Cheap DJ Gear For The Thrifty Mixer: Low Cost Hardware

Are you on a tight budget? Wondering how to save money on your DJ spending? Maybe you’re ready to start becoming a DJ and building a setup, but don’t want to jump in too deep at first. Either way, our continued guide to DJing on a budget is back. In today’s article, DJTT contributor Steven Maude focuses on saving on core hardware: computers, controllers, and CDJs.

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Where To Start? Budget.

Your first step should be figuring out what you need to buy and what you have to spend. This definitely applies if you’re starting from scratch and need to build up a whole setup!

Budgeting can help narrow down your kit choices to a few good options. Additionally, having a total spend in mind helps particularly when buying used. Providing you stick to it, a budget can help you:

  • avoid auction bidding wars
  • gives you a bottom line for haggling if you’re buying directly from sellers. The power to walk away from a bad deal is a valuable one.
  • keep enough cash to buy everything else you need – so you don’t blow it all on one piece of gear.

Of course, you’ll have to make some compromises on a tight budget, but we hope to show that you can put together a decent starter setup without breaking the bank.

Selling Or Trading In Old Kit

For DJs with an existing setup who are upgrading, you can de-clutter your studio space and part fund your new kit by selling the old. You might want to ensure you’re entirely happy with the new upgrade before you part with your previously loved equipment. There’s a number of outlets for selling your gear – on online auctions, sites like Reverb, or in person/via local listings like Craigslist. Before you do any of that, read this great guide on getting more money from your used gear:

DJTT Guide: How To Get The Most For Used DJ Gear

Some stores offer trade-ins too, so you can skip the chore of selling it yourself. This doesn’t just apply to hardware. When switching DJ software, you may be able to sell on your old license, provided you no longer need it.



Most digital DJs on a budget, particularly those starting out, will be most interested in something more than CDJs or turntables alone because of the flexibility. Using a computer is a big part of that, but these days computers come in varied forms with equally varied prices.


A high-end laptop is a nice thing to have, but you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a laptop specifically for DJing. A laptop you have already may well be good enough to get you going: most, if not all, DJ software has some kind of trial version you can try out software first before buying and see how it performs.

Even if you don’t have a laptop, provided you’re not planning to DJ out anywhere just yet, then a desktop PC will also work for the time being.

Otherwise, buying a used laptop is an option here too. Personally, I’d prefer having a new machine, full manufacturer warranty and dealing with a corporate with good customer service for kit like laptops. If something goes wrong, in contrast to desktop hardware, spares for laptops can be hard to source and often a tricky repair.

Already own an older laptop and looking to speed it up? A relatively inexpensive, but effective, upgrade for making everything feel more responsive is to replace a magnetic spinning hard disk with a solid state drive.

Raspberry Pi?

At $35, the Raspberry Pi is an ultra-affordable low price computer with some nice features, e.g. HDMI output. If you’ve got turntables already, want to use those in a digital vinyl setup and don’t necessarily want to fully invest yet, then the xwax-based PiDeck might be worth investigating. A monitor, and a few other bits of equipment, such as USB power supply, microSD card and sound card are still required to get going, but these are either low-priced or you may have them lying around spare from other hardware you have (cameras, cell phones etc.)


Already own a tablet? You could try out one of the many Android or iOS DJ apps. There are several apps available, including versions of well-known software, albeit often reduced in functionality.

Controllers and CDJs

The latest (and often most expensive) controllers are where the most exciting news typically is. But that’s shouldn’t devalue lower budget or older hardware. Many DJTT readers still swear by their original VCI-100SE – which is almost 10 years old! Just because something newer is available, older, trusty hardware doesn’t immediately lose its usefulness.

Author’s Note: We’re looking at US pricing in the examples below – regional markets may vary considerably in price / availability.

A full VCI-100 SE Traktor package that sold on an online forum for $300

Used, Low-Priced DJ Controllers

The flip side of DJs selling old gear is that investing in old kit is a common and budget-friendly option to pick up lower-priced hardware.

The market for DJ controllers is still moving quickly. Unlike when Technics 1200s were standard, there’s no single piece of kit that’s universally desired. Older gear tends to get quickly forgotten. On the plus side, that can mean bargain prices. Looking at eBay’s completed listings section (it’s an option when searching) is a good way of quickly estimating a rough market price.

What to watch out for? Older kit may not still be supported by the manufacturer, so it’s also worth checking that it’s still compatible with the latest Windows or OS X releases. A quick web search may well reveal forums of annoyed owners complaining their kit has broken. At the same time, plenty of discontinued hardware should run perfectly fine on current operating systems.

When buying used, you might not get the installation disks. Even if they’re bundled, it might not be the latest version of the drivers. So it’s worth checking that the latest drivers, if needed, are still available from a reliable source (e.g. direct from the manufacturer) instead of some of the perhaps less reputable download sites that search engines sometimes rank highly.

A Few Picks + Ideas Of Gear To Search For

The used market can be quite small for certain hardware, so there’s always the danger if we recommend something that it may actually affect prices as readers clamor to buy that kit. Availability in local markets can differ too. The best advice we can offer is to take a look around at older kit, see what’s out there and what might suit you.

Here’s did a bit of digging we did a few months back – these deals should inspire you to dig around with rough guide prices estimated eBay searches:

  • the cheapest controller that’s Traktor Pro ready I found is this Behringer BCD3000 which is aging now, but would leave you with change from $40. This does come with the caveats we mentioned above: it’s not officially supported under Windows 10, although users have apparently successfully installed the Windows 7 drivers using compatibility mode.
  • as mentioned, the VCI-100 is a serious workhorse controller for a little bit more ($50-100).
  • at slightly higher pricing, the Vestax siblings, the VCI-300 at somewhere around $100-250 and the VCI-400 can go for around $150-250 used.
  • in a similar price tier, there’s Stanton’s SCS3d at roughly $100 and the American Audio VMS4 at around $150-200.

Used prices, especially on eBay fluctuate wildly. If patient, you could pick up a bargain in the low price ranges: a VCI-100 for $50 is a great starting point.

