Rekordbox 4.2.5 Update Out Now: SP1 Support, Video Improvements

A brand new version of the Rekordbox DJ software, 4.2.5, has just been released. In it are a whole host of bug fixes, alongside a serious set of updates to the Rekordbox video Plus Pack. Keep reading for the details.

Earlier this week, Pioneer DJ announced a significant update for their Rekordbox DJ library and performance software. Most notably, this update stabilized the fledgling DJ software compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS, Sierra, as well as offered Rekordbox DJ support for the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 performance pad controller when combined with another supported controller.

DDJ-SP1’s Evolution

The Pioneer DDJ-SP1, which gains significant control ability in Rekordbox DJ with this update, was originally released in 2013. The design was to offer the same Serato controllerism functionality as the highly popular DDJ-SX (Slicer, Loops, and control of the SP-6 sampler engine).

The idea was DJs wanting further controllerism features would combine this product with a DVS-equipped mixer, like the Pioneer DJM-900SRT, or a controller lacking performance pads, like the Numark NS6 or Pioneer WEGO. Unfortunately, this controller requires an external sound card and, to work with Serato, it needs a Serato enabled controller – like a DDJ-SX or equivalent.

However in recent years, Pioneer has expanded the functionality of its smallest MIDI controller. For instance, the DDJ-SP1 now can work with the CDJ-2000NXS2 and the CDJ-TOUR1 as a hot cue controller. It plugs via USB into one of the players and, through Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link ability, simultaneously controls two CDJs.

Rekordbox Video Gains Features

Also included: several key updates to Rekordbox Video, an expansion offered in a previous update released in tandem with the DDJ-RZX. The new features include:

  • delay compensation
  • keyboard shortcuts and MIDI learn for the video panel
  • 9 new TRANSITION FX and 10 new TOUCH FX
  • a new video mute feature when audio is not playing

Rekordbox Video was an expansion to the fledgling Rekordbox DJ software and was released earlier this year alongside Pioneer’s Flagship controller, the DDJ-RZX. Controlled by any Rekordbox DJ-capable controller, the video plugin allows DJs to incorporate visual elements into their performances. In order to crossfade two video tracks, Rekordbox has a series of transition effects that the extra 9 in this update join. The update also adds 10 new touch effects that can be controlled with the xy-pad on the DDJ-RZX or via the laptop running Rekordbox DJ.

Also included in the update are several stability features for using the CDJ range with Rekrodbox, including the latest CDJ-2000NXS2 and the CDJ-TOUR1.

A full list of the changes for this new update can be found here.
Rekordbox 4.2.5 is a free download (but the DJ / performance side of the software is paid), available now. 

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  • Niels

    I think the most important change with the latest update is missing in the article.
    Rekordbox Dj users are now able to map pitchbend and vinyl move to any (thirdparty) midi controller.
    Now, users with thirdparty dj controllers, can use their jogwheels for the first time with Rekordbox Dj and don’t have to buy a Pioneer-Controller for full functionality.

  • Soup

    Don’t update to 4.2.5! Way too many crashes and you can’t downgrade to 4.2.4 because pioneer doesn’t keep archives of past versions.

    • Sigit

      No problems here. Updated from 4.2.4 on Mac.

      • Soup

        Do you use their video plugin? I feel like the changes they made to video might be the problem I’m having. I gave up and went back to using Virtual DJ which does video way better anyways.

        • Sigit

          Nop, Only I use for my music library an export to USB. I’m not interested in Video.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            The update really doesn’t affect you, it’s more for the Rekordbox DJ users.