Meet Endlesss, the iOS app for collaborative music making

Tim Exile, longtime producer, performer, synth designer, and all-around musical aficionado, has finally released his much-awaited Endlesss app. And honestly, he couldn’t have timed it any better (though we’re sure he’s probably thinking the same thing).

Endlesss is a new program that allows you to make music in real time with friends around the globe, regardless of proximity or location. It even allows the opportunity for you to plug in your own instruments and create riffs from there.

For DJs and producers, there are two great parts to this:

  1. The ability to create your own solo riffs on the fly, offering a much more mobile version of your own DAW. It’s a great way to record something you’ve thought of while you’re not at your computer.
  2. The ability to collaborate live with friends.

This collaboration feature is similar to a Google Hangouts setup, where you can start a “jam” session and invite anyone to join. Start your chat, create a loop, and it’ll automatically send to everyone in your group. Each person in the chat can build their own loops, and they’ll build on top of each other within that chat.

Seriously, incredible.

Since we’re all stuck inside with with shelter-in-place orders and recommendations to social distance, it’s prime time for apps like this – and Endlesss is absolutely worth trying out with your favorite musical collaboration partners.

The app is currently available for iOS platforms – iPhone or iPad – and their team shared via their Facebook comments that an Android app is in the works eventually (though not immediately, due to issues with audio on those devices).

Also – Tim made a great video on using your own instruments with the app too. check it out:

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