If prices are pushing towards the upper end, you may instead want to consider saving a little more and picking up a budget controller, which have the advantage of manufacturer warranty, and ongoing support.

New, Low-Priced Controllers

Looking at budget controllers, buyers seem to rate a few in the $250-300 range positively. That money can buy you the popular Mixtrack Platinum or Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controllers. All come with a range of controls, built-in audio interfaces and cut-down versions of DJ software. See a few tips from DJTT staff here:

Five Great Entry Level DJ Controllers

Used CDJs

Favor CDJs over controllers? Previous model CDJs often sell for considerably less than the latest (although they do seem to hold value), but be aware of what features you’re compromising on. Looking online, CDJ-400s seemed to be easier to find used in the UK than in the US. Be careful as some older CDJ models don’t have MIDI/HID modes, and some don’t have USB slots; with those models, you’re restricted to using timecode CDs.

Alternatively, as a project, you always pick up broken CDJ-800s and modify them for use as MIDI controllers.

DIY/Make Your Own

Finally, going further than modifying existing kit, you can build your own MIDI controller from parts.

If you’re less skilled with a soldering iron, but still like the idea of designing something yourself, you can use a tablet as a custom MIDI controller with apps like TouchOSC or Conductr. A touch screen is always going to struggle to give you the same tactility and control that real hardware does, but if you already have a tablet, the apps are an inexpensive way to get a functioning controller.

Over To You

Those are our tips for buying hardware on a budget, what are your bargain buys and tips? Share your value-for-money finds in the comments!


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  • Luke Peter Annett

    Great sounding budget 2 channel mixer is the Numark dm905 Bluedog. Mixing without eqs will force you to focus on complementary track mixing as well.

  • Ewan Colsell

    i bought broken stuff and fixed it… numarx ttx1 turntables from ebay, stanton sk2f mixer from a fleamarket.
    250€ for the lot.
    i play out with a xwax on an asus eeepc901 netbook. no way i’m taking my macbook pro into a room full of drunk people.

    if you can’t fix stuff you can still pick up a second hand controller for next to nothing.
    loads of really old controllers work perfectly with mixxx.
    mixxx runs well on really old computers especially on linux.

    second hand controllers are easy to find at second hand shop, fleamarkets, pawn shops etc. just don’t expect a top of the line controller.

    *shitty* controllers like hercules djcontrol mk1 and mk2 are actually totally usable. they still have pitch controls, jog dials, cue and play, which is what you need to start with. try one of these for the price of a pizza before spending a months rent on a nice controller.
    sometimes i buy them at fleamarkets when i see them for 10€ and give them to friends who want to start djing.

    but you know what? loads of people start djing with just a laptop and no controller, with a spliter cable for master/headphones. or just a stack of cd’s.
    The most important part of djing is having music that will make people dance and you don’t need a controller for that.

  • Dr Beatz

    surprised the Hrcules DJ instinct wasnt included on any lists. Its is $99, has a built in soundcard and small footprint. Cheap controller no doubt, but used for entering the DJ game (with traktor) for under $200, wonder why no one caught this.

  • Don'tBeSnootyAboutBudgetGear

    Numark’s new “PartyMix” with inbuilt soundcard for ~$100 is a complete game-changer, disappointed you don’t mention it.
    Lol, DDT featured it over 1.5 years ago. Sure it’s cheap and the lights are tacky, but turn the lights off, and you’ve got a fully-functional controller at $100 compared to $250.

  • duckdive

    Stanton SCS.4DJ – no computer required. $50 on Craigslist. I keep one around just cause it is about the easiest, cheapest, tactile mixer I’ve found.

  • Ezmyrelda Andrade

    This is kind of a weird subject from my experience.. I feel like I got my hardware at exactly the time when it would have been possible for me to do so.. I.E. A certain price range broke finally allowing me what I hadn’t had access to.. ever.. and friends still had to buy it for me as a gift..

    Anyway.. I got a Z2 from friends who bought it for me before the price drop. This is the BARE minimum for me to be able to respect myself as a person getting practice done..

    You have your laptop.. and a mixer.. you can hook things up.. or not if you don’t have things.. if you don’t have things? you have software and buttons and knobs.. Jogs.. Turntables.. are for people who have people staring at them. (coming from a person whose cue style began on vinyl and is still favorite. Nothing like throwing the beat on time as you cut the fader in.. to me that was always why it was fun.. a button.. doesn’t compare.)

    I digress (Ezmy digress? yeah right..)

    To me it all seems pretty financially feasible.. a little controller.. a laptop.. an audio 2..

    I say


    Maybe.. just maybe I should just sell my F1, and my X1 mk2 and buy a RP-8000.. no.. wait.. I’d still be about $600 short for the balance of the RP and the cart setup.. Ain’t that a bitch? Guess the world will still have to suffer.. 🙁

    • Kevin Basher

      Why don’t you get a pair of used super-oems?
      They are available for cheap and have the same motor and tone arm as the RP-8000s.

      • Ezmyrelda Andrade

        oh, why? Same reason that I don’t get an RP-8000. I am a financially disadvantaged trans woman that people stopped hiring about a decade ago. One that no promoter or club owner will ever give a chance to… Simply because I understand my own value.

        To be honest.. I have.. Abysmal luck with decks.. My first pair of techs? I went to california to try to earn some money.. I came back and someone who claimed to be my friend sold my decks out from under me.. To who? Another person that claimed to be my friend.. Those decks? I had bought them from someone that owned a coffeehouse I used to go to.. It was called the Dreamwalker and they had dance parties on the weekends.. I threw my first cue on those decks.. I learned to love dance music through those decks.. and after that I had nearly 18 years of shit luck and shittier belt drives.

        Anyway.. long story short why? Because eight cue points.. rolls.. and they would look much better next to my Z2. and I don’t even care about a pair this far on.. Why would I need a pair when I just need one to cut and I already have an F1, an X1, and a Midi Fighter twister?

