Pioneer Announces XDJ-RX2 and XY-3B Speaker

Pioneer is announcing two major releases with one of them confirming recent speculations surrounding a successor to the XDJ-RX. Out of Pioneer’s Professional Audio department comes a new speaker that is prepared for club/restaurant installation as well as going on tour. Read more below to see the latest hardware coming from Pioneer.


Hardware: XDJ-RX2
Price: $1,699.00 in the DJTT store
Availability: Late September 2017

The latest addition to the Pioneer DJ family is the XDJ-RX2, the successor to the popular all-in-one DJ system. The XDJ-RX2 inherits features and design traits from Pioneer’s NXS2 set-up. Like the XDJ-RX, this is an all-in-one unit that can function with just a USB or with a laptop running Rekordbox using the Link Export Mode. DJs can expect a more modern layout with familiar features. Some standout parts of this generation include:

  • New 7” Touch-Screen Display: This new display allows DJs to zoom in on tracks using Wave Zoom. DJs can also call up a QWERTY keyboard to quickly find the next track to play.
  • Inspiration from DJM-900NXS2: The mixer on this unit uses similar EQs and channel faders with curves that are equivalent to what is found in the DJM-900NXS2. Color FX and Beat FX are making a comeback as well.
  • Multi-colored Performance Pads: The eight performance pads include different colors, much like the pads found in other professional hardware.


Like the XDJ-RX, the mixer section can be used as a standalone mixer, with both phono and line inputs on each channel. The input/output section hasn’t changed and is still limited. Yet, for a two channel mixer, it’s a decent set – including XLR and RCA master outs, 1/4″ TRS booth outs, and two mic inputs. Interestingly, there is no longer an ethernet link port on the XDJ-RX2. (See below.)

XY-3B and XY-2 Hybrid Speakers

  • Hardware: XY-3B and XY-2
  • Price: ~$5,500 for the XY-3B; ~$3,000 for the XY-2
  • Availability: Early 2018

On the professional audio side of things, Pioneer is announcing two additions to the XY series: the XY-3B three-way full range speaker and the XY-2 mid-high speaker. Both deliver natural audio at the high sound pressure level (SPL) required for large venues and outdoor events. What truly makes these speakers unique is that these aren’t installation speakers and they aren’t touring rigs. These are meant to be seen as hybrid units for both instances.

Specifically, the XY-3B is rigging and tour ready. Flying hardware options will become available along with ground stacking configurations. For tours and festivals, the XY-3B wheel board attaches to create a safe and easy way to transport the speakers. The XY-3B can also stacks two-high and four-wide to maximize space when transporting.

The XY-3B speaker is the product of three years of using 3D printers to create components that produced natural sound. An 8-inch cone driver delivers precise mid-range frequencies using Pioneer Pro Audio’s X-Phase system. A 1-inch compression driver produces clear high-frequencies which, thanks to the molded Bi-horn, seamlessly blends with the mids. (See the video below for a more detailed explanation.) Finally, two 12-inch cone drivers create tight, chest-pumping low end.

The additional unit XY-2 unit is the mid-high component from the XY-3B. This provides the same mid-high range coverage as its big brother at a fraction of the size. This makes the XY-2 a good candidate to be a PA speaker for large stadiums, a DJ booth monitor, or as a down fill for an XY-3B cluster setting.

Be sure to check back soon for pre-orders on the DJ TechTools Store!


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  • SnapC: EmsiFlyBokoe

    So is it possible to connect serato dj on my laptop unto the xdj rx2?

    • B00K3R

      Serato Dj won’t work with this device.


    Even though it’s a shame it doesn’t support FLAC or ALAC, I assure you it will do a way better job than Denon’s MCX8000, That “controller/media player” only supports MP3. XD

    • sfmzg

      The only thing I hate more than inMusic’s Denon is this kind of shitposting by Pioneer fanboys. MCX8000 supports the same audio formats as this XDJ-RX2 (WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC) but is limited to 44.1khz files. If you intend to bash somebody get your facts straight boy.

      • LUNR WLF

        I’ve tried a demo MCX8000 in my local Guitar Center with a USB flashdrive, in Standalone mode, and it doesn’t play WAVs or AIFFs. I hope were taking about the same thing <_<

        P.S. all of my song are in 44.1khz, I even checked the playlist I brought on that day.

        • sfmzg

          Unlike you, I have experience with Denon gear. If you have bothered to
          check some more (like the MCX8000 manual) you would have found the same
          file formates stated. Maybe your files were over 320kbps? Don’t know,
          don’t give a shit.
          Go howl at the moon boy, just do go “reviewing” DJ gear – you suck at it.

