Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-RX Now Includes Rekordbox DJ

Pioneer DJ has been trying very hard over the last year to bring their DJ software to every DJ who uses their gear. From introducing a whole second lie of DDJ controllers, to integrating DVS – and now they’re bundling the software with their only pure-standalone gear, the XDJ-RX. Read on for the details.

Rekordbox DJ + XDJ-RX

Starting November 1st, XDJ-RX units will have a bundled Rekordbox DJ license inside of the box with them. They’re estimating it at a $129 value – but in sales, adding a digital product to a physical product is a great way to add “perceived value” to a product in order to increase sales.

If you already purchased an XDJ-RX before this free program started, you can actually claim one using an online form on Pioneer’s site – but if you did already purchase the software, they are not issuing refunds.

What About The XDJ-RX2 / XDJ-RZ?

This is probably one of the more boring press releases we’ve received from Pioneer DJ in the last year. Adding a license to the XDJ-RX isn’t very exciting – but maybe there’s a bit of a story in what it could mean.

Many DJs have asked and speculated about a follow-up version of the XDJ-RX, or a potential 4-channel version in the future. Releasing either of these would naturally take away from sales of the original XDJ-RX – so perhaps Pioneer DJ is making big news out of this new value on the RX in order to move more of their stock before launching a new product. (Editor’s note: this is pure speculation, but not an uncommon business practice in our industry)

One final note – Pioneer DJ often releases puts out press releases in a series – one after another, about 24 hours apart. Stay tuned to see if there’s another announcement tonight.

The XDJ-RX standalone DJ setup is available on the DJ Techtools Store for $1,499 – we include a free Chroma Cable for connecting it to your computer. 

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  • Franky

    Is this program worldwide or US only. I bought mine last year in europe. I tried to fill the form to request the license, but rekordbox site said that my ip is not alowed for request. Do you have any idea what is all about? Does anyone has already applied for the license out of US?

    • Agungald

      hi franky, i’m on Indonesia and i request my rekordbox dj serials just fine, processed around 2-3 days and voila, I could play on my xdj rx..
      i think you should not use any vpn / public ip? try on internet cafe maybe?

  • The Black Amigo

    does this mean that they will create a patch that will allow the XDJ RX have the color effects work properly on the controller with the software releasing soon as well?

    • LRJ

      no this most likely means that once they sold enough xdj-rx thanks to this update, they will release the xdj-rx mk2 that will support colour waveform (my guess) just like with the xdj-1000 and the xdj-1000 mk2… then all the xdj-rx owners will want to upgrade… $$

      • Brian Fehling

        Its a simple update in software and sad that Pioneer does not do this for customers. They should be BETTER than this. Tesla does this all the time for their customers by just updating software without having to buy an entirely new car. Companies should learn that loyalty works both ways.