        • Cryptonia

          I do not want to be disrespectful but this sounds like a lot of awful excuses to me. I’m a transwoman myself. I also struggle financially. I’m also treated like “less” because of my “condition”. Has it stopped me from DJing (in private and public)? Hell, no. I have my next gig at a public party in a few weeks.

          I have started with the cheapest second hand equipment I could find and even a few years later I still run on old used hardware. Does is matter? No. Of course you can always find reasons why you can not do what you want with your current setup. But the reality is: To succeed you don’t need specific equipment. You don’t need “8 cue points” or other stuff. You need determination and perseverance.

          All DJs struggle(d) and have/had to overcome hardships. It is especially hard for woman but I don’t agree that being a transwoman makes it that much harder even. Stop playing the victim card, it will not help you with the realities of life.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            20 years my dear… I’ve never stopped.. To you sure.. it sounds like a lot of excuses.. For me.. It’s just one more reason to keep going.. Oh.. my sweetheart.. It’s not the equipment I’ve mostly been bitching about. I’ve had (mostly) my hearts desire in equipment for at least 5 years now..

            Has it stopped me from DJing in public? no.. Of course not precious.. It has however put a serious stitch in PEOPLE PAYING ME WHAT I AM WORTH and always has been.

            Could I get regular gigs on a monthly… perhaps even weekly basis.. oh sure.. Do I want to spin for mothers, and their 2 year olds (who don’t have fucking hearing protection) for someone that will conveniently wander away when I would like to get paid? Do I want to spin another fucking trip-hop or downtempo set that doesn’t stretch my skills? Would I like to play that set for a group of entitled fucking yuppies that most likely won’t be paying attention anyway? Would I like to get paid $20 (maybe) for the TWENTY fucking years I have studied DAILY every single nuanced and overlooked aspect to the art of DJing?

            Playing out isn’t necessarily rare to me.. Being valued by the culture I grew up with and adored is.. Opportunities with the chance to get that next gig are. Having somebody not see me as a threat is rare. Being paid what I am worth is rare… It’s happened once. In twenty years..

            Determination and perseverance I have always had.. and I will have those until I die. Actual friends in dance culture? Remains to be seen.

            Let me ask you a question.. Would you be interested in hanging out in a bar for three hours three times a month spending money you don’t have to waiting for an opportunity that will never come while you listen to somebody you could spin circles around wank with his dudebro homies?

            Doesn’t appeal? How about.. I don’t know.. trying to talk to a disinterested bar back who “gets” to run the decks in between wiping down tables.. Hey.. maybe I could talk to the disinterested owner of the gay bar that has a shit booth and one night a week with “the best dj in town”. Whatever criteria they are going on.. it boggles me.. because it certainly isn’t their ability to mix.. or pick original music..

            Oh.. you know what I should do? I should do another favor for a drag queen that said they would talk to the owner.. You know those kinds of favors.. 5 minutes notice to save their act. 15 minutes to find a song, 10 minutes of running the three blocks from your home to the gay bar to put a USB in their hands.. those favors..

            You know what I would rather do? Go have a cigarette, and then return to the show prep I’m doing for my first live performance with… A REAL BAND.. Which is granted currently only me and my trans girlfriend.. but honestly.. with me and her.. who would need more?

            After this show.. I will probably sleep for a week.. I don’t know.. MAYBE MORE.. because.. and here’s the real kicker honey.. I don’t have to work.. I don’t work.. I may be a poor ass struggling artist.. But each and every hour of it is my own.. To do with as I please..

            All I had to do to be blessed with a beautiful, intelligent, visionary woman that complemented me and pushed me to expand what I thought my art would be.. was suffer.. a father that died when I was 11, a mother that emotionally traumatized me because we were both hurting.. 12 years of trying to be helpful in any way possible to the hometown rave culture that I loved.. to the detriment of my attention on what I should have been doing.. transitioning.. with shit jobs in a “right to work” state that generally lasted maybe 6 months each..

            The last legit job I had, I was fired for being accused of using the restroom I should have been using all along. A restroom that had a camera in the hallway right outside that would have cleared me had anybody actually bothered to look at the footage..

            Do you have to go to a day job? Do you have to work in order to keep a roof over your head? I would call that being victimized..

            Have you ever seen me start a dancefloor? Behind the decks or otherwise? Have you ever been my friend? No? Sounds like you’re the victim.

            Blame capitalism. Blame the patriarchy. Blame a socio economic system which is completely upside down and rotten to the core.. But don’t blame people who are naturally talented, intelligent and sincere.

            I’m having a blast.. It continues to be dance cultures loss.. not mine.. (especially when that person has only really ever wanted a quiet weekly that was reminiscent of the beauty that drew her into it in the first place.)

            But no.. I certainly don’t NEED an RP-8000.. What I need is a “humanity” that is human and exhibits compassion.. I NEED for our species to pull it’s head out of it’s ass and walk away from a system which endeavors to keep us in the lie that… we NEED to work. A lie that tells us “A person
            owns this land.. so if you’re hungry you better work this land, because if you don’t.. WE WILL STARVE YOU TO DEATH”.

            Please, my precious little spooky kid.. tell me again about the realities of life. I would love to hear your stories.. I bet they are cute.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            P.S. Next time try not to come at me with platitudes on an anonymous account with one comment..

            There is one thing you are going to need when you come looking to make yourself feel better by comparison.. It’s a fucking identity.. That, I have in spades.. Try some accountability ya fucking internet coward.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            OK. I’m done.. I’m officially out.. when the posts you are trying to reply to are deleted.. but yours remain.. all I gotta say.

            Thanks for your patience Techtools.. I will remove the rest of the shit postehaste.

          • Cryptonia

            I deleted them myself. You are even more stupid than I thought. Techtools is probably laughing there asses of of what a fool you are making yourself here with all your posts looking like brain diarrhea.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            Oh, bullshit honey.. it said the mod deleted them.. and why would you delete them?

            Perhaps because you knew the shit you said was vile.

            Oh.. hrmm that might be an interesting aspect..

            Have you considered.. That given the context of my first post.. talking about how I got my mixer.. That…

            You might be coming off.. as ableist?

