Serato DJ 1.9.6 Public Beta Feature Walkthrough

A new version of Serato DJ – 1.9.6 – went in to a public beta last week. There’s a number of features in this new update to the popular DJ software, especially for DVS users. To get a better handle on what the new features are and how they can be enabled, DJTT contributor PDot offers a full explanation.

Update 3/8/17: The final release of Serato DJ 1.9.6 is out now – get it here!

Serato DJ 1.9.6 – Biggest New Features

There’s a number of new features in this update to Serato DJ, but here are the biggest ones as covered by PDot in the video above:

  • Anti-Drift: this is a new function in Serato DJ that detects the wow and flutter (which causes BPM movement during playback) of your turntables and attempts to correct for them. In practice, this means that Serato will take a few moments to discover the small changes in your turntable and lock in at a more stable BPM.In the video, you can see that the track still takes about 10-15 seconds of playback before the Anti-Drift compensation becomes really effective.
  • Favorite FX Banks: You can now use three new buttons in the FX panel to save and recall two different FX configurations. This just applies to which FX are in which slots, and if it’s a multi or single effect unit. If you’re hoping for individual FX settings to be saved/recalled, that feature is still not in Serato DJ, despite it having been in Serato Scratch Live.
  • Chronological Loop Sorting: Serato DJs have been able to resort their hot cues in chronological order – now loops can also be sorted by time as well.
  • Smart Crates by Key: Smart Crates are one of the most powerful library features in Serato DJ – and with this new update, they can now have a key filter parameter added to them.
  • Improved Needle Drop Sensitivity: Serato DJ DVS users can use Needle Drop (moving the needle between different section on a timecode record) to quickly jump between cue points. In this new update, there’s much higher sensitivity, making this a more reliable feature.
  • Smart Sync for DVS: Smart Sync has been added to DVS. When this mode is enabled, it will synchronize the BPM and the beatgrid on the playing tracks. You also can move the pitch around on the master deck and all the other decks that are synced will follow with precision.

Take part in the Serato DJ 1.9.6 public beta by signing up here on their website.

WARNING! As always, please remember that new releases and beta version of DJ software are dangerous to install and start relying on without your own testing. Always test new software for a few hours at home before going out and using it live! 

Have questions or thoughts about these new features in the Serato DJ 1.9.6 Public Beta? Comment below and we’ll discuss with you!

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  • DJ Overdrive

    Would love to see a basic “play count” feature – to know which songs are the most popular, identify songs I tend to neglect, etc.

    • Gil Rodrigues

      if you export your playlists on a regular basis to, you’ll have your top 10 most played musics.

    • dj kvn

      Coming from Traktor that’s one of the features that i’m missing in Sdj .. you either have a duplicate that doesn’t have your saved cues or a track that you never took the time to delete

  • Tony Mitchell

    Have they figured out how to scale the application on high res displays? Serato on my Lenovo laptop is unusable. The fonts are super tiny. VDJ doesn’t have this issue.

  • Mark

    Anti-drift “takes a second”, more like 15-20secs for it to stabilise.

    • Mr Wilks

      In the video it takes a while but for me it’s only a few seconds max. Maybe 5 seconds? It’s just a few rotations of the platter while the software works it out and it’s locked in. It seems strange it takes that long on his set up in the video.

  • Joseph Mazigo

    it feel like resurrecting a dinosaur

  • Linz&Mars

    Have you noticed if the anti drift feature affects the nudging of the platter or scratching at all?

  • Samuel Jamieson

    Probably not the best place to post this but anyway. . . . I’m changing from traktor S4 to Numark ns7iii I wonder if anyone knows if I will still be able to your my midi fighter 3d with serato. I don’t see any mapping’s and it would be cool of it worked with the pitch play feature. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • dj kvn

      Don’t worry we are here to help. I also changed from traktor to Serato in the last few weeks.. Serato allows midi mapping so go ahead and have fun with the 3D.

      but the NS7iii has everything you need (16 cue pads etc already!!!)

      • Samuel Jamieson

        Thanks I appreciate your reply. Can the midi fighter be used for effects as well?

  • Fred G

    Anti-drift is a nice engineering challenge, but we may not forget that analog drift often brings that so special groove that comes out when deejaying dance music with turntables!

    • Iblical

      So true!

    • dirkdirgler

      That’s why there’s the option to turn it off/on 😉

      • audiomontana

        thanks .. not on beta

    • audiomontana

      can this be turned off?

    • Mr Wilks

      It’s good but the challenge of getting that rock steady beat to sync samples too via Ableton Link just proved too much.

      It’s great we can switch between it for when we want loops locking.

  • dirkdirgler

    Come on Serato give us saved state FX editing and 3/4 FX sync division is not that hard..SSL did this ages ago…And what about fades in auto mixing?It’s embarrassing after so many years not implementing it…Before i start playing my set i would like this simple thing and i’m still amazed why they dropping it…And i’m not buying the excuse that Serato DJ is targeted for pro use…Even Virtual DJ does it and i’m forced to play lists from it till i start at the place that i work..(the place got a laptop with VDJ onboard)

    • jprime

      What’s 3/4 FX sync?

      • dirkdirgler

        DJ-FX Beats Multiplier

        • Mr Wilks

          Is this not available in ‘single FX’ mode?

          I thought it was marked with a “T”?

          • dirkdirgler

            Ye i know you can edit it in single FX mode but that’s not enough for me cause i’m using the other mode…I usually use HP/LP in FX1/FX2 slots and leave FX3 for other types of FX

          • Mr Wilks

            Oh you use it on the chained multiple FX mode. Maybe keep one of the new favorite FX buttons from the 1.9.6 beta set to a single mode with triplets? You can then switch between favorite banks 1 and 2 and choose your two banks.

            I do think it’s great they have the option of triplets but I’d like a setup option to remove them as I cut the beats down on each beat during some FX. I’ll either go up or drop from 4 to 2 to 1 to half and the T can mess with that so an option to “include 3/4 signature in FX” would be good as it can then be added to all FX modes if selected on.

            Could be worth dropping a feature request in.