Women DJs That Every DJ Should Know

We’ve decided to celebrate International Women’s Day here at DJ Techtools by highlighting some of the most important, fun, skilled, and impressive female DJs. Keep reading for a list of amazing women DJs, explanations of why they’re standout, full sets, and more.

“Where Are All The Women DJs?”

This is a question that we hear far too often in our industry and in the dance music scene. While the gender ratio behind DJ booths tends to lean heavily towards male selectors, we know of many women DJs who play gigs regularly both locally and internationally. In today’s article we’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing female DJs we could think of – and have written a bit about each.

This list is in no way comprehensive: if you know of a boss woman DJ who we missed, make a comment on this article. Share why you think they should be included, as well as a mix/livestream/etc – and upvote others who you agree with!


Aside from being one of the longstanding influential names within the Minus crew and a techno mainstay, Magda is truly a multi-faceted artist. She mixes sets on four decks with Traktor, using a pair of custom VERSUS MIDI controllers that she co-designed and produced working with Faderfox.

Watch her (and the unique controllers) in full effect in the mix below:

Nina Kraviz

Born in Russia, and now a Berlin staple, Nina is probably one of the most recognizable female DJs in the world. Beyond impeccable mixing and selection, she’s also known for deep cuts – finding older, rare tracks that aren’t constantly being rinsed out in clubs around the world. She’s the boss of her own highly successful label, and tours around the world constantly.

Watch Nina in full action in a classic livestream – one of the most watched sets in Boiler Room’s entire history: 

Ida Engberg

We’re keeping it techno on this list so far – Ida Engberg is a Swedish techno DJ who is often found mixing next to her husband Adam Beyer. Can you imagine being a parent to three kids and balancing touring the world with your husband?

Here’s Ida and Adam B2B last year at Space Ibiza: 


Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles is one of the best-known names in the British house music scene – thanks to a number of high-profile productions, and features on mix series like Fabric and DJ Kicks. But as with the other DJs on this list, it’s about what happens behind the booth that makes her an excellent DJ.

Get a taste of her selection and mixing prowess below – as well as her ability to keep cool even when an early-on drink drop has made one of her CDJs a bit finicky. 

The Lady Machine

A much lesser-known name in America and Europe than others so far on this list, The Lady Machine is a Brazilian techno DJ (formerly going by Kammy). I was tipped off to her by a friend for this list – and was immediately impressed to see a video of her mixing using an old school Roland TR-707 in the DJ booth:

@LaPazclub @clapspower 04.09.15

Ainda sobre o finde que se passou: Meus agradecimentos ao La Paz club e a CLAPS POWER por proporcionarem uma festa de arromba com uma vibe animal, gritinhos de guerra e um monte de amigos na pista. Um trecho de 3 minutos do final do meu set jamming com a TR-707
Thanks to @Lapazclub and @clapspower for the amazing event last Friday! This is the last 3 min of my set jamming with the TR-707.
Video by Henrique Mattos.

Posted by The Lady Machine on Thursday, September 10, 2015

J. Phlip

One of my own personal favorites on this list, J. Phlip has a strong San Francisco presence as a core member of the Dirtybird label. She’s a real crowd-controller DJ, often taking vibe in a booty bass direction that plays really well against the rest of the Dirtybird crew’s unique brand of tech house.

Watch one of J. Phlip’s most recent sets below – starting at 38:42 in this Mixmag livestream: 

Britta Arnold

The Kattermukke collective in Berlin seems to be on an endless upward streak over the last few years, and Britta Arnold is a star player on their roster. Beyond being her own label boss at Bar25 and throwing her own party at Katerblau, she’s also rocking a unique rig – with two Xone:K2 MIDI controllers connected to Traktor.

Listen to one of Britta’s recent sets from her own night at Kater below:  

Jennifer Cardini

Jennifer Cardini is another European techno DJ who has risen to prominence, and for good reason. She started out playing house music in France in the late 90s, and has evolved into a “more experimental techno” DJ in her more recent years. As with many of the DJs on this list, her path to success started with club residencies, her own party, and has evolved to her running her own label, Correspondant.

Watch her play a set last year at Burning Man below – during the epic Wednesday night collaborative soundsystem that Mayan Warrior and Robot Heart put together:

The Black Madonna

Clocking in at #10 right now on Resident Advisor’s Top Artists charts is The Black Madonna. She’s known for her having both a highly technical skill behind the decks while mixing vinyl, but also for her own original productions.

