Top DJ Record Pools For Club DJs: 2017 Round Up Review

One or more record pool subscriptions can be essential to many modern club DJs. Record pools can help to streamline the search for new tunes and broaden one’s musical horizons, while being far more cost-effective than purchasing each record individually. In this feature, contributing writer Tom Hricik reviews five common DJ record pools.

What Are DJ Record Pools Good For?

For many working DJs, purchasing every single record they might need to play is out of the question. With an ever-changing landscape of singles, remixes, bootlegs, and custom edits to choose from, having a simple, hassle-free service to help DJs find the records they need at a price they can afford can be a godsend.

Enter the record pool, defined as:

“…a regionalized and centralized method of music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play in nightclubs.”

DJ TechTools’ last round-up review of record pools was published over three years ago. Since then, there’ve been changes and new pools added – so today we’re looking at five unique pools that have a strong presence at the start of 2017.

The Pools

  • DJCity: An often-discussed record pool used by working DJs, DJCity features a trendy, diverse selection of the latest and greatest new records released.
  • Club Killers: With a heavy emphasis on the club atmosphere, this pool has an extensive video library, custom-curated playlists, and a team of editors to keep your crates fresh.
  • Direct Music Service: DMS and its team of 15 editors offer the largest back catalogue of music of the five pools reviewed here, while also adding essential new tunes that many DJs need each week.
  • POOL by Promo Only: Using a unique desktop client, POOL by Promo Only serves club, radio and mobile DJs an incredible variety of both audio and video content at a price nearly any DJ can afford.
  • Live DJ Service: Although offering less content overall than the other pools mentioned, LDS is a specialty service offering Benzi’s personal picks of modern club music of all genres.

Editor’s note: there are other DJ pools out there – these five were chosen for their relative popularity among club DJs. Other great pools reviewed on DJTT recently include:


  • Website:
  • Price: $90 for three months.
  • What’s Great?: A sizable amount of trendy, diverse, DJ ready originals and remixes at your fingertips.
  • What Needs Improvement?: Characters are typically changed in dirty song titles (e.g. “We Want Some P#ssy”).

For many DJs who never had the chance to be involved in a vinyl record pool, DJCity was the first foray into the world of record pools – and for good reason. The pool offers some of the newest, freshest tracks available at a price that’s easy on the budget.

You won’t come to this site to build a collection of early 90’s Hip Hop, or to quickly download a request for a redrum of Frank Sinatra, but for anyone looking to add an extremely club-relevant flair to their sets – DJCity is a no brainer.

Incredibly Fresh Content

DJCity does not offer any throwback or legacy music – instead, they keep their selection undeniably fresh. Often while shopping in online music stores like Beatport, I find at least half of the tracks I plan to buy already in this pool. This ratio increases if the tracks are more mainstream. This is a welcome ease on the wallet. Occasionally, I’ve even found major label tracks on DJCity prior to their official release.

Remix City?

While nearly all the pools offer remixes, DJCity seems to err on the side of the newest, trendiest music in their selections. When genres like Tropical House or Future Bass were first emerging, this pool was the go-to when building my collection. Additionally, well-known editors/producers like Primetyme, KidCutUp, and Kronic seem to release exclusively through the service.

The UK Connection

New releases on DJCity UK.

A little known trick – you can log in to both DJCity and DJCity UK. The service’s UK counterpart has the music from the US site, along with its own UK content. This is great for DJs looking for a more European selection when building their library.

Club Killers

  • Website:
  • Price: $35 per month.
  • What’s Great?: A true abundance of custom, truly “club-killing” DJ edits.
  • What Needs Improvement?: One of the few record pools that does not also feature a mobile app.

“Same as always, but like never before,” is a slogan often seen on the Club Killers site. The pool has a rare communal feel to it, and thanks to a recent facelift, it boasts a sleek, simple new interface. To become a part of “the world’s most dangerous crew,” you must know an existing member. Club Killers is half record pool, half secret society, and 100% quality. We will begin by highlighting one thing that Club Killers has always been known for.

