Midi Fighter 64 Update: They’re Close!

It’s been over two years since DJ TechTools first built a rough prototype of a giant 64-button Midi Fighter for Shawn Wasabi. His “Marble Soda” performance video went viral, and thousands signed a petition asking us to make them available for sale. It took a few random events, including one sad one – but thanks to everyone, they are finally being built. Here’s an update on the project and when you can expect to see the controllers.

The Midi Fighter 64 Story

Update: The Midi Fighter 64 is now on sale here

Over a year ago, a mean-spirited person stole all of Shawn Wasabi’s equipment right here in San Francisco – including the only Midi Fighter 64 in the world. This was a huge bummer – but it ultimately was the impetus for more to be made – so thanks, buddy!

Shawn asked us to make him a replacement, and (after much persistence from him and his management) we acquiesced. Together with a fine young man from Canada named Garet (who runs GBmidi), we produced a higher-quality replacement for Shawn who has since made more amazing videos, including this wicked catchy song:

While designing this replacement, we decided make a few extras for the hard-core fans. Originally the plan was to build 20 controllers, and I quickly realized that making only a handful of 64s would piss off way more people than create happy ones. So we gave those prototypes to talented artists around the world for free and went back to the drawing board. Watch all the performances that have been made with these first-run MF64s below:

Making Midi Fighters Again

For the past three months, we have prepared DJ TechTools HQ to begin producing high quality custom-made controllers. In this first run, we’ve assembled enough parts to produce 1,000 controllers – each made by hand in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone for your patience while everything was set up, we had to:

  • ship 64,000 genuine Sanwa arcade buttons from Japan (they take a while to produce)
  • design, tool, and perfect a robust case that would last as long as the buttons (5 million presses!)
  • get acrylic tops cut in gorgeous matte black and white. (yes, there are black 64s too)
  • manufacture 1,000 black PCBs with very bright LEDs
  • design a custom firmware that includes easy animations for making light shows

Almost all the parts have already arrived in San Francisco, and we’ve hired a circuit bender and DIY maker, Sondra, to build them for you.

Please be patient! All of the 64s are built one at time, so wait times could creep up as high as a few weeks. Each controller is numbered, signed, and shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy the Midi Fighter 64?

64’s will go on sale on June 1 2017. Sign up on this list be reminded when they go live.

How much will the MF64 cost?

The controllers are priced at $499 and will ship worldwide. High quality arcade buttons are a significant part of the unit cost, making this an expensive item to build.

Can I buy them from a store?

Nope, these unique controllers are only available online at DJ TechTools’ carefully curated gear store.

What colors is the MF64 available in?

For now, we’re be offering them in Black and White. We’ll also release limited edition colors every month in very small quantities.

Will these work with the Midi Fighter Utility software?

Yes! We have updated the utility so you can program the 64 just like other Midi Fighters. This includes picking colors for on and off states, as well as a few other features including some new animations.

We are extremely happy with the results, and have built a very solid controller that is worthy of the Midi Fighter name. These units are designed to take a beating, and will last through extreme onstage performance.

Final Question For You: Clear or Opaque?

One thing we are exploring is if there should be clear bottoms on the cases or solid colors? Please tell us in the comments what you think! 🙂

Big thanks to everyone who has supported this project and helped make it possible.

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  • Brock Dub C Stallworth

    I am literally stuck in amazement right now…….just had to type this…………..

  • n4Sphere

    I have it finally 🙂

  • LoveBugMusic

    Will it be available in the DJ TECHTOOL’S store from now on or is it just a one off limitied time only kinda thing?

  • Simplicity

    I need to make $250 in the next 7 days….

  • Patrick Eleazar

    Hello DJ TechTools! I have 3 questions if you don’t mind answering them! 🙂
    1. Is the Midi Fighter 64 available permanently?
    2. I live in Canada, does the price ($499) of the Midi Fighter 64 change?
    3. Do you ship the Midi Fighter 64 to Canada?

    If I can get an answer to these questions I would really appreciate it! And I will also be thankful for easing my mind haha, I’ve been wanting a Midi Fighter 64 for a while now and I REALLY don’t want to miss this opportunity.