This recent set from TBM on Mixmag Live is full of some incredible house and disco – well worth a watch/listen: 

Miss Melera

Miss Melera | 10 HR SET | Thuishaven Amsterdam | 17.07.2016

No words for my 10 HR set at Thuishaven last Sunday. It was such a beautiful day and an experience I’ll never forget. Everybody who came out and made this happen : THANK YOU SO MUCH ?

Posted by Miss Melera on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the only masters of hyper-long DJ sets are men – and Miss Melera is the perfect example of why. Her six-hour “All Night Long” set, embedded below, is just a tiny taste of what she’s capable of; last July at Amsterdam’s Thuishaven she played a ten-hour set (video clip above).

Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber is yet another lady DJ who seems to do everything – playing massive festivals, late night undergrounds, hosting a worldwide syndicated radio show, running a label, producing her own tracks, promoting and running her own parties. She’s a self-described “one-woman army” in the world of techno, and rightfully so.

Experience her deft mixing and selection in the stream below from 2016: 


There’s no way any one author can get every amazing DJ in one list. Instead, as we noted above, please share your own suggestions in the comment section below – and upvote others that you think should be added. It would be awesome to have a few more non-techno lady DJs on this list!

Special thanks to Denialfest/Amsterfam for their suggestions for this article.

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  • arch

    Sister Bliss?

  • Chris Blackburn

    Seriously you are missing 2 of the greatest: Kristina Sky & Sandra Collins.
    They’ve worked hard to make it in the male dominated industry where unless you’ve otherwise tried to make it under the banner of “sex sells” you’re overlooked.
    We featured them here in Minneapolis this weekend, 2 amazing women.

  • Marek Medved

    Klaudia Gawlas missing

  • SEKT


    International superstar DJ, producer, Radio presenter,
    artist, Photographer, clothing designer, Record label owner, business
    woman… To describe Lady Waks as ground breaking is an understatement.

    She was the first woman of all time to win the prestigious ‘Best DJ’ at the Breakspoll Awards. Not once, but 3 times.
    from St. Petersburg, Russia, Waks is one of the most internationally
    recognised touring DJ’s from her home country. Whilst she has cemented
    her popularity and importance in Russia by creating events like In Beat
    We Trust & Breaks Arena which have showcased her own talent and
    spring boarded countless amounts of international DJ’s, she is also in
    high demand around the world and has toured from Canada to Cambodia
    & New Zealand to the Netherlands.

  • Aipok Solamente

    Russian Dj and producer Inga Mauer is one of my latest discoveries in the techno scene. She just launched her first vinyl release: From Cologne to Clone. An analogue story told in six killer tracks. She might be young, but she has been around the block a couple of times and has some serious mixing skills. Check out her tracks and her awesome Beat Repeat Special set.
    Killer list, btw! The Black Madonna is for sure one of my favorite Djs ever! Hope to catch her at Ceremonia festival next weekend here in MX.

  • mczanetti

    Wow, c’mon guys. The list can be so longer. Just some that popped in my mind: ANNA, Monika Kruse, REZZ, Eli Iwasa, Aninha, Hito, Mari Herzer, Blancah, Ellie Ka, Any Mello, Lolla Tek.

  • VenoSci

    One to check out is TORIENA from japan. She uses a pair of modified original Nintendo Gameboys to pump out gnarly 8 bit heat. Nowadays she has added a MacBook to her live rig and sings over many of her songs, but the tracks are just as hot.

    Here is footage of her playing at the AUS/JP Chiptune Festival “Square Sounds” back in 2015

  • kyds3k

    super late on this too but i gotta give props to Dani Deahl!!! i think every other female DJ i would have listed has been covered below 🙂

  • DJ Laznek

    I only knew one on your list. Feel like you’re missing a bunch. Here’s 4 more and I’d suggest anyone reading these check them out!

    Monika Kruse is a talented techno producer and DJ, having played her own sets at tomorrowland and collaborated with other techno artists like Pig & Dan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgWakGSffKk

    Similarly, ANNA is a fantastic techno producer and DJ, who I was surprised not to see on the list. Even Deadmau5 plays her music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCAHe6T-gK4

    Gina Turner – Laidback Luke’s wife! Talented DJ and producer of tech house. Check out their adorable B2B set on Mixmag here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdzTlu5N-9Y

    And Krewella? How are they not on there? A well known and famous big room group who plays on large festival stages all over.