An Extensive Collection of Custom Edits

For DJs who take issue with the way most records are structured, most of the records on Club Killers have a download option called the “CK Cut” – this is a short edit. Based on the current trending chart of the pool, these cuts are very popular: right now 13 of the 20 tracks in their trending chart are edited by a Club Killers resident. This includes mashups, re-drums, and proper remixes. Club Killers truly excels in this arena, offering tracks with that bit of extra shine that can take a DJ set from good to fantastic.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Skrillex playing Boiler Room Shanghai, where he drops three of Deville‘s (a Club Killers resident DJ) edits in 70 minutes.

Curated Spotlights For The Win

Digging for records can take time and sorting through masses of music can become tedious. The process of finding a diamond in the rough is one of the most rewarding aspects of curating music. Club Killers seems to understand this, but also helps their crew save time by offering Curated Spotlights – playlists of 20 records with a specific theme. This can include anything from “90’s Party Jams” to “Digital Dave‘s Top 20 Picks”. Club Killers has a respectable back catalog of music spanning decades, all of which is available for download as a paid member. As if these this wasn’t enough, the pool also offers an option to “Express Download” up to 15 tracks in any genre you would like.

Direct Music Service

  • Website:
  • Price: $29.95 per month (for the limited plan), up to 40% off  for yearly packages
  • What’s Great?: One of the largest back catalogues available, coupled with its own brand of exclusive edits.
  • What Needs Improvement?: Some DJs may dislike that most records on DMS have an intro, few will start cold.

When DJ AM put a stamp of approval on something, you know it is worth looking into. No, I’m not talking about Serato, Technics 1200s, or even the Nike Dunks he wore. I’m talking about Direct Music Service.

The Best of Both Worlds?

DMS is an incredibly versatile record pool. In many ways, it can be considered the best of both worlds in terms of balancing new material and fresh, exclusive edits with a massive back catalog of throwbacks and classics. From 70’s throwbacks, to Festival Trap, to Deep House, DMS goes above and beyond in terms of the selection they offer their users.

With regards to the extensive back catalogue of classic records, these aren’t low quality, un-quantized, intro-less versions of the records you need. DMS has DJ-ready, high quality downloads of even the most obscure tracks I’ve searched for. I firmly believe that their back catalog is second to none in terms of size and quality, and they’ve helped me diversify my library decades beyond my active years as a DJ.

A World-Class Team of Editors

One of my favorite dance floor weapons from DMS.

DMS ranks highly among its peers when considering the team behind it. In total, 15 editors work 24/7 to keep DMS on top of the game. The custom edits on DMS have often been some of my best club weapons. I can recall multiple occasions when I’ve been approached by DJs after my set, specifically asking for the edits I’ve gotten from DMS.

DMS features a form where users can suggest tracks to be added to the pool, and they genuinely do their best to accommodate the requests made. The level of dedication and quality that #teamDMS continues to deliver to its users each year has made it an exceptional service worthy of immense praise, and one of my favorite pools in existence.

POOL by Promo Only

  • Website:
  • Price: Starts at $12.00/month
  • What’s Great?: Highly affordable, with extra genres available that are of particular use for mobile DJs
  • What Needs Improvement?: Unlike DMS, many tracks may lack intro versions, a potential downside/upside depending on one’s mixing style

With 25 years in the game, and ten consecutive wins for “Best Record Pool” at the International Dance Music Awards, this roundup would not be complete without a mention of Promo Only. It’s is one of the few services in existence with rights to distribute both their audio and video content in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Beyond DJs, Promo Only services every radio station under the Clear Channel and Cox Radio umbrella, as well as large corporations like Royal Caribbean and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Useful for both club and mobile DJs alike

Promo Only is the only pool to use a desktop app (called POOL) for downloading music. POOL provides up-to-the-minute information on new releases, and offers a large amount of video content for VDJs as well. Additionally, Promo Only is one of the few remaining record pools to still offer CDs & DVDs. They don’t offer legacy audio content, but the diversity that this record pool offers is simply incredible. In addition to Hip Hop, Pop and EDM offered by most record pools, Promo Only has Christian, Country, Latin, and other genres often needed by mobile DJs.

