Technics DVS Mod Update: Waveform Display In 45 Adapter Slot

In late April of this year, we took a look at a DIY project that brought a built-in DVS system to a Technics SL-1200 turntable. Now there’s a brand new update that brings a display module with built-in waveform and browsing views. Has this become the ultimate Technics mod?

Technics DVS Mod Gets A Screen


In April, we saw how an enterprising electrical engineer / DJ installed a DVS-capable computer directly into a Technics SL-1200 turntable. After a feature on our site, he got a ton of feedback – and now has returned with a second revision. This time, it has a clever built-in screen and accompanying software.

In the video below, (which is in Russian), the designer Andrei Anantsko shows off the new features. Look below the video for a quick guide of what to note:

  • 1:08: “I decided to make round display modules, which are installed in the slot for the 7-inch adapter. Display modules can be hot plugged/unplugged during the operation of the player, without turning off the power.”
  • 1:42: “The display module can be rotated 360 degrees, set the desired angle, depending on the turntable’s position on the table (Classic or Battle).”
  • 2:16 – “The display module complements the existing system. If the display unit is not needed, and we want to play on the turntable like a real vinyl, take it off. You also can just use the color coded glow the 33 and 45 buttons as before.”
  • 2:45: “Talking about tech specs: I used an OLED-display, it has a wide viewing angle, high contrast, and a similar output to vacuum tubes or a CDJ-1000 player’s display.”

  • 2:59: “The display can show the folder name, track title, pitch percentage, playing time, remaining time til end of the track, waveform, a progress bar below the playback position, and the the position of any hot cues on the waveform”
  • 3:22: “In comparison with the waveform on a CDJ-1000mk3, the Technics DVS screen has a slightly higher resolution: the width 128px vs. 100px on the CDJ; amplitude resolution is 8px vs. 7px on CDJ. These characteristics are worse on newer CDJs, but remember the fact that the size of my display is less than 1 inch.”

  • 5:24: “I created a program to analyze tracks and create waveforms. It analyzes all the tracks in the folder and imports Hot Cues. Now, hot cues can be recorded not only on the turntable, but also on the PC. To do this, you need to set markers in a program like Sound Forge, Sony ACID, etc. The Technics DVS software will then automatically import the markers as hot cues.”

Watch The Technics DVS In A Mix…. Kindof:

Here’s Andrei himself (known here as DJ Greeb) using the Technics DVS turntables to DJ with standalone control vinyl. Editors update: We watched the whole mix and it’s just vinyl. Not sure why the DVS wasn’t used…

Wait, Didn’t I Just See Something Like This?

Yes, it seems like standalone vinyl DVS setup projects are all the rage. Click the image below to check out another recent project featured on DJTT that uses a Raspberry Pi computer for each deck.

PiDeck: another project for standalone DVS
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    he bought all the records with the same bpm :-s no wonder it was synq.he must play with euromillions .
    he aint touched the pitch and than he makes a movie 🙂 is this a prank 🙂

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  • mikefunk


  • ?????? ??????

    All tracks in my mix – digital.
    1. These tracks (except a few) were not released on vinyl. You can check it.
    1. EDX feat. Mingue – Missing
    2. Syn Cole ft. Joshua Radin – Follow Me
    3. Richard Grey – Fantasy (Original Mix)
    4. Freischwimmer – California Dreamin (Calvo Remix)
    5. Anton Liss – Yeah (Original Mix)
    6. The Magician feat. Olly Alexander – Together (Lucas and Steve Remix)
    7. Derek Faze, Rain Man Feat. Oly – Bring Back The Summer
    8. Aberci – Bambooza (Original Mix)
    9. Jonas Aden Robby East – Fall Under Skies (Extended Mix)
    10. DJ Cross Katrin – You Got Me (Original Mix)
    11. Patrick Hagenaar – Feel So Good (Original Mix)
    12. Laurent Wolf vs. Lucas Steve – Calinda 2K15 (Original Mix)
    13. Keanu Silva – Children (Extended Mix)
    14. USB Players – Siren (Original Mix)
    15. Nova – Melancholy (Original Mix)
    16. Cristian Marchi Max Mylian feat. Max C – Do It 2Day
    17. Sam FeldtBeen A While – Been A While (Madison Mars Remix)

    2. The video shows grooves on vinyl discs. In many frames it is seen that a track(groove, furrow) of the same width. These tracks(groove, furrow) are only on the plates with timecode. Well, the label on the center of the vinyl disc, I replaced the other pictures.
    So it looks like Serato plate:

    3. I was able to do what I wanted: to deceive everyone, hide DVS and make an impression as if playing a real vinyl. After all, as they say “Real DJs play Real Vinyl” 🙂

    • Djg Stefan

      Amazing work. And yes you can see kind of easy that its timecode vinyl you are using in the video. Nice touch putting fake labels on them 🙂

    • Antoine Venco

      Nice work ! As a DVS user tired of poor computer reliability this is something I thought about longtime ago, have you considered doing a complete tutorial about how to make your system?