  • Erick Flores

    Lauren Abedini (Kittens) beautiful and very good DJ

  • CUSP

    Is DJane insulting or properly gender-representative? I’ve heard both sides from (what appear to be, in physical form) men, and women.

  • Rolf Kirby

    Nadja Lind! For her production and mixing and running a label of her own minimal techno groove.

  • Rafael

    alanis todeschini, Anna, Blancah, Cashu, Carol Matos, Eli Iwasa, Érica Alves, Tati Pimont. All from Brazil…

  • Mia Amare

    • Juan Sebastian Ariza

      that is a joke, right?

      • Panthe Tek

        Impeccable sense of humor

  • Theo B

    DJ RAP

  • mario

    From Spain we have some female who made history around. Fatima Haji (already someone talked about her) Pelacha, Dj Marta and Sofia Cristo them made history and them have an incredible technique on vynils cdjs and whatever you can imaging

  • AuralCandy.Net

    The word “jealousy” does not even begin to describe how I feel about those Magda’s VERSUS controllers 😀

  • Dillon Preech

    i know Im late to this article but I’m surprised legends like DJ Heather, DJ minx, or K Hand arent on this list

    Top notch track selections and even better mixing. Chicago and Detroit Love

  • Zita

    Because why the heck not… I will mentioned myself! =D I DJ, produce, throw parties, and run a new techno record label (called Zettabyte) based out of San Francisco. Check out all my originals and mixes on http://www.soundcloud.com/zitamolnar or read more about my musical journey at http://www.zitamolnar.com <3

  • Ezmyrelda Andrade

    Thank you.. It took you a bit longer than I would prefer… and I notice you published it on a day that would give it more weight.. But it’s appreciated nevertheless.

  • Dustin Lewis

    DJ Moxie is one of my favorite female DJs. She has impeccable taste in music and runs her own label and has her own show on NTS. Definitely look her up! She’s based in the UK, I think her Twitter is @DJMoxie.

  • reqz

    Flava D!

  • culture_drone

    Shortee is a longtime favorite of mine, I used to seer her and Faust at the Future Primitive Sound Session shows. https://youtu.be/vmVwmDM39_s

  • Bruno Tome

    Monika Kruse

    cannot believe no one mentioned her

  • deejae snafu

    I can’t believe Reid speed, Dj lady style or Dj shortee did not make this list.hannah wants, Dj rap, should be here too…

  • Dannydisaster93

    A day late, but Mollie Collins should have been on there to represent female dnb DJ’s. Absolutely smashing it at the minute.

  • DJ Malala

    As great as i think this article is, and it is sorely needed, i am both unsurprised and upset that it features only CIS-women. Other sources of dance music news have embraced the T of LGBT and featured DJs who self-identify as Trans (Trans DJs, not Trance DJs). It would be amazing to see some Transwomen in this article such as DJ Sprinkles.
    i can find no online sets of hers, but here she is talking briefly about how she became who she is and always was.

  • Dave Uv Frey

    Christina Tamayo

    DJ, promoter, vocalist, mc, She is one of the main reasons chicago has a great drum’n’bass scene. She’s a ROCK SOLID liquid/jungle DJ. She’s worked with lots of notable liquid producers such as lenzman, submorphics, and Dave owen.

    here’s an example of one of her tunes.

  • Sikosis

    I thought for sure this list would have Mollie Collins … she did just win Best Breakthrough DJ in the Drum and Bass Arena 2016 awards.

  • Dave Keset

    Colette – one of the first djs i ever heard doing live vocals over mixing.
    DivaDanielle – funky house badass.
    Sandra Collins – everyone should know this name. right?
    Dj Rap – THE original queen of dnb/jungle. still killing it.
    Dj Irene – hardhouse legend in the US rave scene.

    and one of the OG’s of american techno:

  • Gish

    Two you should already know: Beverly Bond, who is a DJ legend and also gave us Black Girls Rock, and Hesta Prynn.

  • MarcusMCB

    For me, the most obvious candidate for this list is missing…

    Annie Mac.

    I’ve always been impressed by what she does both behind *and* away from the decks.

