Kontrol S3 Spotted In Traktor Pro 3.3 Public Beta

Remember how the Native Instruments team promised there would be new Traktor hardware before the end of the year? There’s a chance that the first hints of that are coming true, with a new preferences menu appearing in the public beta release of Traktor Pro 3.3 reading “Traktor S3”:

The new public beta of Traktor Pro 3.3 revealing a Traktor S3 menu

Sadly in the actual menu itself, there are no revealing details beyond the fact that there will be tempo faders:

What’s A Kontrol S3?

While we’re not sure of any specific details so far, it would stand to reason that a Kontrol S3 would be something between a Kontrol S2 and a Kontrol S4 – perhaps with three decks, or a slightly expanded set of controls from a Kontrol S2 MK3 with a middle-of-the road price point to match?

And what about a Kontrol S1? We’ve heard many Traktor DJ’s over the years ask for a single-deck controller for Traktor (like D2 but with a jogwheel). We can dream, right?

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