Video: Carl Rag “Got To Be Real” Midi Fighter 64 Routine

As excitement builds for our upcoming release of the Midi Fighter 64 (yes, it’s still on the way!), we’ve sent out beta units to select artists to test out. In this video, finger drummer Carl Rag has put together a great live disco remix.

One of the great things about this video is that it’s shot outside, in daylight – making the entire thing stand out from a lot of “typical” routine videos in a closed studio environment. This really makes it feel more professional and interesting to watch.

That being said, we would love to see the actual performance, and maybe even Ableton screen capture, to be able to see what’s going on. Wondering if there’s a standard for routine videos? We wrote up a guide to great videos for DJs/performers: read our tips here.

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  • THE InkyCellist

    Can’t wait for this to be out so I can show off my skills too!


    this guy isn’t hype this sucks pick better ppl for beta send some shit to nightkidz out of vegas those cats would blow this routine out of the water.

    • john

      self advertisement spotted

  • Jason Dunham

    Ummm……NOT exciting for me….I don’t want to have to have a stroke to play a jam…I’d just play a mp3pool remix for a minute on the TT…midi fighter needs to get a couple of touch screens and go for total maxed out pad controller for all, iOS, OSX, and PC apps. Abelton…Serato, Traktor, Djay. VDJ, Remix Live, Lauchpad, Blocs(touchscreen version), Seaboard 5D, noise!
    Good workout video though!

  • Ivan Jones

    I dont get why people get hype over drum pad routines. Wow hes doing on alot of buttons what can be done with one button?…. Like seriously lets add more buttons to make it showy? i mean am i the only one who sees the superfluousness in this?

    • ?The Other Denzel?

      Yes you are.
      That’s like saying, “Idk why people get so hype over a drummer’s solo, when all of this could be programmed in ableton.”

  • Aleksandr Aleks

    sample master 3000 ))))))

  • Vince

    So flawless it seems closer to programmerism than controllerism :i It lacks that certain Human element to a performance…Still got respect for the skill tho

  • Doug Haywood


  • Kraal Wiggins

    what it needs is a pre shot showing what sounds buttons are triggering because as far as i am concerned right now this is a sond playing on top of a guy standing there randomly pressing buttons on a thing

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      meh.. I don’t really think that’s necessary.. any more than I need to hear each piano note being played before a performance.. but I suppose it would depend on your familiarity to the form.

      • Spacecamp / Dan

        It’s fairly easy to “fake” finger drumming performances though. You can get very easily get close enough – so I can understand why people might want a bit more context when watching something like this video : )

        • Ezmyrelda Andrade

          I think I’m going to have to disagree with you there.. and ask you to show your homework.. because.. there may be people who can get fooled by a fake finger drumming exercise.. I’m not one of them though.

          Context though.. is key.. and I believe that is what people are looking for as well.

          I get that a great deal of DJ Techtools readers are wet behind the ears in their studies.. Please don’t assume that I am in the same boat.

      • Kraal Wiggins

        if it was not common knowledge of what a piano can do then you can compare the two … but it is not common knowledge of what a box with buttons is doing. a piano is consistant . if i press this key it makes this sound…. the midi fighter is not the midi fighter and button in and of itself actually makes no sound or a sound simular to the keys i am pressing on my keyboard to construct this message

    • Unreallystic

      I’ve seen enough of his other videos to not sweat it.

      • Kraal Wiggins

        thats my point i dont know the guy i am looking at this video as a selling point for the product. ( not an artist performance) so the question comes what am i looking at and what can i do with this thing. If i were just following the artist then non of that would matter…

  • DJ Mad Wax

    definitely need screen cap with something like this