Splice + Pioneer DJ Team Up; Build TORAIZ SP-16 Scenes Online

Splice continues to be one of the most forward-thinking music production companies in existence, and today they’re announcing a collaboration with Pioneer DJ. The new partnership means that you can build sequences with Splice Sounds, their online sample library, and export them straight out onto a TORAIZ SP-16 Sequencer/Sampler. Keep reading for details.

Splice Sounds + TORAIZ SP-16

The partnership is pretty straightforward – people who buy a TORAIZ SP-16 sequencer/sampler now get a free month’s access to Splice Sounds, which is a subscription online sample library. It launched back in 2015, and allows you to buy and use individual sounds instead of hunting through packs.

Export Splice Beatmaker Scenes into SP-16

There’s also direct integration with the SP-16. Splice Sounds already has an online sequencer tool, Beatmaker, which allows producers to use online samples to build 32-step sequences. From Beatmaker, it’s now possible to export out the custom sample kits and sequences to a TORAIZ SP-16. From the press release:

Now, you can easily export your custom sample kits and sequences to the TORAIZ SP-16 with the click of a button as there is no need to import samples one by one. Simply download your creations as SCENE files to your laptop or a USB drive, connect the TORAIZ SP-16 via USB and transfer the SCENE files across. Then you can use the hardware’s features and FX to manipulate your sounds further.

This is an interesting collaboration – mainly because Pioneer DJ for the most part hasn’t done much of anything in terms of giving TORAIZ owners tools to use on their studio computers to prep TORAIZ scenes. With this collaboration, it gives people purchasing a TORAIZ an actual platform on which to start crafting music without having to bust out the hardware unit and menu-diving.

The integration launches today – and to celebrate, the two companies are offering everyone a one month free access to Splice Sounds – starting today. Here’s how to take advantage of it:

Free month of Splice Sounds: Head to splice.com; sign up + create an account first. Then, go to the subscriptions page and use the promo code TORAIZ16 to get access to Splice Sounds
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  • MoMo

    So…what’s the real verdict on the SP-16?

    • Jyve

      Yeah I am waiting for an in-depth review or some user feedback here on the forum. It seems to be getting momentum in the industry

      • Fabio Dos Santos

        I have one since day one, and it is great. It gets better with each update. I’m surprised DJTT doesn’t do more reviews or tutorials about it.They did a very quick one when it first came out, but none since then. Check the gearslutz forums and youtube, there is plenty of material coming out lately, so you can see exactly what it is capable of doing. This upcoming update will make it even better as the live sampling/looper will be added. Great machine!!!