            You don’t know me.. You don’t know anything about me.. you don’t know.. you don’t know if I struggled every day being sweet and civil and being humble every day..

            Because I was.. It’s never about a person.. It takes a community to create this… and it takes an entire planet to create a situation in which people.. who would and did work their asses off are thrown in the refuse..

            All things said.. with all the mental health issues I have ever dealt with through out my life.. It is a monument to the power of music and movement that I am still here.

            What you can’t understand.. What you will never understand…. The way cis people view us.. You view me..

            It’s only through the sheer effort of my ability to use words that I could rationalize some good coming out of the crippling depression I dealt with.. these things.. these things are private.. That I have worked every day not to throw away my life..

            You rationalize my bitching as your superiority over me.

            I rationalized my mental health issues into making myself stronger and not giving up.

            Cis people will never get us.. and people like you will never understand people like me..

            So go ahead.. laugh.. This above all shows the type of person you are.

            You laugh while people suffer in the world.. You see suffering and you bite too.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            p. .s. Next time try not to come at me with platitudes on an anonymous account with one comment..

            There is one thing you are going to need when you come looking to make yourself feel better by comparison.. It’s a fucking identity.. That, I have in spades.. Try some accountability ya fucking internet coward.

          • Cryptonia

            There is a reason I am using a anonymous account. I don’t want anybody to know that I’m a transwoman. This is a very private thing.

            A additional reason for this are tons of trans people who play the victim card like you do or make a lot of noise about non-issues. Some people tend to attribute every hardship in their life to being trans and the alleged bad treatment by society. It is an easy excuse for own failure.

            The fact still is: Being successful is hard work (and a good portion of luck). Non-trans (cis) people don’t have it necessarily easier. There are tons of good DJs out there who are cis and still don’t have success. For reasons lying within them or for bad luck. This is the way it is. Stop attributing the realities of life to being trans and bad treatment. This is what annoys many people about us, and this is why I don’t want to be associated with being trans.

            PS: I play in clubs for money. So don’t tell me it is not possible. Stop blaming others.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            The reason you are using an anonymous account is because you don’t have the accountability to stand behind your words.. I’ll read the follow up pack of bullshit you think is pretty clever.. But honey.. I’m done.. Your words aren’t shit to me.. Dollars to doughnuts your mixes aren’t either..

            and the only person you were looking to help out with your tired ass cliches was your ego.. peace out internet coward.

          • Cryptonia

            Your emotional reaction proves my point. Nice job denying my wish for privacy and using it against me. But fine, keep living a miserable life and blame others for it. In the end it is really not my business.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            OH… BITCH… oh.. bitch..

            Where the fuck.. do you believe.. for a fucking second.. that my hardships.. my real and actual hardships.. come from being trans..

            Being a trans woman is a private thing?

            FUCK YOU. fuck everyone of you that rode your status quo right on into your nice and comfy and safe stealth.. What part of ignoring my transition did you not understand?

            You think for a second you have any fucking iota of an idea what my life has been like?

            I walk down the street and stare right back at every one of those people giving me shit.. Every one.

            We are the ones confronting the populace that hates us.. We are the ones exalted by the gift that is being trans..

            I imagine you think you are pretty popular.. pretty well off..

            Let me ask you a question.. Do the people on your dancefloor know you are trans?

            Why not?

            Are you ashamed of being trans?

            Or is it that you know…. You know.. the people you hide your identity from.. your dancefloor, your club.. a lot of them might murder you.. the moment they found out… Is this why you hide your identity?

            Who the fuck do you think you are? Seriously? I mean fucking seriously.. Do you think anybody else on this website is going to touch this with a ten foot pole?

            No.. Because my tranny ass posts on these forums enough so that people understand.. if they are going to come with some shit.. they are going to be told some shit they didn’t want to hear..

            Let’s try another one bitch.. Google your DJ name.. now do it without “DJ”. Are you still there honey? Because I am.. being accountable for my word and my identity.. 100%

            You play in clubs for money?

            So does that bar back I was telling you about.. He gets a fine hourly wage.. for backing the bar..
            Sweetheart.. You’re anonymous.. what the fuck do you think I’m going to say about “your club and your money”. Fucking prove it.

            Furthermore… If you ever. ever. EVER. thought it was about the money.. you already lost. I could clean the fucking floors with your tired ass game..

            Time and place honey.. I will out DJ you, I will out dance you, and I could be two hours shy of my last shave and I could still out pretty your “passing” ass.

            Which brings up the most galling point of all.. Fuck you and your stealth.. You victimize yourself by believing that you need to live up to arbitrary standards of beauty just so you can have the minimum self esteem you require..

            The worst day I will ever have will be a walk in the park compared to your sad self justifications.. You know why?

            Because I can walk out my house in a skirt with my toothless face and my 5 O’clock shadow and be twice the confidant woman you will ever be.

            How about you get assaulted by a person punching you from a bicycle, and then go chase his ass down with your tranny girlfriend and put the fear of the goddess in him..

            Sure.. You got your club.. you’re getting paid..

            Do you have absolute trust in your goddess? Has your path been set for works that are beyond you? Is there anything else to you than your trophy? Are you working on a zine, an album, a 3d printer, any books you are trying to outline?

            Congrats on your job.. All I ever got for my perseverance was a perfect love, and a chance to do the actual work I’ve known needed doing since I was a teenager sitting in that coffeeshop.

            So.. yeah.. I bitch about not having a turntable.. But if you thought for even a second I’d rather be anywhere else doing anything else.. you should go brush up on your context..

            I’m sitting here bitching about not having a turntable, when I have a mixer, a launchpad, an F1, and an x1mk2.. let’s not forget about my twister.. Why would you believe any part of my initial posts were anything but jovial larks?

            Yes, I do think this world is unfair.. it is GROSSLY unfair.. but I’m not the only person that is affected by it.. children.. literal children are affected by it..

            Please remember that the apologism you exhibit condones a world in which actual children.. suffer because of people like you.

            Your cowardice in the face of unleashing your truth allows actual children to suffer from being shamed by their fathers..

