80+ DJTT Artists You Should Support Today On Bandcamp

Right now there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world – with lots of people within our industry struggling to figure out what they’re going to do next. So when Bandcamp announced their fee-free Fridays were happening again, we decided to lean in and help our own community be supported in something great: making music.

We’ve got over 80 artists and DJTT community members who have submitted their recent music projects to us. Each of these projects are available on Bandcamp and (today, at least) any purchases will go entirely to the artist as the site is waiving their fees.

A Few Selections To Check Out

I’ve also gone through and selected ten of my favorite tracks that I’ve heard (so far – I’m only about halfway through these!) from these projects. Listen to them below to get a taste – but I highly recommend clicking the button above to check out all of the projects and artists submitted.

DJTT’s Sticker Pack Available Today

One final thing: we’re also releasing our DJ Techtools sticker pack today, only on Bandcamp.

We’ve put together a collection of four of the most popular DJ Techtools stickers we’ve ever made into one pack. Every order gets the same 4 stickers, but at popular request to support DJTT during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering different pricing options to let you “pay what you want”. 

A percentage of every pack sold will be donated to the SF Bay Area Queer Nightlife Fund, which is a non-profit helping to pay expenses of at-risk nightlife workers (DJs, bartenders, dancers, promoters, production/lighting designers, photographers, etc) impacted by COVID-19 and the subsequent venue shutdowns in the Bay Area.  

The stickers included are: 

  • large 8″x1″ DJ Techtools logo sticker
  • Harmonic wheel sticker with keys 
  • “No Requests” heart sticker 
  • Headphones heart sticker
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