Traktorino: An Arduino-Based MIDI Mixer!

Not everyone in the world has access to high-quality DJ gear. For much of the world, DJing is growing in popularity – but the cost of getting a solid mixer or controller is prohibitive. A new project, Traktorino, has built a basic MIDI mixer on top of the Arduino Uno, with the goal of being more accessible. Keep reading for details.

Traktorino: Arduino Gets A MIDI Mixer

Make no mistake, this is effectively the same controller as a Traktor Kontrol Z1. The big difference is that it’s a DIY shield for the Arduino Uno – the super-cheap ($25) microcontroller board. The team behind the project is Músico Nerd, a Brazilian-based company run by Gustavo Silveira. He writes (translated from Portuguese):

The shield was made for Arduino Uno, which can be turned into a USB-MIDI Class compliant device controller. […]

When asked about how the project looks like a Kontrol Z1, he brings up a key point: accessibility. This is particularly critical in regions like South America where DJ gear isn’t as cheap as Europe or the US (where the Kontrol Z1 sells for $199)

I also drool [over] Native’s products, but not everyone has a way to buy it. The idea is to democratise that kind of equipment!

Right now there’s expected release date, but Gustavo makes it clear that he wants the Traktorino to be available both as a DIY kit and as a completely assembled product. In the comments on a Facebook post, he estimates that the kit would run R$170 (about $54 USD) and the full unit would be priced at R$290 ($92 USD).

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  • negative459

    The author compares it to a z1. Is this kit just a controller or an audio interface as well?

  • MuWu

    love this!! keep doing what you doint!! maybe some kickstarter shit would be nice also!?

    • Gustavo Silveira

      I intend to do a Kickstarter campaign as soon its ready to go!

  • Gustavo Silveira

    Really awesome to see my controller here o the DJ Tech Tools! You guys have been always my biggest inspiration. I’m so happy with it! And I hope to launch the Traktorino soon!

    • MuWu

      go go go! hope you succeed with this

      • Gustavo Silveira

        Thanks man!

    • Pietro Tacconi

      Kudos for your work, keep it up! Shouts from Italy, man.

      • Gustavo Silveira

        Thanks Pietro!

    • DJ North

      can i pre-order a kit?

  • Dubby Labby

    M-audio xsession pro? I see the point on open hardware but this is expensive than these second hand and are class compliant by themselves and easy hackable… these are also difficult to find on these places?

    • Gustavo Silveira

      Yes! In Brazil even an used one is super expensive. People are abused all the time by vendors.

  • Dj Gartek

    God initiative. I teach in Colombia to musicians and DJs how to build and program basic or advanced custom MIDI controller. All based in arduino with 3D printed shield.

  • Fatlimey

    Love this, the democratization of USB-MIDI controllers. The real value is in the software where you can hack in Super Faders and reorder things to minimize latency and make the device really perform.