Maschine 2.5.5 gets Ableton Link Support

Maschine and Traktor now come with Ableton Link for simple, reliable syncing across multiple applications and devices. Check out this video demonstrating how to use Ableton Link with Maschine Jam and Traktor Kontrol S4 for spontaneous jamming, collaborative creation, and perfectly-timed performances.

Maschine Software gets Ableton Link

Why is this newsworthy you might ask? Syncing Maschine to Traktor has always been a fairly complex process which didn’t always work as expected. Maschine 2.5.5 turns it up a notch and finally adds Ableton Link support which makes pairing it with any other supported software (even iOS apps) just a 2-3 click process. You’ll still need to route audio externally but this is definitively a step in the right direction. It’s good to see that NI and others are catching up with the times so we can move away from the quite outdated MIDI Clock protocol.

We wrote this article listing what we’d like to see in Maschine back in 2015 and it’s good to know that at least two of them (Traktor’s sequencer being the second) have became a reality. With Link being an open environment and Serato supporting it you can finally use Maschine and Serato DJ tightly in sync (this was only possible before with SSL and Bridge).

Update Notes

  • Ableton Link support.
  • MST: Holding SHIFT on SCENE > ARRANGE Screen now displays DEL BANK.
  • MST: Visual feedback for focused areas is now improved.
  • MST: Double button placement on Arrange/Pattern page is now consistent with the placement on the Pattern page.
  • JAM: Changing the scale in piano roll now moves the rootnote-marker consistently.
  • Some older audio interfaces now work correctly again on Windows.
  • Notes being held by a modulated pedal MIDI CC are now turned off when playback is stopped.
  • Improved dialog for missing NKS plugins, now showing the missing product.
  • CTRL + A for selecting all sounds in the Mixer view is now working correctly.

This update is available now in the Native Access and Service Center apps along with NI’s website.

About the Author

  • Who? Matias
  • Years experience: DJing since 2005 and producing since 2008
  • Why he’s helpful: Matias has used nearly every DJ software out there and has helped create tons of DJTT’s best mappings (with over 25k downloads). He’s our lead DJTT product expert and can answer pretty much any gear question too. Think of him as the super helpful guy behind the counter at the record store who has lots of great suggestions on what gear is perfect for your unique tastes. You can chat with Matias on live chat in the DJTT store (he gets nearly 100% positive feedback ratings).


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  • AKSO Official

    Hello everyone,

    As most of you I am too a Maschine user who’s excited about the new update. After my initial test I found that for it to work, traktor needs to be synced to it’s master clock. If that’s the case it works great, no fuss, just press link and that’s that.

    What happens if you, like me, use traktor with CDJs in HID Mode? Is there are way to set up the master clock to assume the bpm value of the longest played deck and keep link ‘on’? In my tests I’ve noticed that every time I click “Auto” on the master clock, it assumes the bpm from the respective deck but also disables link and then you can’t enable link before you’ve set the master clock back to “Master’.

    Any thoughts?



  • CUSP

    While I was initially ‘stoked’ regarding Maschine and Traktor being able to work together (via Ableton Link), I’ve since heard very little about this new project other than two machines being better at tempo syncing to one another, what else can we expect from this “linking?”
    I like how Native Instruments quickly renders a loop (in Maschine) that you can drag and drop into Traktor, but I’ve not heard a whisper regarding anything other than tempo synching (MIDI Clock).

    I wanted more from “Linking” than just a rebranded “MIDI Clock synching”, I guess I just thought I’d see a little more than this (maybe I’m missing something major here). I’d like to see remote drag and drop of loops from Maschine to Traktor (like you can do locally), and maybe natively map Maschine’s audio processing for Traktor’s audio and effects.

    This seemed like such a big deal at first, but (at least to me) now it’s not so much that big deal. What am I missing here?

    • Caz Coronel

      NKS support would be amazing, fully agree!

  • Viikk

    New tools for new live expressions stage.
    Mixing in sync and quantisation is not a problem anymore !
    Imagine you can make music and DJing jam with people you don’t know, and amazing turnovers !
    I like this future.

  • Scott Frost

    Sales of NI gear GO UP, everything else GO DOWN….

  • Dubby Labby

    Well finally the remote scripts from the Bridge had become the Ableton Link foundation as expected. Now everyone could play in sync altogether not just with ownself. Maybe now people starts to understand why sync (and beatgrids) where necessary (and potentially fun) and not against human factor.
    Next step (in the works afaik) Link implementation in hardware (bomebox the first) to sync with non-electronic based musicians and integrate more and more “djing” (or live producing or whatever name you feel right) into live bands and so (due public still wants to see performers performing) without limiting lively perform.

    Also sometime a new kind of apparatus will emerge in the shape of standalone turntable groovebox (now approached with Flip, Link, dj808, D2, F1, remix deck sequencing… but still sepparated products maschine, traktor, serato, ableton…) or maybe Pioneer will enable it for ToRaiz (lan connected to cdj or rekordbox?) someday?

    The downsides:
    Link could be possible with OSC years ago.
    Desktop software is getting outdated and freeze (in innovation terms) against iOS (Link has been working since day one in most of apps includding those with djing cappabilities and even dvs)
    Standalone hardware seems returning hard (ToRaiz, new mpcs coming, even Behringer seems interested in synth/sampler developing) and let’s hope these implement Link too.

    Kilroy was here.

    • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

      I use Korg Sync on my iphone for Ableton link to my hardware. It runs into a volca then to two novation circuits.

      • Dubby Labby

        Yeah it’s the way but I was referring to standalone hardware link with midi in/out. Your solution or the one I described, in example, could be useful to add midi out to serato too (which is highly user request at their forums)

  • Steve Mosher


  • Jim Jones

    It’s a New World now (finally) !

    unlimited potential

  • killmedj

    This is soooooo dope!!!

  • Anthony Alonso

    OMFGYES Time to buy a new laptop and integrate my jam into the setup!

  • jm2c

    Finally! excellent news, this is 🙂