          • LUNR WLF

            LMFAO, have u used it, because I know for a fact that you didn’t.
            I’m being 100% honest, I did use the MCX8000 at a guitar center and at SamAsh, and they only play MP3. Im not bullshitting you!

          • LUNR WLF

            Even the Denon Support Team’s “Frequent Questions” only says that Engine supports MP3 WAV FLAc etc.

          • sfmzg

            You are a definition of a annoying noob. As I said, RTFM if you have any doubt (page 49 of the guide). You used the device one time and didn’t bother to troubleshoot the issues you experienced but are quick to post your opinion online as a fact.

            What’s worse, when told otherwise, instead of doing your research you just looked for the first thing you could use to defend yourself – is it that unimaginable to you that you could be wrong?

            Yes, you are a fanboy – a person only has to read your other posts about Denon gear you haven’t had access to. Calling me a Denon fanboy – read my first post & first sentence.

            You can have your opinion – but not your facts.

          • Cole E Krueger

            Pioneer this, Denon that… give me Amazon integration

            I want to order another pack of paper towels at the club

          • LUNR WLF

            OK, after looking at the user-guide from “Amazon”, I did find that section you were talking about.

            Thank you for sharing with me this information

            I’ve looked on Denon
            I’ve looked on Serato
            I’ve even looked through Reddit, and I wasn’t able to get any answers.

            Maybe the one I used didn’t have a firmware update.

            And BTW, Let’s be clear on one thing.
            I’t never ceases to annoy me when people have to retreat to calling the other person, fanboy, noob, etc.

            This could have been just a civilized conversation until you had to start calling me names and bashing me, THEN giving me information (O.o)

            The first thing you said to me was,
            “The only thing I hate more than inMusic’s Denon is this kind of shitposting by Pioneer fanboys”

            Then after that, I had no other choice but to fire-back, in order to acquire your full attention.

            And for fuck’s sake, do not go to me and say,
            “is it that unimaginable to you that you could be wrong?”

            That is so hypocritical. Even though you may be right about this, in an argument, you don’t fucking say that because there is a chance you could be wrong too.

            Even though my wording seemed pretty bad(which I will take responsibility for that). However, I argue that the main message was quite sound: I wasn’t able to play WAV or AIFF files on The MCX8000.

            Thank you for pointing out some useful information,
            However you didn’t have to be such a dick about it.
            Fuckin’ hell.

          • sfmzg

            Notice how I didn’t respond to you calling me dumbass? You writing full sentences in caps lock (basically shouting at me)? Not checking the source I pointed out (manual is on Denon’s product page)? Me still giving you useful information after that? Yeah, you were too busy pointing out your gender, your GC experience and everything else.

            Now I’m the dick? Don’t mistake my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.

          • LUNR WLF

            I know, I was wrong to call you a dumbass, and the other stupid things be said, that was my mistake. I am equally guilty for that ( I see that now) I could say that it was in the “heat of the moment” but that’s no excuse. I apologize for the things I’ve said.

            At this point, I wanna try and end this on good terms, and I hope you want the same.

            SIDE NOTE: the whole “gender thing” was a joke in response you told me to go “howl at the moon” i dont really believe transgenderism in the slightest.

          • LUNR WLF

            Who knows, maybe we could be friends, talk about DJ gear, and the DJ industry over a beer….

          • sfmzg

            On good terms, if you’re still interested in MCX8000 for standalone performance – don’t buy it. Still isn’t supported in Engine Prime, has numerous minor bugs and issues in standalone mode and a occasional major one (screen freeze etc). RX and RX2 are far better overall choices for standalone play.
            If Denon releases new firmware with Prime support (including link) that may change.

          • LUNR WLF

            Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the MCX8000 as a Serato DJ Controller!
            I used it with Serato and I loved it,
            but what would make it even better would be jog-wheel speed adjust
            mainly because I felt like the jog wheel were a little too smooth for me.

          • LUNR WLF

            Who knows, maybe we could be friends, talk about DJ gear, and the DJ industry over a beer…. 🙂

          • LUNR WLF

            Plus, thank you for excepting my gender as a gender-fluid wolf XD

      • LUNR WLF

        P.S. The only thing I love more than being called a Mac & Cheese is being called “boy” by Denon fanboys 😉

      • LUNR WLF

        I also checked the website, that MCX8000 (WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC) but is limited to 44.1khz files….. Guess what? THAT WAS TALKING ABOUT ENGINE, NOT THE MCX8000, YOU DUMBASS. If you intend to bash somebody get your facts straight BOY.

        • deejdave

          You are aware Engine is the software the MCX-8000 uses in external mode is called Engine correct? In other words by saying what file types Engine supports they are actually saying what file types the MCX-8000 itself supports…………..

