Overview: Why We Dig Arturia’s MicroFreak

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting gear we think is awesome. It’ll include some solid new pieces of production, performance, and DJing equipment. Up first is the Arturia MicroFreak, a powerful hardware synth that, at the price point, is incredibly unique.

We added the MicroFreak to the DJTT store a few months ago, and this microreview should explain a bit more about why. It’s a small physical unit – but the sounds that you can produce from it are pretty astonishing. Guest contributor DJ Kue shares his thoughts on this $299 monster in a quick video below:

Highlights of the MicroFreak

  • Digital oscillator has many different modes that can create virtually any type of sound you’re looking for
  • 128 awesome presets and 64 user slots
  • Proprietary “spice and dice” randomization feature that can be controlled via built in touch strip that helps add variation into sequences and arpeggiations
  • PCB Keyboard with poly-aftertouch
  • Analog filters
  • Extensive connectivity: CV/Gate: Pitch Out, Gate Out and Pressure Out, Clock In and Out, MIDI In and Out, and USB

One of the biggest advantages to owning a digital hardware synth like the MicroFreak is the versatility – you’re able to create a wide range of sounds just from a single unit. Basses or leads, creepy sounds or smooth vibes – it’s in here.

The circuit board keyboard is unique, and not only has pressure sensitivity but aftertouch as well for solid expressiveness.

Want to hear tons more examples of the types of sounds you can get from this unit? This great video from loopop simply goes through the presets:

Learn more about the MicroFreak or get your own with the button below.

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