Watch Phase Used On A Microwave, Scooter Wheel, Fan

This week we’ve started seeing some of the first Phase units (a needle/DVS replacement first announced at NAMM 2018 and then delayed 3+ times) shipping to customers who preordered. While our first review unit had a manufacturing issue with it that prevented it from connecting, we’ve enjoyed seeing a ton of videos of the units in use.

But forget every Phase unboxing and review you’ve seen so far – they’re all inferior to this amazing one posted on Reddit’s /r/DJs this morning. Called “Will It Phase?” (a reference to the classic “Will It Blend?” video series), user u/William_Killington attached a Phase to a DJ Hero controller, a microwave platter, and more. You’ll just have to watch to see it all:

WILL IT PHASE? Today on Will It Phase we try out a DJ Hero Controller and much more. (2min) from r/DJs

You Can Also Use Phase By Itself

Here’s something pretty incredible: Phase doesn’t really even need to be mounted on a perfectly circular rotation to be used effectively. Here’s a DJ using it just in the air, not attached to anything:

phasephase dvs
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