Phase Wireless DVS System Delayed Again; Expected Launch In March

One of the hardest parts about making a heavy-impact product in a small industry (like DJ technology) is the delay between showing off a product concept and delivering the finished units off a manufacturing line. In yet another setback, the wireless Phase DVS replacement system that was first teased at NAMM 2018 has been pushed back again – with units now expected to be shipping end of March 2019.

Phase Delays

This is the third delay in Phase’s production – first, it was pushed back to end of November 2018, then end of January 2019, and now end of March 2019.

Why the delay? It’s actually a very common problem for overseas manufacturers: Chinese New Year. For about a month, much of the major electronic manufacturing in China shuts down for the very popular holiday season. If a company wants their products to be rushed out before the holiday starts, they have to compete with a lot of other companies. Here’s what MWM, the company behind Phase, said in a press release:

Phase Delivery Schedule

  • FEBRUARY 25: the factory reopens, and production starts again.
  • MARCH 8: Phase production finishes. Package preparation and shipment to the
  • MARCH 22: Start of Phase deliveries to customers (everyone who pre-ordered will
    receive their Phase in the following days).

Why is it delayed to March?
As mentioned in the previous update, there was a slight chance we would be delayed to March due to the factory closing for Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, this is the case for Phase’s production which means it will resume at the end of February when the factory

Many apologies for this last delay. We are as eager as all of you to start shipping Phase.

We continue to look forward to Phase’s introduction, and the reality of these types of products are that they take much longer to get to market than you would ever expect. Look at every single Kickstarter hardware project ever – (we wrote a classic article about the QuNeo taking forever to launch).

The big unknown now is if the final products will mirror in quality the prototypes that have been heavily demoed around the world – which have been reliable and exciting to scratch DJs. Watch them in action in the video below:

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