Detailed Statistical Analysis

One of my favorite features of POOL is TrackTrends. Every user with the POOL app installed can anonymously upload their DJ history. TrackTrends is a web-based chart system that is created from the actual data of what DJs are playing most. The more a track is played by DJs, the higher on the chart it will climb.

Live DJ Service

  • Website:
  • Price: $30 per month, lifetime memberships regularly offered at a discount.
  • What’s Great?: A specialization for big room club music, an extra touch of exclusivity
  • What Needs Improvement?: Not updated each week – although it’s more of a boutique service than the others

Live DJ Service has only recently been made available to the public. Previously, it was completely on the down-low, and invite only. Members include Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, Diplo, GTA and Salva – just to name a few. LDS is different than other pools in that it offers less music overall, but has an “all-killer-no-filler” ethos to it.

Club Specialization

LDS’s collection of Black Beatles edits.

LDS is geared towards DJs rocking nightclubs, offering infrequent, one-time uploads Benzi calls “shipments.” In each are folders containing a specific genre of music, each hand-selected and supported by Benzi. Regularly in these folders are often some amazing edits. Without LDS, I would never have come across some of my greatest dance floor weapons that helped to define my sound this year.

The downside is that the pool is updated only every few months or so, but you’re guaranteed quality when a shipment does arrive. Benzi occasionally runs promotions where lifetime memberships are offered at a discount rate, but these are only offered to those already subscribed. While LDS is not a pool you can rely on for weekly updates, it certainly is a pool whose selections can help to set you apart in what is increasingly a sea of other DJs with record pool subscriptions.

One Pool To Rule Them All?

If you were looking for an official endorsement of one record pool over another, unfortunately I won’t be suggesting one any time soon. The fact of the matter is that I use each of the record pools listed above, and I find them all to be essential throughout the year. Each of the listed pools caters to a diverse group of users quite differently. Each pool has its own flavor, its own team of editors, and its own reasons for why you should join.

I advise readers to have access to multiple record pools. There is simply too much great music being pushed out by the above services to limit yourself to just one, even if you have a favorite to which you tend to gravitate towards.

What is most important, however, is that even if you have a library of the best music imaginable for the particular night you are playing, it is on you as a DJ to program the room properly, and ultimately make the party happen.

That, my friends, is something that cannot be obtained simply by kicking out a check for a monthly subscription.

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  • ken

    serato dj, since pulselocker is no longer in serato. all of my oldies, r&b and blues music are gone. where can find a record pool that has a large selection of blues music

  • Herni

    WOW .. very awesome !!! This article you created is a track record on the very famous dj club. Come visit our site at

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  • Scott Jenner

    I am looking for a pool with good EDM music in addition to hip hop, trance and techno house music. What would you recommend?

    • Deejay Spinn

      I’ve been using Franchise Record Pool since 2008. They have a huge catalog of music. They have Hip Hip, R&B, massive Reggae, Reggaeton, massive House music, Soulful House, Trance – pretty much everything you’re looking for. In the House bin alone, you’ll get lost for hours!

  • Scott Jenner

    I am looking for house and hip hop both old skool and new stuff. What pools are best for both old and new hip hop and house music for DJs?

  • David Smith

    I’m looking for a record pool that also has Christian music. Does one exist?

    • Deejay Spinn

      Promo Only has the some Christian music – the Contemporary Christian issues. I get them with my full subscription.

      • David Smith

        Thank you sir. I really appreciate your help.

  • Michael Jiglund

    Hey from a producer perspective is record pools a good way to get more exposure and support from big djs? Anyone have tried to get tracks supported from record pools?

  • David Casto

    iDJPool has all genres:

    Holiday (Christmas, Halloween & 4Th Of July)
    Plus: Remixes, DJ Intros, Quick Mixes, Bonus Beats, DJ Tools (Samples – Scratches – Beats – Loops)
    Official DJ Pool of Virtual DJ and Official DJ Pool of Spacial Sam Broadcaster Radio
    Servicing DJ’s Since 1985

  • Constantin Román

    Hello Guys!

