Rane Seventy-Two Serato DJ Mixer Revealed At DMC USA Championships

In a sneaky move just ahead of their official product announcement, Rane DJ has shared their brand new battle mixer, dubbed the Seventy-Two. The new mixer was a surprise first place prize for the DMC USA Finals Champion, DJ Perly. Keep reading for the first photos and what we know so far about the Rane 72 mixer!

Rane DJ Seventy-Two Unveiled

DJ Perly won the Official Rane DJ 72 Mixer!!!!!

Posted by Christie Zee on Saturday, August 5, 2017


Christie Zee – one of the main forces behind the DMC Championships – posted the above photo gallery of the Rane Seventy-Two on Saturday, giving the world a great look at the mixer. It looks to be squarely aimed at competing with the DJM-S9 mixer as we predicted first last week.

Features of the Seventy-Two

From the photos, here’s what we can deduce as the major features of this new Rane DJ 72 mixer so far – clearly designed to go hand-in-hand with Serato DJ based on the labeled features:

  • A high-resolution screen in the middle of the mixer section – we haven’t seen the display in action yet
  • 8 performance pads per deck with 10 modes: Pitch Play, Man Loop, Pad FX, Fader FX, Transport, Cue, Auto Loop, Roll, Sampler, and Slicer
  • “Mag Three X3” tension adjustable faders – more details TBD
  • Dual FX toggles that look very similar to the switches used on the DJM-S9/RMX-1000
  • Independent Sample
  • High/Low pass dual filters for each deck
  • Dual USB ports/soundcards
  • Two “turntable” USB inputs – see below
  • Crossfader controls and reverse switches for each fader on the front of the mixer
  • Two mic inputs, with built-in echo effect on Mic 1

What The Heck Are Those USB Ports?

You might notice one of the most interesting parts of the Rane Seventy Two’s input/output section is a pair of USB ports labeled TURNTABLE – one for each deck. This might be as simple as a USB hub, but because of the labeling, it seems like Rane will likely launch a companion product of turntables with USB outputs.

There’s even some (likely fake) photo speculation that Rane will launch a motorized 12″ vinyl platter/controller:

If this is real… I am sooo happy right now!

Having had both Numark V7s and Denon SC3900s in the past I’ve wanted a…

Posted by Vince SP Armstrong on Sunday, August 6, 2017


Ultimately, this is an InMusic product – so it seems a little odd that they would be developing turntable decks to directly compete against similar just-announced offerings from Denon DJ.

We’re waiting on more official details from Rane themselves in the next week – stay tuned to DJTT for all the latest DJ gear news! 
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    • jimmyv

      I wish there was spmething like this for Traktor.

    • jimmyv

      I wish there was something like this for Traktor.

      • Dj React

        I wish they’d just put out a little more effort to DVS users. I feel like traktor has been the same since…. well, forever now.

  • Mark Smith

    “Ultimately, this is an InMusic product – so it seems a little odd that they would be developing turntable decks to directly compete against similar just-announced offerings from Denon DJ.”

    Not necessarily. With all of the people asking for Denon to make their SC5000 media players with a motorized platter releasing one as a Rane product doesn’t seem so far fetched to me. It just makes one wonder how does the Numark NS7 fit within the spectrum if this were to come to fruition?

    • Dubby Labby

      A revamped Numark x2 with midi/hid addition and Rane quality could be the new Technics. Keep the NS7/V7 as controllers for lower market range and denon for non motorized just sharing technologies and putting them in the best place each one…

  • Jake

    Would like to see the return of a 19 inch Rotary rack mount with a built in ISO.

    • Mark


  • Jesse EDiggz Sandoval

    i would go back to serato if rane would lower their prices.. my z2 does everything i need it to and for $600 so why spend $1600.. c mon rane make it more affordable not everyone has 1600-$2000 laying around for a mixer

    • DJ D-One

      I agree somewhat but this model is to compete against the DJM-S9
      Most scratch DJs are rocking the Z2 nowadays and since scratch DJs are decreasing in numbers they will eventually have to start making more affordable stuff…

      • Jared Jackson

        It’s not too expensive, it’s just not aimed at you and your price range. The S9 is $1700, too. If your Z2 is fine, why are you trippin?

        • DJ D-One

          I am not tripping at all, if you read my comment carefully. I think you meant to reply to Jesse.
          Personally i am still rocking a Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV, i am considering either getting a Z2 or a S9/72… ill be waiting a bit longer to see if the price drops a bit as currently its a huge difference. I just feel like there should be good modern scratch mixer with a price range in between 500$ and 2000$

  • Jesse EDiggz Sandoval

    rane is too damn expensive!!!! Traktor does all the same stuff without the huge price tag

    • Mark

      Traktor don’t make hardware like Rane

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  • Bill Ierardi

    i hope for the best too, but so many turntables have usb outputs now, i wouldnt get too excited

  • mikefunk

    Dear Rane – Can we get just “normal” club mixer NOT for scratch DJ’s? – Rest of the non scratch DJ’s

    • jm2c

      isn’t that rotary beast for you then?

    • Anthony Alonso


    • Mark Smith

      See also: Denon DJ (that other higher end InMusic brand)

      • mikefunk

        I forgot this is one company now. Denon is my choice then. You wre right.

  • Jay Neural

    Class Compliant sound card ? Please !

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      I’d guess it will be nearly the exact same price as a DJM-S9: $1,699

      • Bob Scratch

        it will be more,i would of though,touch screen added effects and loads more added we don’t know about yet! im ok got rane 62 plus pioneer sp1.

        • Anthony Alonso

          If it’s more than they won’t sell. The touch screen and added features arent enough to get hardcore rane enthusiasts to switch mixers at a higher pricepoint and anyone else wont see the touch screen as enough of a reason to pay more than the S9.

          • mikefunk

            Rane – Best build quality, best sound quality – worst layout design, crappy FX.

          • Konix

            That might of held true for “old” made in the USA Rane, but we don’t know anything about the new InMusic Rane brand as this is their first product.

          • mikefunk

            I hope they upgraded FX as in 64 they sound really cheap

          • Spacecamp / Dan

            Worth noting: much of Rane’s production line appears to be moving overseas – so relative build quality MIGHT change – it depends on how InMusic decides to handle it and how much emphasis they put on preserving Rane’s reputation for high quality components.

          • Dubby Labby

            China suppliers could do a proper job if the money is over the table and Rane has the reputation as brand. InMusic should do right the job like the new Denon points us out.

    • DJ D-One

      That screen is a good excuse to charge a bit more then the DJM S9, hopefully the pioneer model drops a bit in price after the Rane comes out and ill cop it 😀