    – Patrick

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      1. We haven’t decided yet. It’s limited to one run right now!
      2. The price is the same.
      3. Yes! Please chat with our Live Chat crew in the store when it goes on sale and they’ll have the details. We ship gear to canada all the time with zero issues 🙂

      • Patrick Eleazar

        Alright Thank You! I’m signing up to get a midi fighter 64 early and I wanted to make sure if the price is the same and if it shipped to Canada, Thank You!


    Since the midi fighter doesn’t offer velocity sensitivity it would be cool to trigger a “16 levels” mode where 1/4 of the grid could be used to trigger whatever the last sample used at the various 16 levels. This would be useful for hi-hats / percussion etc. – Similar to the 16 levels mode on Ableton push. You could even use 1/4 of the grid for velocity and 1/4 of the grid for pitch of last sample used, I think this would add a lot of playability.

    Or maybe also an 8 channel step sequencer mode with the ability to switch to an 8 voice polyphonic sequencer?

  • Jason Meints

    Will there be any scripts included or forthcoming for ableton? Like a page for launching clips, page for drum rack, page for sequencer, etc., like the launchpads? It would be great! Either way, I’m looking forward to some serious finger drumming!

  • Elijah John Kai Ibelv

    Are these only available for a limited time?? I would GREATLY appreciate an answer! 🙂

    • Matías

      We are going full production. Like Ean stated these are hand built in San Francisco so there is a small delay between you placing your order and the unit getting build. It’s totally worth the wait though =)

      • Elijah John Kai Ibelv

        Really!? Thats Great! Thank You! I’m from Canada so would the price stay the same? And do you ship to Canada? I’ve been wanting one badly since Shawn made marble soda and I’m kind of low on cash at the moment 🙁

        • Matías

          We ship worldwide! You can calculate the costs from the checkout page by entering your shipping information as soon as the 64 page goes live.

  • William Hart

    We’re going to need a Traktor mapping for it that breaks her up into 4 sections and goes like this:
    1. The 16 buttons in the bottom left = original midifighter mapping (deck switching, 8 cue points, pause/play, etc)
    2. The 16 buttons in the bottom right = Effects. This would be something like the instant gratification mapping, but they would be dedicated to whatever track you have selected (via the shift+play from the bottom left section)
    3. and 4. would either control 2 “remix decks” (or whatever they’re called these days) on decks C and D, or they would just be… wait no, this is wrong. This is fun.

    Starting over:
    1. Top left 16 buttons = Effects. This would be something like the instant gratification mapping but completely dedicated to deck A.
    2. Top right 16 buttons = same thing but dedicated to deck B.
    3. Bottom left 16 buttons = original midifighter mapping, dedicated to deck A (no deck switching)
    4. Bottom right 16 buttons = same thing as bottom left 16 but dedicated to deck B.

    If one were motivated enough to make this mapping and upload the .tsi, I would be inclined to buy this controller. I don’t have the strength to map it myself.

    • Stewe

      Along with a few other concepts a similar mapping to the style you had described is already in the works. There will be a 2-deck and 4-deck version to choose from.

  • zendoo

    Clear is fun cause you can see the buttons. Please bring back red-green-blue (or yellow) midi CC patterns that disappeared with the last big MF update. The BS XYZ RGB method currently used makes it very difficult to use encoder values to represent continuous state changes.

  • jprime

    I’m not even sure how I’d play on one 🙂

  • Chris Cook

    Going to have to say clear bases, just cause I’m a sucker for the tech inside.

  • Scott Frost

    Looks awesome! How big is it compared to a Launchpad? Same size roughly, or bigger….?
    I like the black that is on it the original 3D. But it does show the dirt, what about a nice charcoal type color? Is the light show built into the software or the hardware? Can that be implemented int he original as well?

  • Teo Tormo

    +1 for clear, and I will be buying one for sure as soon as the first batch appears on the store!!!

  • CMOS

    +1 for clear
    Can’t wait for this!

  • n4Sphere

    finally four times more fun and sparkling eyes 🙂
    +1 for clear

  • Jim

    I have been waiting for years for a return to the style format of the original midi fighter and this looks like it. Has to be the clear back in line with the original product!