    I’m looking on such kind of pool which is strong on
    older stuff. I would need to refill my catalogue with warped dj friendly
    versions of old 70′-80′-classic
    disco, 80′-90’s hip-hop and rn’b, 90’s and 00’s classic house trance
    and techno. Could you suggest me a pool which contains wide range of
    such oldies in good quality and having very friendly search engine?


    • Art Payne

      Most pools are designed to service NEW RELEASES but many are mentioned above. iDJPool started as a vinyl pool in Chicago back in the mid 80;s so they have some House and Techno as digital as well as classics going back to 70’s & 80’s (some 50’s & 60’s too) as a bonus but emphasis is on servicing new music. They also have some classic remix services for House and Disco – not warped but close to quantized for ease of mixing.

      Also take a look at some of the other Pools above mentioned in the comments. Late Night has a ton of golden era 90’s and 00 Rap, R&B and Hip Hop with Mixshow DJ edits. When Beatjunkies Pool used to show what they offered – I saw they had a lot of “crate diggers tunes” – stuff that was hard to find on vinyl – let alone as digital.

  • Erik Lohr

    Anyone dipping into tech-house/tech pools out there?

  • Jay Dabhi

    Another thing DJTechTools should touch on is sound quality! There are pools that use Ableton to make their edits and the artifacts from warping are heard all through out the track. Also editing an mp3 and exporting as an mp3 is further degrading the quality… Pools should edit with WAVs and I feel in this day and age, an AIFF file (so we can have id3 tagging ability) should also be an downloadable option… And not all intros are created equal.. Some pools make them that makes mixes sound seamless as it goes into the first part of the song while others cut a part of the beat, loop it and then slam in the song without any fluidity… Please consider doing a more in depth review for us music nerds 🙂

    • Jay Dabhi

      Not to take anything away from this review.. It is indeed informative…

    • Art Payne

      As far as Pools editing (and servicing) WAV files, I think a lot of it has to with what format the labels supply the Pool, Back when many pools first went digital – Pools requested and required 320 MP3’s and it took a long time for it to become almost 100% commonplace.

      I remember reading on a forum back in the day that DJ City will service 192 MP3 to get the music out there fast and first and re-up a 320 later when it became available. I have been in for almost 10 years and I remember the director NOT servicing a tune until he got a 320 mp3 back in the day, Which method is better?

      With today mumble Rap and hot for a second music, is it really worth to have EVERY Lil Yachty, Panda or similar tune with various versions serviced to the Pool as WAV??

      But again, one persons trash is another persons Masters At Work or Tiesto?

      : )

  • Tom

    I am a big fan of zipDJ myself. Great selection and service!

  • Art Payne

    As mentioned in the article (and in the comments), there are other pools that were obviously overlooked, especially for a round up? Classic pools that have been around since the vinyl days like and were not mentioned and could easily compete with or surpass pools like DJCity and Club Killers. Although I never joined Direct Music Service has always intrigued me with it’s classics but Latenight has a throwback section that more than satisfies (without re drums). I have been looking at Betajunkies too for it’s obscure “crate digger classics” that no other pool offers but haven’t pulled the trigger.

    I been a member of various pools since the 80’s and helped run a vinyl pool back in the day and seems that even the definition of a Pool in the article seems to be off point. A (Record} Pool traditionally was a service that acts as a liaison between working Club or Moblie DJs and labels/artists to distribute NEW music for club play or mobile events for a membership fee. Because of the ease of digital, many Pools offer classics and old school AS A BONUS but the idea of a Pool is supposed to be to promote NEW MUSIC. (Although my first paragraph leans towards idea of classics – DOH!).

    The article does mention Club DJs – but pools like IDJPool offer about 99% of what is charting on Billboard or Americas Music Charts as singles which is great for mobiles or wedding Djs. The article does mention that a few pools do DJ edits, but that is a very important point for today’s digital DJ – mixshow or DJ Intro, Acca im/Outs, instrumentals and/or bonus beats are all great tools and should be noted if offered?