            People like me work magic.. on the dancefloor and off.. People like me do physical acts to lessen the suffering of trans children who are being shamed by their fathers and not allowed to transition.

            People like me are the warriors who like to bullshit about the bullshit..

            and people like you? Make excuses and apologize for the despair and suffering that happens in the world.. behind a screen.. and with no accountability..

            You have a club night.. Good for you.. now go teach some of those captive people you have that the world can be different.. or not.. I honestly don’t care.. ya ain’t shit to me.

          • Cryptonia

            You are jumping to assumptions because you are full of insecurity and need to defend yourself. All your swearing and ad-hominem attacks are further proof of that.

            If you believe that I’m that 20 year old transgirl who started with puberty blockers and now passes without effort you are very wrong. I started way into my thirties, I have a big build, lots of masculine features etc. Reaching the point of passing was not a easy feat. Assuming that I worked for passing and try to live somewhat stealth these days is because I give in to pressures of society is laughable. I just want to be like every other girl and I actually hate the fucking male things on my self. You might feel pride in going out with a beard shadow. Well, I used to that for long enough as well (until laser finally made much of an improvement) but I f*cking DON’T WANT TO. I hate my beard shadow and my beard stubble even when I’m home alone and nobody else sees me.

            Actually my friends know of my status and so do other DJs and the venue owners and organizers here. And quite a sizable number of the people on the dancefloor. So your assumption is dead wrong and I’m not really living stealth. I’m just not making much of an issue of being trans when I speak with other people and therefore they do not judge me on that detail. Still I don’t want it to be possible to find out about this private detail by Google and therefore I will not state my name here. Of course this makes it easy for you to make your claims.

            Oh and when I google for my DJ name without “DJ” the first hit is my Soundcloud, the second is my Facebook, the third is my Twitter and the fourth is my homepage. So much about that. And I do lots of other stuff beside DJing even if you can not believe that.

            And yes, I have to revise my former post. I don’t think you are being treated badly because you are trans. Obviously you are treated badly because you are a terrible person which overreacts to criticism, throws around with insults and swearing and is full of insecurity. Just seeing your walls of text is enough to get a understanding how you deal with other people. I’m not surprised that nobody wants to book and pay you.

            I’m out of here. Keep doing what you are doing. It does not seem to work out for you, but apparently you really want to be a victim.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            Nice! We got the tone policing portion done.. I’m mad and that makes you right? Except I’m not..

            I fucking love it.. I love it when people see passion and call it anger when I am literally gleeful right now..

            Mmmhhmm, you a trans woman.. come to ME with some bullshit about how I’m being a victim.. and you want me.. an out trans woman to respect your “wish for privacy”.

            Your wish for privacy was right there.. all along.. urging you.. “don’t passively aggressively message this bitch”.

            You lead off with “but” and I’m the person that has a miserable life?

            “I’m not racist but..”

            “I’m not transphobic but..”

            “I don’t hate faggots but..”

            You started with a but and you followed up with tone policing you classist ableist transphobic stain..

            Yeah, bitch.. it wasn’t your business.. but you made it..

            you made the bitch.. that understands the culture within and without..

            challenge you to a battle..

            As a dancefloor eloress, and a true witch in the craft.

            If you don’t accept the challenge or give an honest apology..

            I curse you.

            I curse you to think of me. Every time you are DJing in your club.. I curse you to think about how you looked for ego satisfaction through belittling your sister and ultimately lost what little self respect you had remaining..

            Tonight.. When I go to the show I and my out trans girlfriend promoted.. I am going to charge this curse.. with every action I take… every twist of the knob that plays my original music.. every live breakbeat I play, every frequency that roars through the bass coming from the twist of my fingers.. will charge my curse.

            and you will think about me.. every time you DJ.. I will be there whispering in your ear. You couldn’t even use the brain the goddess gave you to employ technology to accept the battle..

            Whatever success you may have.. and you will have A LOT, you will always remember.. that there was a proud FIERCE trans woman that challenged you to rise and be her equal.. and you ran..

            And someday.. you will wake up and understand that hard work doesn’t always come in the same package.. and there was a sister of yours that would always be better at moving the hearts and minds of the people on the dancefloor.. Because the pure burning passion of her humility towards awe inspiring beauty she saw in dance culture forged her into something that you could never be… and you will hurt in your heart because you chose a profession over a passion..

            A job over finding your true lifes path.

            If your buddies know.. have your buddies set it up.. There’s ways to do this safely and with respect to your precious stealth..

            Which is literally a fucking weakness. Like how do you get off telling me that your anonymity is your right.. when.. there is literally no reason to stay hidden except the fear of death or shame..

            You talk it honey.. But you don’t walk it.. and your success.. will wane.

            I on the other hand.. Have a band to run.. A show to throw.. Today.. like I am the show runner.. to your.. well you got a gig.. whoop..
            I have books to write and magic to make and great works of art to accomplish.. but you have a weekly I guess so.. here’s your brownie button.. Your curse is on the way..

            P.S. Your message literally got deleted because it was bullshit.

            My challenge still seems to be up..

          • Cryptonia

            Yes, I will think about you at my next gig. And laugh because I know you could have the same joy if you weren’t that much of an ass.

            And apparently you don’t get it: I live on another continent. Should I fly in for the battle? Will you pay for that?

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            It’s not pride.. It’s self confidence.. there’s a difference. I don’t need to respect you using your male privilege to get an easy transition any more than you get to bring some shit to me about how I’m playing the victim.

            If you didn’t want to disrespect me.. you wouldn’t have hit post..

            This is the LITERAL point. Not disrespecting someone is thinking about that passive aggressive comment and having the sense not to post it..

            You read MY shit.. MY public post..

            I didn’t come looking for you.. You.. YOU picked a fight with one of the most notorious fucking bitches on the internet. YOU decided to talk some smack to someone you had never interacted with once in your life..

            I do it too.. ALL the fucking time.. which is why you can discern, I ain’t mad..

            But me? I at least have the moxie to back up the shit I’m talking..

