ST.150 M2 + STR8.150 M2: Stanton Updates Turntables at NAMM 2017

While on the whole NAMM 2017 has been very quiet, we managed to get the scoop on a new pair of updated turntables from Stanton. The new STR8.150 M2 and ST.150 M2 units are coming soon – get the details inside.

ST.150 M2 + STR8.150 M2 Turntables

  • Product: ST.150 M2 / STR8.150 M2
  • Manufacturer: Stanton
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Price: $599 (expected)

Stanton shared with us that they’ve completely updated these turntables, re-engineering them “from the ground up”. As with the original models, the ST.150 M2 has a standard S-shaped tonearm, while the STR8.150 M2 has a straight tonearm that’s “skip-proof”.

The new versions of these turntables are lighter than their first generation counterparts, coming in at 22.5 pounds, made out of aluminum. The previous models were 36 pounds, and the weight on the old versions was a big factor in their stability. To compensate, the new versions have liquid-filled isolation feet. Here’s the full feature set from Stanton:

  • Direct-drive turntable featuring motor torque up to 4.5kg
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction with very low resonance base 22.5lbs
  • Ultra stable damped platter
  • Adjustable brake speed
  • Selectable pitch control with Quartz Lock
  • Speed 33/45/78 including Reverse
  • Removable target light and adjustable shock absorption feet
  • Selectable Phono / Line RCA outs
  • Included: Full version of Deckadance DVS software, slip mat, 45 adapter, right angled cable
  • Cartridge not included.

Updated Entry-Level Units As Well

Stanton is also updating their entry-level turntables – the T.92 M2 USB and T.62 M2. We’re waiting on a full official press release, but here’s an image showing their specs overview and comparison between all of the M2 Models:

More details coming soon on these products once we get the official annoucement!

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  • DJ sureshot

    I just got a pair today. First impressions are as follows
    1) looks are nice and streamlined, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.
    2) Pitch slider is gritty (?), not as smooth as the PLX 1000, SL1200 or a TTX
    3) Strobe light is lacking on your top two rows of dots. Though the sloped design looks nice you’re going to be begging for more illumination for your top row of dots.
    4) Tone arm…well it’s not loose which is nice BUT, it feels a bit cheap, and I have already found that I’ll somehow need a auxiliary tone arm adapter in order to properly set the tone arm tracking using my Shure M44-7.
    5) The Platter is nice, it’s got a nice thick rubber coating under it.
    6) The top of the deck is going to be a great place for your finger prints to show up….yup, just setting it up today and I’ve already got obvious finger printing. No need to dust for prints, they’re clearly marked and mine.
    7) internally grounded, so that’s nice.
    8) The zero pitch indicator….NO LIGHT at zero pitch…but you know what Stanton decided to do? They went all the way back to the 80’s and put a damn detent on the pitch slider so you know you’re at zero….and you and I both know we hated that on the SL1200 MKII and rejoiced the day that detent was removed. sadly, Stanton thought it a good idea to put it back. NO!!!!!!!!
    9) There is a quartz lock, you have to hold down the pitch selector. But if you’re in the mix and want to go back to zero without moving your pitch slider, just hold down the pitch select button.
    10) The under body seems to be all plastic! Why????
    11) Target light….it’s cheap. It will break
    12) The motor is smooth and has adequate torque. It’s also a recessed platter, which I personally like.
    13) Right angled cables, nice touch there.
    14) if you tap on the top of the deck, you’ll hear that come through, so the dampening isn’t the best.
    15) I get feedback/hum from the deck, though slight, it’s there and you will notice it.
    16) Brake adjust and on off switch is on the rear of the deck.
    17) star/stop also controls reverse function and I’ve already accidentally put the platter in reverse a couple of times just by quickly hitting the start/stop button when in use, for us battle DJ’s this is not a good thing.

    Honestly, the ST 150 M2 feels, well, kind of cheap. Like I could break it at any moment, the heft of the previous version is needed and it’s missed (by me at least).
    Looks wise, it’s pretty, but pretty don’t get the job done.
    If I were to compare it to the PLX 1000 I would say, build wise the PLX 1000 wins out barring you don’t have a loose tone arm assembly.

    But this is just one mans opinion and your results may vary.

  • DJ sureshot

    no quartz lock, zero pitch reset button, no zero pitch indicator light, star/stop button also activates reverse platter option??? C’mon man, this is not a well thought out design.

  • DJ sureshot

    Do you know if this unit has quartz lock/reset button and a zero pitch indicator light on the pitch slider? IT seems they are missing in the photos.

  • DJ sureshot

    I don’t see at quartz lock button nor do I see a zero pitch indicator light….wth?

  • GLL

    @stanton please add MIDI-in on the 150s for use with the new innofader/ frettless fader dropping soon.

  • Michal Kamenický

    I like the finish and the clean minimalistic looks, but no start / brake adjustment anymore? Also would like to know, where this thing turns on/off (on/off switch on original 150’s is placed horribly near the cables plugs)… also the single button for 33/45/78 doesn’t look like turntablist friendly approach :/

  • Denn Is

    People want analogue pitch and 0.0X wow and flutter. However, there is no other brand that replaced the 1200s and I still don’t understand why nobody builds something that is just as good as a technics, but rather some Hanpin standard products.

  • Papperchasse Blaxx

    So it was worth the wait to counter the weight. I almost bought the ST150, Lucky me

  • Brendon Hibbing

    Whew, my heart skipped a beat for a second there when I saw STR MK2 decks. I love my originals and assumed MK2s would have LED platters, MIDI control/buttons and/or USB out. I don’t exactly have $1200 burning a hole in my pocket for new decks but if Stanton added those features to the fantastic STRs I’d have to upgrade. I’m releived I don’t have to upgrade just yet lol. Three years RGAS free but that one would be tough to turn down. Good on Stanton for making a great set of decks even better however. A very very good alternative to the 1200s.

  • makesnosense

    the str8-100 is a much better table.
    i’d buy two new right now.

  • Jochem De Schf

    Would have prefered 8+ 16+ 25/50+ pitch
    From 8 to 25 is to big of a leap and not accurate enough to do a good mix when mixing higher bpm music :/ :/

  • Tristan

    I hope they haven’t used the same plastic coating the did on the previous str8-150’s. After a few years every button and knob became really sticky. After researching for a fix I found out this was a common problem. Constant cleans with Isopropyl alcohol finally fixed this issue, very time consuming though.

    • Dan White

      Being used with Deckadance, no less!

  • Xess

    what software they used with Ms.Pinky timecode?


    • Roy Bear

      Not exclusively, but I forgot the name of the Application…

    • Big C

      Pretty sure it works with a Max4Live plugin for Ableton too.

  • Anthony Alonso

    ZOMG!!!! This is the most exciting announcement so far!

  • Dubby Labby

    And the Ms.Pinky vinyl in the pic?

  • Mark Smith

    Yes!!!!! I am really excited for one of these. I like my current ST-150 and the lighter weight will be a huge benefit to my body. By the way are these still Super OEM tables???

    • Kevin Basher

      Looking at the tone arm, I’d say: Yes.

      • Josh C.

        Didn’t the article say complete updated, re-engineered from the ground up? If it was a super OEM would it say that?

        • guest100

          Yeah, keep hoping that some new factory emerged by a miracle and will make a perfect Technics copy for $599.

          • Josh C.

            I could care less, I have a pair of mint sl-1200m3d’s.

          • Mark Smith

            Well good for you. Timeless and reliable. To each their own.

        • Mark Smith

          Not necessarily. They could say “re-engineered from the ground up” without revealing who the supplier is.