Mixvibes Cross: Ableton Link on Android

French software company Mixvibes has broken new ground with an announcement of Ableton Link integration on their two softwares, Remixlive and Mixvibes Cross. Link has been adopted by Serato, Traktor, and many iOS apps – but this is the first software that includes support on Android devices. Keep reading for the details.

Remixlive + Cross = Ableton Linkable, Even On Android

Mixvibes recently announced that Remixlive, their loop sequencing application – can now play along their longtime DJ app, Mixvibes Cross. Two separate devices operating on a shared Wi-Fi network can work in tandem, allowing sequencing in Remixlive to be synced with the DJ mix taking place on Cross DJ.

How? Both apps have gained Ableton Link functionality that allows the syncing to take place. From the Mixvibes website:

“Ableton Link is a technology that syncs the beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live, Cross DJ Pro and any Link-enabled app. You can now send audio from Remixlive to other Audiobus and Inter-App compatible music apps on the same device. It allows you to combine several music apps simultaneously to create unique performances.”

This integration of syncable sequencing presents new possibilities for users of Cross DJ – but even more excitingly, these are the very first apps on Android to be able to connect to an Ableton Link network. This means Android users can now sync these apps with an increasing number of computer and iOS based apps – like Ableton Live, Serato DJ, Traktor Pro 2, and a whole swath of iOS music making apps.

What’s Ableton Link?

According to Ableton’s website, it’s

“a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network, so you can forget the hassle of setting up and focus on playing music. Link is now part of Live, and also comes as a built-in feature of other music applications.”

This decision to allow third-party music apps to build in Ableton Link functionality into their existing software – meaning that it is possible that more DJ software companies will offer Ableton Link integration, further expanding performance possibilities. Ableton even offers development kits for Link to get developers started on software integration.

Who is Mixvibes?

Mixvibes is no stranger to the DJ world. Although not usually included in the traditional listing of DJ software, Mixvibes offers a full-featured DJ software including a digital vinyl system (Mixvibes DVS), extensive MIDI integration, as well as Pioneer CDJ integration. Since their launch in 1999, Mixvibes’ software has been used over 10 million times by DJs and producers.

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  • Marshal Vibes

    1999 first mix software: Mixvibes, first soft sampler: Looptrax
    I remember it was the beginning, few sound cards, 233mhz cpu, Windows 95. 1999 The last century, a long time ago.
    2016 Remixlive is the new MixVibes software, a new concept for an active listener on smartphones or tablets and a great tool for producers on desktop.
    Don Fe just sent me “Just been checking out the app. Pretty addictive!!!!!!”
    Have a look it’s a cheap addiction.

  • rubber

    Would be possible to transport the midi and even the audio with ableton link ?
    that would be great

  • Deksel

    It’s fun! I connected RemixLive on my android phone with Traktor on my laptop. Nothing really usefull yet (Remix Deck +, but also preparation heavy +) but really fun to test link on an android phone!
    Hoping other Android Music app developers will follow.

  • Alex Russell

    This takes DJing to the next level, I didn’t use the first Link integration on Cross DJ cause I only have one iOS device but now that I can hook my phone up to my macbook its lit!

    • Marshal Vibes

      1999 first mix software of MixVibes, I remember it had already 16 tracks. 1999 The last century, a long time ago.
      Remixlive is the new MixVibes software, it’s a new concept for a listener and a great tool for producer. Don Fe just sent me “Just been checking out the app. Pretty addictive!!!!!!”
      Have a look it’s a cheap addiction.