            Enjoy your curse.. We’re done here.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            Oh, btw.. I couldn’t give a fuck about what people who at one point completely eradicated our kind thought about us.. There are a ton of good DJs out there that are cis and aren’t successful.. There are also plenty of good DJs out there that are women and aren’t successful.. The sky is blue.. Water is wet.. Think about the number of male DJs there are.. Now think about the number of female DJs there are.. Now think about the number of female DJs there are that aren’t conventionally attractive.

            Now bitch.. Think about the number of good successful unattractive OUT trans DJs there are..

            I’m going to need you to read over every single one of my words.. twice if you have to..

            Point out where I blame my life on being trans. Point out where I am assigning blame.

            What victim? I’m a victim.. because I don’t have a turntable?

            What I am without a turntable is ten times the DJ you would ever be with any amount of equipment..

            Bitch, you don’t want to be associated with being trans because your stupid ass would probably get yourself killed..

            It’s easy to call other people victims when you’re safe in the pasture.

            Come out in to the woods and play..

          • Cryptonia

            Oh, and btw YOU brought up the victim part. Let me quote you: “Same reason that I don’t get an RP-8000. I am a financially disadvantaged trans woman that people stopped hiring about a decade ago. One that no promoter or club owner will ever give a chance to…”

            Are you claiming that you are not presenting yourself here as a victim who can not get a job or gig because of being trans? Why else would you bring up the fact that you are trans?

            Some cheese with the whine?

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            Somebody shoots me in the foot with a literal gun.. I am a victim.. Society is completely shitty through forces which are bigger than any one person… If you believe a person is a victim because they don’t have a turntable.. this radically and blatantly illustrates to EVERYONE here what you imagine and project a victim to be..

            Sweetheart.. victims.. are raped.. victims.. are murdered.. victims are beaten, and starved, and suffer unspeakable things.

            How dare you minimize what a victim is..

            How dare you compare my the slights I have been through with actual victims..


            I strongly urge you to walk away.. If you continue to try to justify your insensitive comments.. ALL of what you tried to beat me with will be washed away.

          • Cryptonia

            You are derailing the discussion on a word. You needlessly brought up the trans part because you wanted to whine that you are being treated badly because you are trans. You can’t get a job and club owners do not want to book and pay you. Most people would say that you are claiming to be a victim of society without diminishing things like rape.

            How comes that I am not struggling even though over 90% of the people I deal with regularly know that I am trans? How comes that I don’t have a problem with work etc? I would say it is because I’m not a obnoxious person (putting curses on people, seriously?)

            There are way to many of you in trans circles. I see it all the time, they experience the same hardships as normal people but yet in their case somehow it must be linked with being trans. Honestly my foremost reason I aim to be stealth is because I do not want to be associated with annoying obnoxious trans people like you. It is people like you who give being trans a bad name.

            Of course the big group of people like me gets unnoticed. Trans people who just want to live a quiet normal life and who do not want to become a SJW. I have not chosen to be trans, it is shitty enough as it (even when passing), I have no obligation to throw away the possibility to live a quiet and normal life as a woman. In the end this is why I transitioned.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            THE WORD VICTIM?

            THE WORD YOU TYPED.





            YOU ARE BUTTHURT..

            I’m like Ayyyyy LMAO I’M OVER HERE LOVING LIFE BUT SHITS EXPENSIVE and you bring up victimization?

            You do know what the flip side of that coin is?

            If I subconsciously scent you a whiff of victim it is because you are a predator..

            and I am nothing if I am not an accomplished internet meta troll.

            People you know.. will see this.. People that know your internet tells..

            you have said some terrible shit..

            and I am a perfect.. A PERFECT BITCH. but at least I’m the kind that can sincerely admit to the bitchiness..

            and I’d rather be a protective bitch than a cur.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            no.. it’s because you are a basic bitch, with basic intelligence and a basic brain chemistry.. you are not a big group.. How should I know how you managed to navigate capitalist society..
            Could it be that you used your ease before transition to bankroll your way through transition? How am I supposed to know? I’ve volunteered a lot and you still know nothing about me.. You’ve volunteered virtually nothing….

            and I got your type too.. Your type hates our type because we see our sisters.. we know that this can’t stand. You see us and are ashamed.. or disgusted.. which is probably worse..

            You never knew us.. and then judge us?

            I will take compassion for my fellow trans people over a false sense of superiority fed by the bullshit which rewarded you..

            Ya either are or you aren’t out.. You can’t be “stealth” to some of the dancefloor some of the time..

            You are fooling yourself and congratulating yourself for beating your sisters with the cudgel of conventional beauty.

            What separates you and me in society is a mask placed by others to judge value with no authority..

            Nothing is preventing you from living a quiet life as a woman with no attention to that detail..
            But you can’t also tell me that you size caused you trouble, AND you are a DJ while expecting me to keep a straight face..

            Because there is a lot here that sounds like bullshit.. excuse me.. cowshit..

            I’ll be that trans woman.. Because I have no judgement either way..

            Everyones transition is their own..

            I think you are a certain type of trans woman…

            You’ve transitioned.. You take hormones.. You might even pass..

            You kept your shitty dude opinions though.

            You’ve got a woman’s brain.. unfortunately you kept the shitty male entitlement.

            Congratulations to you and to all the hard work that you did by yourself in a vacuum void of the basic unfairness of life.. because.. yes.. it simply is unfair sometimes..

            You and I are perfect examples of it..

            The only difference is I make look at the shit placed in my hand and say.. well, I guess I could grow something in it..

            and you see just see a girl with shit in her hand and get mad at her for saying she got some shit put in her hand.. I’m not saying I’m special.. or more deserving..

            What I am saying is that shit is expensive.. for everybody.. A turntable is bloody expensive these days.. I would assume a $2000 CDJ deck is expensive for you too..

            Why are you apologizing for a system that made you work.. in order for you to work to make the world a better place?

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            You don’t know suffering.. you have never known suffering.. you believe being a victim is not getting a toy..

            You believe somehow that victimization is about not getting what you want..

            A victim.. is a person that has suffered, personally at the hands of another person.. pain so deep and haunting.. you couldn’t look at it.

