Roundup Review: Bags For A Mobile Producer

Many producers travel with some version of their studio with them – bringing essential tools for making music on the road. In today’s roundup review, DJTT contributor Stu G shares some of the bags that he personally has found to be particularly effective for his own mobile studio. Click read more to watch the full review inside.

Mobile Producer Bags: Roundup Review

  • Subpac Backpack
    $79, available here – accessory bag for the SubPac S2 wearable subwoofer
    Best Feature: a sleeve for a SubPac S2 inside of the bag
  • Mono FlyBy
    $213; Available on the DJ Techtools store
    Best Feature: A standalone/removable laptop bag that’s built into the FlyBy
  • Magma Bags Riot Backpack
    $249, available on Amazon
    Best Feature: Accordion zipper that allows bag to expand 3 additional inches in width for loading a second piece of gear.
  • Magma Bags Riot Carry-On
    $299, available on Amazon
    Best Feature: Can fit a club mixer and a second controller on top

Have a bag that you think should be in this roundup? Let us know your request in the comments for the next roundup review of production or DJ bags. 

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  • Daniel Bayonas

    magma bags are rubbish. I bought one and within 3 mths of very moderate use the seams came apart. Another 3 mths after replacement same thing happened then no reply from support.

  • Dystinct

    I use an Odyssey case built for a DVS DJ.

    I can fit my maschine MK2, macbook, work laptop, various cables, bluetooth apple keyboard, magic track pad 2, macbook charger, iphone charger, ipad mini, and Westone earphones. I usually clip my vmoda case on the outside of the bag.

    It also has a sleeve for a handle on a carry on back. Easy to move around.

  • ?SmartSynths #1??

    Well Atm I’m broke so all I’ll be brining is my Reebock Bagpack, Laptop and headphones, could probably fit my midi in there too.

  • Taylor Eads

    I have the Roland Aira version of the Magma Riot bag. It is cool that it is waterproof (or resistant) but I find that the zippers suck…my only gripe lol. But I have always had great luck with UDG and their gear.

  • Christopher Allen

    i just use my Nike SB Buzz lightyear bag…so many pockets, a lot of room for expansion fit my DJM and my controller. had room for my soundcards on the side and cables in the front

  • Rolfski

    No UDG, are you serious? I had the UDG Ultimate CourierBag DeLuxe for 15 years before I had to replace it. Guess what, with another Ultimate CourierBag DeLuxe of course.

    • Kosta X

      Surprised UDG’s “Producer Bag” wasn’t featured, but it’s great to see other options featured. I had both the original UDG Producer Bag and the later released large version which both held up nicely after lots of gigging. Currently rocking Mono’s Kondensor Bag and I’m happy with it — but it doesn’t look like it will hold up as well compared to UDG’s quality.

      • Chuck

        I was surprised just like you. My good old “Producer Bag” is still in good condition. I would also mention that the Zomo V.300, made especially for the Vestax VCI 300/VCI 300 MKII is a good bag too. There are many pockets (one of them contains a light to see the content of this pocket), a keystrap.
        I own this one also, that i use mostly for gigs where i bring my dvs gear (soundcard, time codes, laptop, cables, portable recorder). I own several UDG items and they’re all good.

  • MarcusMCB

    UDG is worth another brand that’s worth a look. Their S4 bag/soft-case has held up for me well in the 4-5 years that I’ve had it and traveled with it.

  • ee

    knobs are brittle, man. You can’t pack stuff like that.

  • James

    Funny part is the best feature about that bag, “Best Feature: A standalone/removable laptop bag that’s built into the FlyBy” is the same feature that broke on me every time. 🙂

      • James

        The zipper that connects the backpack together. Always the zippers that stop functioning. Then I gave up and just tried to use it as a shoulder bag until the stitching came apart. Mind you I pack my bag full, it’s great for that! But it seems the stitching doesn’t last very long on any of their bags.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        After 3-4 years, I had to take my EFX in to a seemstress to get the laptop compartment zipper replaced.

  • James

    I went through the whole mono line. Not one of those bags lasted me longer than 2 years of back to back weekend gigs. After my second bag broke and it took them 4 months to even get a replacement, I gave up on them. Quality and support are just not there.

    • Damien G

      same here with namba big gig bags. they were touted as being so indestructable at NAMM. their achilles heel is the panel that separates the two main compartments. it’s a single nylon layer thick with single seamed stitching. the cable loops put a lot of weight on the least reinforced part of the bag. my first one failed within a year and the replacement did the same thing.

      and 150+ is too much for a backpack.

  • Ray Orig Riddle

    Gruv Gear has two great bags for DJ/Producers. Check those out.

  • DJ Xkaliber

    Stay away from the Magma bags. I had a Magma Riot that only lasted me a year of gigs about 3 nights a week. The material doesn’t flex enough, its almost like PVC. The only time that was ever a good thing was when I had to wipe Aoki cake off of it. Also 2 of the zippers broke off and another one ripped. The material didn’t age well either. It got pretty gross looking after a while. I was really disappointed for the 200 bucks it cost me in March of 2015. I had a Headliner bag before it that lasted 3 times as long, but they don’t seem to be making them any more.

    • Chuck

      A friend of mine bought a Magma bag for his NS6 and the zipper broke before one year. I’m all for UDG…

  • thedaniel

    I don’t have the patience to watch the clip but I want to say that I have the Mono Producer and LOVE IT

  • Unreallystic

    I’ll watch the clip later, this is something I’m very interested in. I’m currently using a hiking backpack – tall, waterpro…err…resistant, good pockets, etc. I’m planning on getting the MPC Live when it *finally* releases, and will be reviewing my options for on the go production, with the subpac being good *conceptually* for me working on my lunch break (I admit to not knowing how loud they get though). I don’t need to carry as much though – my old portable setup had Push & a massive laptop, along with what other gear I felt like lugging with me (System-1)..