Z2 a run for the money? If it cost the same as a Z2 you would be correct.. However.. considering that I could buy two Z2s and have money left over.. the phrase doesn’t apply.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    I don’t get how they decide this stuff… my Xone 43:C is compatible with Serato, but not Traktor.. This PX5 is compatible with Traktor, but not Serato… and the DB4 & DB2 are only Serato as well…. what the hell?

    • mikefunk

      It’s called mediocre product management. Somebody should get fired somewhere for this.

      • deejdave

        The day a company fires an employee who is essentially doubling profits………… keep in mind A&H knows that if you use both Serato and Traktor and you want to use A&H HW you will have to buy both. Same applies to clubs. Furthermore Serato knows to strike an exclusivity deal for the 43C so you will be locked into their ecosystem. Again smart business move.

        • deejdave

          BTW I know this is not exact stats or logic but do keep in mind these are businesses at the end of the day. When you have a product that is built like tanks serviced forever, lasts forever and is generally universal you have Technics, Vestax, etc. and these do have one thing in common. Customers dream companies worst nightmare.