            You turn your eyes away from victims.. just as you hide your truth from society..

            Because you are ashamed at what society has produced..

            A world in which you you lie to yourself with the belief that other people can’t see something you can’t accept in yourself.

            I’ve accepted my wild and crazy path.. I was sent to my goddess.. I was sent to a person I can care for.. because she deserves it.. a person that matches my need to right the wrongs that we see in life.. in whatever manner we have been tasked.

            I’m sorry you can’t accept yourself for who you are..

            But I’m sorrier that I have to be the one that confronts you with this..

            I understand.. It’s weird.. you came for me.. But.. My goddess is very cross with your kind..

            We once had a place in society.. We were once revered.. and beloved.. because of the gift we were born with..

            It wasn’t in our pants or our skirts… It was in the compassion we had for those around us.. We have it naturally because without medication we are emotional wrecks in this society.. The emotion and passion.. The very same you use against me as tone policing is my power..

            You hide yourself on the dancefloor.. You spit on the gift you were given..

            You have forgotten your mother..

          • Cryptonia

            Stop derailing the discussion on a word. This will not work with me.

          • Cryptonia

            You derailing will not work. Victims of rape are not the point here.

          • Cryptonia

            By the way, you wrote “You victimize yourself by believing that you need to live up to arbitrary standards of beauty just so you can have the minimum self esteem you require”.

            Seems you are not holding yourself up to such a high standard when using the word victim.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            Have you read.. book? you are causing yourself suffering.. Don’t fucking blame me because I know how to use a language.. Not getting a toy isn’t suffering.. continuing to believe all the shit you told me while endlessly yapping about privacy, stealth, and passing… is doing yourself harm.. You need to stop hating yourself as trans and hating other trans people for what you see as their weakness.

            You came to my post to berate me about my transition..

            Not to be disrespectful or anything, but you are completely up your own ass..

            The only kind of person that would need to reply with this toxic bullshit is the kind of person that needs reassurance of their own greatness by the comparison of others..

            You did this and YOU did that.. I don’t know you..

            In order for me to respect your opinion I need your credentials..

            Otherwise it’s

            COOL STORY BRO TIME AT DJ TECHTOOLS… Least my fucking sob story is verifiable..

            Cite your sources or get lost.

            and indeed.. enjoy the curse of having to think about me every time you DJ.
            Because it will wear.. I can assure you that..

            Have a lovely day. I wish you the very best with all the enlightenment soon coming your way.

            The First Eloress
            The Emerald Heart

          • Cryptonia

            Once again you are not answering to what was written. You insulted me because I “misused” the word “victim”. By that standards you are misusing it here yourself. As you said “Words mean things.. you brought this”. But I’m not surprised that you are not holding yourself up the the same high standards you expect of other.

            By the way I checked your Soundcloud. What a joke, there is not even a DJ set and the rest… xD As I suspected, it is all you who is all talk no walk.

            Want a battle? Upload a set to soundcloud. I’m not flying over to america to see you lose.

          • Cryptonia

            Yeah, walk away. You lost.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            we shall see my dear. we shall see won’t we?

            But no.. in terms of writing.. yes. you lost.. sorry.

            ps.. I didn’t walk away.. I had an argument with my girlfriend which was civilly adjourned. 🙂

            We are still going to have a hell of a show tonight..

            and you well.. you get another DJ gig right?

            Have you played in a band live before? I haven’t here’s to new experiences..

            You’re blocked. 🙂

          • Cryptonia


          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            I don’t blame you.. at all..

            I am calling you out though..

            A BATTLE.

            A dancefloor..

            An out trans girl, against some anonymous bitch..

            This is literal and this is real.. The gauntlet has been thrown.. and if you don’t accept.. your word.. whatever cred you think you have.. is nothing.. literally nothing..

            I actually want to thank you right now..

            I am not a victim.. I have been waiting for my opponent though..





            or kick rocks..

            Let’s see how much your patrons respect you when you decline.

            If you think you are better. If you THINK you know hard work. Try me.
            You fucked up if you thought this shit wasn’t in my blood..

            Hell.. arrange whatever you need for your cowardly ass to battle in the safety of your precious stealth..

            We both know you won’t though..

            My gripes against people? easily dropped.. because life paths are life paths..

            Had I walked in your shoes.. I’d be as weak as you..

            I don’t have much against specific people buddhism won’t shake..

            Institutional oppression, I do however have an issue with.. Your ability to skate through it via your circumstance does not invalidate.. literally millions of starving people…

            and that’s what’s truly sad about this.. You actually think this is about being trans..

            Because you feel weak in your trans identity..

            I’m sorry you feel victimized by society for being trans.. I’m sorry you don’t feel like you can hold your head high.. The result of a billion different circumstances coming together to create you..

            I’m sorry you were made to feel ashamed of your sisters.. I’m sorry you feel ashamed of yourself and your sisters..

            I am truly sorry that you are so disappointed with your outcome that you felt the need to punch down just so that you could feel a little better with how empty you feel.

            But not so sorry I wouldn’t mop the floor with your silly ass.

            Because, I respect you enough as a trans woman to know that you’ll grow from it..

            So.. better start making arrangements for that battle.. You can find ways to contact me everywhere.. pick one.. set a date.. name the place..

            You know how to talk about what you supposedly have.. can you back it up?

        • Kevin Basher

          I’m sorry to hear that – good luck getting a job 🙂

          I thought the older oems were a little more within reach, and your X1 (if you got the MK1) already has 8 hot cues per deck.

          The RP-8000 looks a lot sleeker, though.

          • Ezmyrelda Andrade

            That’s exactly what I was trying to communicate to the other person though.

            You know that saying about doing something over and over and over again and expecting different results?

            It would be literally irrational for me to attempt to get a job. Say I had the ability get laser.. that would deal with my facial hair.. there I’ve gotten the confidence back and I could reasonably BS my way through an interview.. then what? I still have mental health problems.

            I did twenty years of attempting to go with the work or starve workflow..
            I’m sorry.. I’m done..