  • esg

    ironically as much as i really truly appreciate DJTT and for even recognizing this day i salute u!!!!!!!!!!!!, this subject is one of my gripes. There are plenty of Women Djs but we don’t see much interviews, content,and dj tech dialogue from the female half… lets not make this a one day phenomenon pls

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      Yeah, my gripe with the piece was that they put it out on IWD and I have my doubts they’ll give any attention to it.. on a day that isn’t about women..

      • CUSP

        Instead of whomever it is they’re trying to advocate for “day” or “month”, why not just do more representative reporting? I mean, when anyone represents a smaller portion of the overall group, don’t they deserve kudos for taking on the establishment?

    • thedaniel

      jesus christ what is she thinking, the last thing detroit needs is to be destroyed. if you know ms. alvarez please encourage her to focus her djing efforts on urban renewal

  • esg

    To the person who mentioned Spinderella… and all yall….
    Consider Dj Beverly Bonds, she took her skills and developed a movement of empowerment.

  • esg

    U need Hanna Wants, I totally gained respect with the Teardrop Under Fire Reworked version of the original massive attack song.

    “Nourishing her addiction to music the Birmingham (UK) born DJ dedicated the summer of 2010 to Ibiza. Following a number of competition wins, an unexpected headline opportunity at Es Paradis and an invitation to run her own weekly night at Viva, it was there on the white isle that Hannah really started to make a name for herself.
    Hannah’s main aim is to build a solid yet unique reputation for her live DJ sets and after a record amount of sell out events over the last twelve months she has dramatically risen from self-taught DJ to an unquestionable worldwide name on the house and bass music scene.
    Championing music that is true to herself, Wants further constituted herself as one of the biggest names in dance music with her 2015 Radio 1 Residency…”http://hannahwants.com/bio/

    • thedaniel


  • Albizu Campos

    Anane Vega
    Not only does she do beautiful Soulful House sets around the world, she performs too as a house music vocalist.

  • Albizu Campos

    Killa Jewel
    Skilled DJ who not only embraces technology but still rips it up with the turtabalist skills

  • Christopher Allen

    tokimonsta (also a dope producer)?…..gina turner (laidback luke’s cosign and wife)?

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    If you name someone you think should be added, please:

    – write something about them

    – add a link to a great mix / video of them playing

    I’m not doing your bloody job for you…

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Hah! Fair enough – but if you like someone enough to suggest that other people should check them out, the least you could do is present _some_ kind of evidence, right?

    • thedaniel

      no i get it, definitely just post a gilmore girls gif, that’s the best way to improve the level of discourse here and encourage people to check out your favorite djs

  • Four Fingered Fred

    Amelie Lens
    Helena Hauff
    Charlotte de Witte

  • Senator Wax Davis

    Also I know I’m out of the loop because I didnt recognize any names in your article except for Magda and Kraviz. Looking forward to checking out the sets

  • killmedj

    I’m a fan of all these DJ’s but are there are Female DJ’s killing it in the Hip Hop/Party Club scene? Spindarella is the only person I can think of.

    • thedaniel

      yeah i hear DJ Miss Hot 105.3 is crushing it in the tri-state area

      • killmedj

        LOL, I totally just tries to google her =P

    • thedaniel


  • Senator Wax Davis

    Miss DJAX (mentioned below)

    Marusha (german Mayday rave legend) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZyHI0wo8Pk

    DJ Rap (broke through the drum n bass tight circle in the UK) – legend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XufxAGwt54U

    Ellen Alien (stalwart of german underground techno) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjwbrljauVY

    DJ Steffi (best selector and panorama resident – + amazing producer) – this boiler room set is mesmerizing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0di5Tg80uIQ

  • Jike

    And the sexiest one : DJ Juicy M !!! I love this woman lol

    • thedaniel

      ‘sexy’ huh, that’s what i look for in a dj

  • Eins

    Lady Dana off course!

  • Armani Cee

    Anna Lunoe, Annie Mac, Gina Turner?

  • Headtrick

    Miss Monique. Her ‘Mind Games Podcast’ is very very good.

  • Headtrick

    Cora Novoa. Amazing. Enough said.