          • LUNR WLF

            I’ve used it, and I KNOW the MCX8000 doesn’t play WAV or AIFF let alone FLAC..
            and I have HANDS-ON experience 😉

            Kinda like rekordbox has Flac support and the RX2 doesn’t

          • LUNR WLF

            Plus, thank you for excepting my gender as a gender-fluid wolf XD

          • LUNR WLF

            Believe me, I know this doesn’t make any logical sense. but it’s not my fault. Ask Denon

  • blackavenger

    Wait, so let me get this straight, the RX2 doesn’t support FLAC or ALAC?!? Are you ‘effing kidding me?!? I suppose Pioneer do not want codec/file support continuity throughout their entire range going forward. How utterly ridiculous!! Or are Pioneer looking to release a “nexus” version of the RX…LOL, I wouldn’t put it past them. Greedy FUX!! I’ve been waiting for an RX2 w’ FLAC/ALAC support to use for small mobile gigs…..guess I have to abandon that idea now.

    • Be

      Where do you see that it doesn’t support FLAC? If you’re correct, then yeah, it’s obsolete on arrival.

        • Be

          Wow, hopefully that’s just an oversight of the the people who put that info on the website. It would be strange considering Rekordbox supports FLAC now. OTOH it wouldn’t be all that surprising for Pioneer to act like adding FLAC support in the XDJ-RX3 was some awesome unique upgrade when the format has been around since 2001.

    • Tibor Koevari

      If they did pull those formats its a backwards decision on Pioneers part..

  • JackTrade

    ooo… The RX2 is actually making it difficult for me to make a decision between Pioneer and Denon in terms of hardware mixers and players. I’m a Serato user, but while I know that the way forward is hardware and have been considering the switch for a while now, it’s a bit hard for me to come away from all the features and flexibility that hardware brings. Initially Denon seemed like the obvious choice with their new Prime line, but I’m glad that Pioneer has caught up in this way. The very fact that they are making it a difficult decision is a very good thing. Don’t know about anyone else, but I think that this is a very compelling option. It’d be interesting to see where things go from here. I love competition in industry, and it happened recently in the PC market. VERY good things came from AMD putting pressure on Intel, who had been getting complacent with their position of dominance in the market. But once AMD came out with their new line after years of being the underdog, Intel had to finally step up their game.

    I’m sorry for both the wall of text, and for probably not making any sense whatsoever, as it is currently 1:30 in the morning.

    TL;DR Hold on to your hats. Good things are a’comin from having more competition between the Big Two.

    • Ywe

      It’s a bit sad NI doesn’t keep up… I think they leave the DJ side and focus purely on the producer side. Or Traktor 3 comes eventually with massive new product shocking the industry. Doubt it.

      • Gavin Varitech

        It is a little disappointing. Not that I am lacking anything with Traktor, really. I just want it to be Traktor Scratch Certified / Advanced HID plug and play with the new gear that comes out that w end up seeing in clubs. Don’t need any new DJ hardware from NI personally.

    • sfmzg

      “but I’m glad that Pioneer has caught up in this way”
      In what way?! I hope you are not comparing this to the Prime gear just because you saw 2×4 pads…

      • JackTrade

        I’ll refer back to what I said about it being 1 in the morning when I wrote that. What I actually meant was that they seem to be catching up. Still leaning more to Denon in the player/mixer side of things. And the MCX-8000 was something I’d forgotten about as well. Looking back, I did a REALLY bad job of writing that.

        • sfmzg

          Well MCX8000 is no where near regarding standalone performance (even compared to the original RX), don’t let be impressed by it’s 4ch layout and 2×4 pads.

    • Gavin Varitech

      I’m interested in a Nexus version of the RX. So long as it has a 4 channel hardware mixer and the Send-Receive section from the 900nxs2 and the 750 MK2, of, and get those pads out of my way (put 4 on the side like they are on the CDJs would be fine) and move the jogwheel back down where it is supposed to be.

      • Jos Bredero

        Seems very unlikely that pioneer is going to bring a NexusRX with 4 channels. because a product like that is going to kill the sales of the NX2 products in a non club or festival enviroment. The RX2 is nothing but a small upgrade to keep the product lines in sync.

  • blackavenger

    Wait, so let me get this straight, the RX2 doesn’t support FLAC or ALAC?!? Are you ‘effing kidding me?!? I suppose Pioneer do not want codec/file support continuity throughout their entire range. How utterly ridiculous!! I’ve been waiting for an RX2 w’ FLAC/ALAC support to use for small mobile gigs…..guess I have to abandon that idea now. Fools!