            Physical labor shouldn’t be shameful.. and it isn’t.. but it is also on its way out.. Automation, rapidly changing work requirements.. We need a shake up in the way that this dealt with from local to global.. People across the globe should get Universal Basic Income. Then when they have found that they have a moment to breathe.. they can start thinking about what they want to do with their life.

            I am a creative.. I create art. Nobody should have to endure undue stress just to do what makes them happy. I stopped working.. Yeah.. I want a turntable.. Sucks for me don’t it? 🙂 but I can dream.. and everything is too expensive.. for everybody..

            and yeah, if I am going to dream it’s going to be constructive dreaming.. It’s not about the number of cues.. but placement. Imagine if you had to reach even two inches away to reach your mouse but you at your job mostly typed.. over time that moving back and forth builds up.. So people invented something to keep your hands near your keys when you needed to mouse..
            Same with why I want the RP.. It’s about saying the next word and then the next quickly.

            The RP is the only turntable that has cues in that configuration.. The same 4 cues I have on my x1 are also even closer.. on my Z2..

            Ultimately it is about going to the length to excel at your art.. this has always been my primary job. I got to do this with my Z2. throughout my DJing career there were certain things I was missing about gain leveling and frequency use.. The Z2 has gains, EQ, Filter, and cues.. This is absolutely enough to square away.

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      I have a theory about the person who replied to me anonymously. I think it probably breaches some sort of ethical boundary to create a user account just to passively aggressively humble brag to another person..

      Trans women absolutely have a right to their privacy where this is concerned.

      But “Passing” as a cis woman, is a requirement that society creates.

      My requirements are access to the hormones that keep me emotionally stable and access to laser to get rid of the facial hair that drives me insane when it gets long..

      Passing isn’t a requirement for me.. and for a trans woman whose requirement is passing and stealth to berate one who doesn’t have those requirements is.. if nothing else.. tacky.

      The truth is.. The entire story stunk.. and the further they got.. the more it stunk..
      I’m a big fan of accountability on the internet. It is my protection and my foundation.

      If I said some bullshit.. You can call me on it. Things I’ve said in the past remain on the internet.. You can call me on old bullshit, or you can ask me if my positions have changed..

      This person had no accountability.. I have no reason to believe they were trans because no trans person would pull this shit to shit on her sister..

      and they either are stealth or they aren’t stealth you can’t be stealth to some people on the dancefloor some of the time..

      Is society looking to murder you or not? I’m come on now.. and I get that… there are certain situations in which being stealth might keep you alive..

      Situations you should have had the good sense to stay out of in the first place..

      I’m not a big fan of people talking about their right to privacy and stealth on one hand and their success as a trans woman on the other..

      It is my opinion that this person has either dragged their male conceptions about what it is to be female into their new life.. or they aren’t trans at all.

      NOBODY gets to use their male privilege to jump start their transition and then judge me for being the trans woman that visibly endures every nasty stare and shitty comment she gets daily.

      I believe.. and it is just a feeling.. that somebody was responding to another comment I made on another page.. I asked somebody not to do that thing where they automatically try to make women look like idiots.. I believe they got hurt at the comment.. and wanted to take me down a notch.. But this is just my suspicion.. I’m not interested in following up on it because…

      Hahahaha fuck it..

      I had a realization last night that for the most part.. I’m done trying to be a DJ.. I love spinning and I always will.. But dancefloors aren’t ready for what I have to offer yet.. It has nothing to do with getting drunk.. or getting laid.. and there is nothing wrong with those things..

      But dance culture has never really offered what I envision except in small random situations here and there..

      It boils down to catharsis. I found it as a teen and it was readily available for a teenager dancing in a coffeeshop that didn’t sell alcohol. It boils down to the democratization of dance..

      A return to allowing people to come on to the dancefloor and truly understand that it is a non judgemental space. You say you can’t dance? I believe you can, you are just judging yourself on the criteria of other people.. Dance to me.. is a dialogue between me and the other.. It is my gift to the universe for the experience of living.. It is a feedback loop.. The more I love the feeling of my dancing body the better it feels.. I thought at one point.. it was about Adrenalin. But I believe it’s more than that..

      It comes down to this.. If that person.. really is a trans woman.. I wish her the best.. But honestly.. She’s living my old dream.. Maybe she is really successful maybe she tours the world. Maybe she just has a simple weekly club gig.. Doesn’t matter..

      I got everything I needed out of the monolith of DJing.. and I’m over it..

      I do as I please, when I please. This is very important for artists to have.. I have a visionary and frighteningly intelligent and exceedingly gorgeous girlfriend.. Who is also my band mate.. in a genre that is slowly starting to pick up speed and that will have a truly counter-cultural weight.

      I am in a band.. with my girlfriend making music on my own terms..

      If they wish to laugh at my success. ok, bruh.. cool story..

  • Be

    One more warning for buying used gear: moving parts, especially faders, wear out. When buying used, you risk buying broken hardware.

    Also, today’s lower priced controllers are way better than the cheap controllers from several years ago. For example, compare a VCI 100 to a Mixtrack Pro 3 or a DDJ-SB2.

  • zendoo

    I’m pretty happy with the new Behringer controllers. I’ve got a DC for track browsing, a PL (with soft takeover pitch fader!!) for 4 decks of transport control, and a DV for looping. I got them for $20 each on ebay.

    With 4 decks of audio to going out to a real mixer, It’s every button and knob I need to control Traktor, and they even bolt together. The platter on the PL-1 is very good too. There’s zero drift, even after multiple revolutions and rapid scratching. The soft-takeover on the pitch fader, with an LED to show the current deck’s position, makes it actually possible to mix with just one jog wheel.

  • Brock Dub C Stallworth

    i am pretty thrifty and I love to find old equipment and break it down and fix up. Currently I have an NS7 ii I bought for 200 and just need to get the parts to get it running again.

      • Dr Beatz

        craigslist is my goto. Have bought thousands of dollars of gear for insanely cheap. As long as you test it before hand, and don’t go to sketchy places, you can scoop tons of deals. Also “DJ Classifieds” facebook group