      • ?????? ??????

        Maybe in the future, when I move the project to a cheap and simple platform, such as ARM, without using xilinx fpga and other costly components.

        • Antoine Venco

          Ok, that would be awesome

    • kingof9x

      So you were trying to deceive everyone with your demo? That doesn’t seem like a smart tactic to admittedly deceive when trying to demo functionality. It would have been a better demo to see you do the whole mix without changing the record, just moving the needle back and changing the track, as that’s more what a “real dj” who uses DVS would do. Or show close ups of the waveform changing with the track. Personally I feel even more doubtful about the validity of this project after being told that the creator was trying to decieve me with the demo. Seems suspicious how you dig for the rite record between tracks when it’s all “real” DVS records. Also that’s allot of effort relabeling your DVS vinyl and placing it in jackets for other records to make it look “real”.

      I kinda hope this is a big joke/poke at the “real DJ” thing using “real/fake” “DVS vinyl” when taking this whole intended deception thing into consideration.

      • kingof9x

        I can clearly see the 33/45 buttons being used in a way that makes no sense at all if this is “real vinyl.” I think it would be cool to see another demo that isn’t trying to deceive people and demos how most people who are not trying to be next G-Smooth.

        • ?????? ??????

          33/45 keys I use to navigation tracks and call hot cues. In Demo Video (Technics DVS Project ver.2) is no deceit. A video mix I play the way I want. I do not want something to prove.

          • ?????? ??????

            Yes, this new demo. This article is written from the top, there is a demo video. It is strange that you did not notice him. All that I tell in the demo video also translated into English with a leash to the video time. All of this is the article on. Sorry, my English is bad.

          • kingof9x

            I don’t see any translated materials or other articles besides the one on this page, that you did not write. Maybe you can post that link (i think this is what you mean by “leash”) here.

          • Dubby Labby

            You have the full documentation in the article. If you have some electronic knowledge you can figure is legit by yourself. No need for third party or more disclosure.

          • kingof9x

            There is no documentation here. If you have basic understanding of DVS you can see many holes in this demo. He doesn’t show any circuit diagrams or anything that having any knowledge about electronics would be useful for. He doesn’t show anything that would be useful from a software developers point of view either.

            This article is almost 6 months old. I don’t know what you are trying to do with your comments here. If your goal is to demonstrate that you don’t know what you are talking about or how to write a cohesive thought out in English you can stop now. No need to be an over achiever in that.

          • kingof9x

            No, I am not downloading random files that could have been shared using a standard image sharing service but instead use a shady file sharing site.

            If it was not good enough for the DJ tech tools editors to post as an update to this article it’s not worth any further investigation.

        • Dubby Labby

          If you check the documentation you will notice that 33/45 buttons are used to digital functions like load tracks so you have found one of the proves he is using his system in front of you…
          The other demo was published before this (and it’s in the article as had been pointed to you) so maybe instead of feel yourself “cheated” try to research better and deep the resources next time. It will be healthy too.

          • kingof9x

            I actually posted a link to that video like 5 months ago. Why don’t you try reading the entire thread before you reply to each of my comments.

          • Dubby Labby

            One by one since internet is a log. Someone could arrive after me and just check one of these. Of course I read all by order and answer one by one.

      • Dubby Labby

        Check my other comment for further explanation but…
        Decieve maybe is not the best word; “fooling vinyl purist” or vinyl possers could be more accurate.

        The point is show a system than it’s hard to differentiate from regular turntable but works flawless with digital media, even mixing analog vinyl with timecode without hassle or any sign of digitalization (and serato face) so just recover the true experience of turntable mixing.

        Did you see the point? He has nothing to demo, the system works so well that people can’t believe what they see (and hear) is dvs.

        • kingof9x

          Follow your logic here and apply it to a vocalist or a drummer. Are you okay with singers to lip sync if the audience can’t tell the difference.

          These days it doesn’t matter if you are using dvs, pioneer rekordbox, real vinyl, CD’s or an iPad. If you are a DJ who plays to big crowds nobody can really see what equipment you are using. If you are a DJ who shows off their DJ techniques or innovative equipment your audience is other DJ’s who want to learn about what you are doing. Either way the crowd you are playing to will disrespect you if they find out you are trying to fool them.

          Nobody wants to be tricked or fooled. This is not a magic show this is being a DJ. Even if he was trying to be a magic DJ the trick didn’t work and he was not able to explain how his system? worked in any way that somebody else could re produce.

          If he has nothing to demo then why even make a video?

          If you are going to reply to defend DJ lip syncing logic try being less parenthetical. Proper punctuation and basic sentence structure would help your comments be more readable. Also some research would help. Look into the history of DVS and see if you can find out why serato and pioneer sell a DVS expansion pack with their digital DJ software. It is the thing that would prevent this guy from being able to sell this as a product or to pioneer.