  • Moe Nos

    Olesia Elfa

  • Wout Kelchtermans

    You should add Charlotte De Witte. She is a great techno dj from Belgium. She used to go by the name of ‘Raving George’ because she feared that she would not get gigs as a girl. She decided to use her real name (Charlotte De Witte) from 2015 onwards.
    Charlotte has a very dark style:

    “I love the darkness you find in electronic music,” explains de Witte, “especially within Techno. I find melancholic music so much more interesting and dark sounding Techno really attracts me. When I look at the main stages of some of the world’s most famous festivals and I see everyone dancing to this commercial, happy music, I don’t really understand it. Dark music contains much more emotion. When I’m DJ’ing I want to try and touch the crowd and tell a story with the music. Of course I want them to party, get loose and have fun but at the same time I want them to remember the music long after the lights go up.” (Charlotte De Witte)

    • MarcusMCB

      For me, the most obvious candidate for this list is missing: Annie Mac.

      I’ve always been impressed by what she does both behind *and* away from the decks.

    • thedaniel

      female:pressure is the truth

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Alison Wonderland!! Easily one of my favorite DJ’s on a technical mixing level; I don’t know many other mixers who’ll blend Massive Attack and Bill Withers, or Tequila and Drop IT Like It’s Hot. She’s also put out some incredible music, often with her own vocals, and has produced tons of her own events. Also the first solo female DJ to headline mainstage EDC ever. Definitely someone for this list

    Jessie Andrews (yes, that Jessie Andrews) is also a pretty dope house producer and DJ, definitely recommend checking her out.

    • Femi George

      i agree with this one.. Alison Wonderland is superb! Eli and Fur are also a big favorite of mine.

  • Psychofrakulator

    Come on, let’s show some love for some names from my youth, who already showed over 20 years ago, that you can be an international superstar DJ without a penis.

    For example the one and only Miss DJax! Here is a live set from the 1995 Mayday. (Unfortunately only audio with a slide show)


    A bit more controversial might be Marusha, because her music switched between “cheesy” and “not bad for its time”, not to mention that, since she was the mainstream postergirl for the German 90s Rave scene, she always had to fight accusations of being a sell out. (Admittedly it’s partly true, but her “Rave Satellite” radio show was at the same time one of the most credible dance music shows in history.)

    Here is a 1994 set.


    Honorable Mention: Sabine Christ, host of the German TV show “Housefrau” and basically every 90s bedroom DJ’s crush. Unfortunately I can’t find any footage of her actually DJing, but here is a clip from her show, introducing new records.


    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Great old school additions! I’m admittedly a bit too young to know most of these, so glad you piped up!

    • thedaniel

      yas. in the same category i gotta put DJ Irene

  • James

    Yo! You should put in Heidi! Just saw her at CRSSD fest in San Diego and she tore it up. She has her own house and techno label out in the UK.

  • Spacecamp / Dan

    If you name someone you think should be added, please:
    – write something about them
    – add a link to a great mix / video of them playing

    • Claire Hardman

      Anja schneider
      Monika kruze
      Nicole moudaber
      Just her
      Anna lunoe
      Amelie lens
      lupe fuentes
      Julia fox
      Helena hauff
      Laura Jones
      Eli and fur
      Nora en pure
      Sam divine
      Hannah wants
      Peggy gou
      Paula Temple
      ellie cocks
      charlotte de witte
      jane fitz
      Danni b
      Mila dietrich
      julia govor
      la fleur
      miss kittin
      annie mac

      • Claire Hardman

        Just to name a few

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        As well as Jenna G, ANNA, Magnanime, Malou, Emika and Alicia Hush… off the top of my head.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          I guess a few of these are producers and live performers, but ANNA, Alicia Hush and (I forgot the unforgettable…) Nastia are know to use the one’s and two’s.

      • Spacecamp / Dan

        I see that you didn’t read my comment above 😉
        anyone can list off tons of names of female DJs, but it’s nice to have some context as to why they’re interesting/impressive and an example of their mixing style.

      • Job Marley

        Lupe Fuentes eh?– let’s for sure add Carter Cruise, Jessie Andrews, and Sasha Grey if porn star cum dumpsters make the list!

  • Medalla

    Or:la, Saoirse

  • thedaniel

    mira schwarzwälder, paula temple, tini, so much good ladytechno in europe

  • noahphex

    Anja Schnieder, Rebekah, DJ Rap, Annie Mac, Ellen Allien, Reid Speed.

    I know, it’s hard to have everyone. 🙂

    • thedaniel


    • Kelsey B

      I’ve seen Annie Mac live. She’s got pure energy! 😀

  • Justin Smith

    You should add Nicole Moudaber to your list

      • Juan Sebastian Ariza


  • Andrew Watson

    Whipped Cream is dope!