A quick way to add stutter/cut FX in Ableton Live

Today we’re joined by a guest educator to DJTT, Stranjah – who’s hosting a live drum and bass/jungle production class starting next week. In this video, he shares a clever plugin that he uses for both production and live performance purposes.

The plugin is called Shaperbox 2 (by Cableguys), and to some, it might feel similar to other instant gratification stutter/filter automation tools. Watch how Stranjah uses it in this video, both to apply outright to a beat, or as a way to transition from one clip in Ableton Live to the next:

Shaperbox 2 is a paid plugin – it’s currently on sale for €89 / $99.

Want to learn more from Stranjah? Check out his class that starts on August 18th in the DJTT store here. He’s also got a great YouTube channel worth pursuing.

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