  • Fatlimey

    Nice work on the light shows people. That’s a beautiful item.

  • Tj

    omg clear back look so cooool

      • Tj

        hi tysm I’m glad you like my stuff!!!!!

        • Internet Culture

          of course!! and congrats on releasing smugglecraft!!!

          btw im @offchristianamr on twitter if u ever want to chat about music or games or food 🙂

  • Phylo

    Excited to hear the release of the 64! Looking forward to getting my hands on one. If there is no price difference, I would side with the clear bottom (especially if the lighting is displays through).

  • Matheus Leston

    Oh damn, that was a great timing. I was talking to my girlfriend yesterday (really) about how could it would be to have a 64 button MidiFighter, but too bad it was custom made. Thank you, guys, that will be awesome. And my answer: opaque!

  • Internet Culture

    Thank you so, so much to DJTT and Shawn Wasabi for making this all possible!! I am so excited to finally get my own 64 after all this time. I got my 3D after discovering Shawn Wasabi and I got it signed by him when I met him, now I’ll have a new mission 🙂

    Shawn has a thread on his Twitter detailing how the original 64 came to be, that might interesting to add to the article.

    I much prefer the the opaque back to the clear, btw. I think the clear would work better as a limited edition.

  • Massive Mark

    The clear back looks way cooler, i love seeing the circuitboard, it makes it feel like a unique DJTT product and not a launchpad or push

    • Ean Golden

      I think we will give people the option to choose what style of back you want – they are custom built after all so we can do that 🙂

      • n4Sphere

        this would be cool. so everyone is a winner then 🙂

  • Turb1n3

    Holy smokes!!! This is great…but I already have a Push 2 and two MIDI Fighter 3Ds. LOL

    • Unreallystic

      I’ve got a Push, a Push 2, a Spectra, a 3D, and a Launchpad…this is still on my list haha. Something about the click of arcade buttons just feels so much better to me for drumming on, sure I lose velocity, but you can just go.

      • Steve Manne

        same here, have a ton of pad and button controllers but my midi fighters always win out. can’t wait to get a 64 and stop using my launchpad comparatively crappy pads.

      • zendoo

        Nice to have unlimited money!

        • Unreallystic

          Far from it…..far from it. Just have superb credit, and am good at knowing when and how to buy stuff. This is a bit tough since I can’t finance like I usually do for music equipment (that’s actually how I monitor my spending, when I finish paying something off, I can get something else), but I’m big on supporting small business, ingenuity, etc. If you want something, you find a way, you may sell something, do a performance and use the money made to reinvest in your business of making music, etc. It’s not like I copped everything at the same time, heck I copped the Push 2 after I finished paying off the Push 1. Launchpad MK2 I got on a 25% markdown. Just got to be smart and patient.

  • Simon Paschal

    Will the price still be the same for those of us that signed up in advance, or if not, what does that do for us? What will happen because we signed up?

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      The price will be the same, but those who signed up in advance will be notified first that the 64 is on sale – giving you a chance to get yours sooner 🙂

      • David Brown

        If reasonably possible, I suggest that maybe guys should send out private “Buy Now” links to those of us who got on the notification list maybe a week or two before they’re publicly available on the DJTT Store.

        Regardless, props to Ean and the whole team for obviously putting so much investment of resources, effort and thought into this project in general!

    • Ean Golden

      Hey Simon, good point – we should give everyone that signed up advance notice and opportunity to purchase one before we go public on the blog.

  • David Brown

    opaque black would be lovely! You guys rule!

  • m2lawren

    Would i be able to use this with an iPad and a camera connection kit?

    • Matías

      Yes, like all other Midi Fighters the 64 is Class Compliant so they should work just fine =)

    • phx

      You might need a usb hub. midifighters request a lot of power and at least some iOS devices refuse them, unless you connect them via a powered hub.

  • Unreallystic

    mmmm that black looks good. Are you guys using the same parts/buttons as the Spectra and 3D? Is the height the same as the Spectra? I personally like the clear bottom.