    I network with other DJs on forums and facebook and even though I have never heard of LiveDJservice, seems like other pools like Late Night, Idjpool. ZipDJ, Franchise, Beatjunkies, BPM Supreme and others should have been included to make it a “More complete” round up before a pool that offers little more than a login in link.

    Taking nothing away from the author, but is DJTech Tools hiring? I’d like to be a reviewer/contributor.

    : )

    • David Casto

      iDJPool has Exclusive!!! Edits, Remixes & Redrums By:
      DJ Kontrol – DJ Petedown – DJ Steel – DJ Marcus J – Dibs & MGM –
      VDJ JD – Sisco Kennedy – Kay Stafford – Dark Intensity

    • David Casto

      Hi Art thanks for mentioning iDJPool. Here is more info on iDJPool

      We Have The Highest Quality MP3 320k
      All MP3’s Are Tagged Properly
      Unlimited Downloads
      We Deliver The Hits Faster Than Any Other DJ Service
      There Are No Contracts And No Minimum Commitment
      MP3’s will work on any MP3 Player or DJ Software
      Easy One Click Downloading, Previews & Search
      We Service The Hits!
      We Update Our MP3 Music Audio Daily
      Fast Downloading With Bulk Download Option
      We Offer 2 Ways To Download (FTP & Website)
      Immediate Downloads (No Ratings)
      Compatible with Macintosh, Windows and Linux
      Largest Provider of Promotional Content

      • Fuad Ally

        Hi David, Please can I download again from you guys. Why cant you guys just help me out. I have subscribed to almost all dj pools but none is like Idjpool. Please reply to my mail. Regards,

    • Tom

      I agree Art. So many other pools that did not get a mention. I use zipDJ myself and was surprised it was not on the list. How is idj for you?

      • Art Payne

        I spin mainly Urban – definitely meets my needs on ALL newer R&B, Rap, and new “Hip Hop” (if you can call todays mumble Rap “Hip Hop”. If that is all you need iDJ has a cheaper Rap & RnB sub pool called just for that (as well as a separate Country Pool ” ” for ONLY country).

        I also spin and love Soulful/Deep House music. The full IDJPool has quite a bit of the stuff found on the Traxsource 100 (usually pops up a days/week or so AFTER I buy on Traxsource – lol)

        The pool usually has 99% of the stuff charting on the various Billboard “Top” charts and the various genres on including Latin, smooth Jazz, and even Christian and Gospel.

      • Alex Pullinsky

        zipdj is great!

    • Video DJ Puma

      I agree with you to an extent, Art. The title is called “Record pools for Club Djs 2017″ and with that comes the fact that most of these pools are mainly catering to just that. I can’t login to DMS or Djcity to get my next wedding gig essentials or my 80s throwback set, but you can login and get your crates filled with the latest bangers and soon-to-be bangers.
      They didn’t really touch on that DJcity will give you all of the files as would a 12” single, whereas DMS will just give you the intro only edits.
      I’m sure it’s somewhere around 95% of dj’s that play only intro edits and you’re pretty much ruining your creativity at that point.
      I’ve never dropped an intro edit to Biggie’s hypnotize and probably never will.

      I do like latenight, like you mentioned because they do have a lot of new and they’re always back filling the old.

      I also know that when I’m in a bind and have an hour before I have to leave for a gig and haven’t had time to grab new music in a week or two, I’ll jump on DMS and grab the latest. It’s saved me a few times when you get that request for a new song that you haven’t even heard yet.

      • Alex Mendez

        Lets be fair Anthony. DMS has one of the best back catalogues out there, specially with edits and redrums. I think it would be a disservice if you didn’t go on there to grab useful material for weddings, private and corporate events. One love.

        • Video DJ Puma

          I definitely love DMS! They definitely have bangers. I shouldn’t have classified DMS and DJCity in the same category. DMS definitely has way more classics than DJCity.

          • Jdoe

            way more? you mean a LOT more. I didn’t find many classics in djcity at all.I like their service but it’s mainly aimed towards new stuff.