          • Dubby Labby

            Olrait… first excuse me for my english, it’s not my first language. Second about lip syncing and so… we have lots of examples of playback in the music industry where fans don’t give a fuck but it’s not the same case since regular people don’t know about it. To see the same “foolism” you must compare your “tricky musician” in front of “educated musician” (drummer to drummers, vocalist to vocalist…) and check if the trick works.

            About the history of the dvs and problems with N2IT (I figured you are talking about the lawsuit) ehem… Let’s say I know more than you can find on the net but I’m not going to disclosure my sources. It will be you work discover who am I and figure by yourself BUT…

            It doesn’t need to be a Serato/Traktor timecode (the issue was mainly with traktor mk1 imecode). This means in one side “If you apply a N2IT patent (not dimissed in the lawsuit) you should pay royalties by license”. That’s why taktor updated cost 50€ back in the day and why Torq was killed by M-audio.
            In the other side means that any form of digital system different than mk1 could be usable. So just grab a sinus wave (inverted one in the other channel) and you have a functional relative timecode. Serato have noisemap which seems different technology and since in the lawsuit due “prior art from university” was released the N2IT claims were stopped for the rest of “systems” (affecting just mk1 technology as I pointed before)

            So no. There is any problem to sell rekordbox vinyls with each turntable. I said Serato to make it easy to understand and point towards the possibility of even make an agnostic timecode turntable (for relative mode almost).

            Back on topic…
            He had nothig to demo more than a session. Those who know the session was from the dev look for news. Found a regular session and start speculation… then the dev clears it and some of you feel tricked. Oh poor boy… well if you can read his answer without all the bias you will see his point, if not you will feel cheated but that’s your problem. I just was trying to help in bridge the gaps but since you take it so bad I don’t give a fuck for you.

            Don’t like it? Sorry but almost when someone read all your self-deception could have a second opinion in each message. Something useful instead just bs from someone who claims understand, argue against people who studied these systems for over 15 years (probably the first user to make work Ms.Pinky with a sound blaster audigy , win xp, 2003) and try to help everytime possible to push the technologies involved in vinyl digitalization (but every day a bit less since I discuss with the wrong people).

            That’s my fault and I’ll correct it. That’s the last time I visit a djing web page. Let’s hope Pioneer or Serato put the same energy and share in open way all their knowledge.

            Thanks for being so harash and etnocentric. You have rememberd why I left djtt forums…
            God job.

          • kingof9x

            You want a shovel to keep digging your hole? Bottom line this thread is hella old and nobody cares about it besides you. The OP has not don’t anything note worthy or if he has nobody noticed? because he ‘cried wolf’ and now people know not to believe him. If he had anything to say for himself the editor would have updated the article again.

            Attacking me is not helping your cause. If you are the original poster but are now using a different account to defend your self months after the fact you should just stop now. If you are a friend of the original poster stop now. Either way you are just making him and his project look worse than this post did 5 months ago. Learn some etiquette and stop making your self look like a rambling fool.

    • Kerem Say?n

      This is dishonesty towards the audience.

      • Dubby Labby

        The reality is that nobody but djs will get pissed off. He’s fooling audience who knows about dvs… usually djs. Even vinyl lovers (hipsters) could enjoy this trickery and fool themselves.
        All this snobbism around turntable in 2017 is sick, seriously.

        The fact is: Dvs is near to real playing vinyl almost in maneuvers. If someone want to hear “hifi” session (the common rant from analog purist) why to search in youtube? Why to complain at internet?
        Just grab some vinyls and put them in your (thorens) turntable…

        He show how “few invasive” digitalization turntables should be: invisible to audience. If nobody notice it (as it seems until he must to prove the trick) then he made a hit. A brand like Pioneer (which should have released somethng like this) could buy the technology and sell it as “next step” and obviously include a timecode disk with every turntable. Even my brother (52 years old) could enjoy its new Pioneer digital turntable. Epic win.

    • Ray Reef

      Technics should hire you to design the next generation of turntables this is exactly what people want could get them backin the clubs again inplace of pioneer they are missing a trick bigtime.

  • kingof9x

    Is it me or am I not seeing a single DVS record used in that mix? Looks like he is just mixing records like normal.

    • elricsfate

      I think this may actually be a a fake. The technology for this is available (and in theory, possible to build) but something doesn’t smell right about this particular build.

      As you mentioned he claims to be using the DVS functionality of the turntables but it’s clear that the screens aren’t being used and that it’s just regular vinly.

      Lets wait to see if the creator shares more details.

      • Dubby Labby

        It’s so good that makes experienced users doubt. Ding ding ding… seems we have a new standalone turntable mod champion… 😉

    • Spacecamp

      You’re right! What’s up with that? I’ll email him and ask 🙂

    • Dubby Labby

      It was you 😛