          • Alex Pullinsky

            DJCity has no back catalogue, they try so hard to be trendy and current that they don’t offer any those hot floor filling throwbacks. So frustrating. Club Killers has a much better selection, curated playlists and music search. I’d go with them over DJcity any day! And I’ve currently got my yearly ZipDJ subscription cause they are the only ones who have good selection of deep house. Lorde praise ZipDJ!

          • Cameron Kramer

            Hey Alex, i’m looking to get into Club Killers, could I use you as my referral?

          • Alex Pullinsky

            My subscription expired a few weeks ago but yeah you can use me as a referral hopefully that won’t be a problem. Hope you enjoy the music pool brother! Peace.

          • Cameron Kramer

            My man! I’m worried they won’t accept me in. I have had a residency at a bar and have played a few medium sized venues, and do event DJing on a regular. What are your DJ credentials like?

          • Cameron Kramer

            I’m in! Thankyou

          • Joshua Quiroz

            hey cameron how is club killers working out for you?

          • Cameron Kramer

            Really good man thanks again. It has some gold on there for sure. Not the best for tracks older than 10 years, but it’s still pretty decent for those.

          • Joshua Quiroz

            what is your main genre that you play?

          • Cameron Duff

            Yo Cameron, also looking to get into Club Killers, could i use u as a refferal? Greetings from germany.

    • Alex Mendez

      Is there a possibility they may do another pool review in the future to include other sites? Dig back and you can see on some years, DJTT does multiple record pool reviews. Just a thought.

      As for DMS, Join. We are a super well-rounded pool, covering every genre and style, from current bangers to deep catalogue cuts from the past decades. One love.

    • Jdoe

      Thankfully, we have you to share the other goods! lol Also, you should DEFINITELY check out DMS. I literally just joined today and WOW! all the way to 1950’s just to give you an idea of how back they go. I def recommend it. I’ve tried Zipdj (great but i saw that SOME not all, content was similar to DMS. Digitaldjpool is great as well, good content but I wanted to try out a few others as well. Livedjservice is by far my favorite for bangers and different sounds. Promo only is only new stuff (again great) but as you mentioned “classics” are not their thing. Djcity is meh…out of all of them that I have tried I didn’t like that I could not re-download a song on there. That to me stinks because, I accidentally cleared my downloads and recycle bin with a song I had downloaded on there, and I could NOT re-download. However, their content it also GREAT. I’ve loved all of the services so far but I have my favorites that I will definitely be keeping and using. Thank you for the share of the other sites. Will def be checking them out.

  • AEK

    I subscribe to DJ City and Beat Junkies. If I had to pick a new pool based on what I read, Club Killers would be next.

    I agree with everything they said about DJ City 100%. I LOVE DJ City, but the criticisms are spot-on.

    Beat Junkies, IMO, picks up where DJ City leaves off. They don’t have the freshest music all the time, or the most fun remixes, but they have A LOT of classics (with intros), and they don’t delete their songs after three years like DJ City does. Actually, according to their response to my question on Twitter, they don’t delete any songs.

    If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with hot tracks and like fun remixes, get DJ City. If you want older songs with intro edits, Beat Junkies should suit you well. TBH I would recommend being part of both pools.

  • David Casto

    iDJPool – Country DJ Pool – Urban DJ Pool – MP3 For DJs
    Servicing DJ’s Since 1985

    • David Casto

      iDJPool is the Official DJ Pool of Virtual DJ and Official DJ Pool of Spacial Sam Broadcaster Radio

  • orig

    Anybody have any feedback on Zipdj?

    • Tom

      I have used zipDJ for about 5 or so years and love it. For me it has everything I have needed and even when I lost some tracks due to a HD failure they helped me out. I would recommend.

  • Scott Frost


  • 757Realtor

    I’ve been using
    It is cheaper and seems to contain all the major pools.

    • deejdave

      This is even more illegal than some of the pools they offer content from.

  • Steve Oaks

    I use Club Killers, Promo Only, and BPM Supreme. All have their strengths and weaknesses.

    • Will

      Was the process to join ClubKillers easy/hard? What info do they need to approve?

  • Guido

    Let software mix our tracks and services find our music. *fist pump*

    • Art Payne

      Ha! this made me lol!