Mixcloud launches ticketed livestreams for artists via Mixcloud LIVE

In a pandemic world where venues are closed and many artists have lost their primary source of income as DJ gigs disappeared, the London-based streaming service Mixcloud has stepped up to provide a new stream of revenue (no pun intended) for artists who are livestreaming.

The platform’s new ‘Tickets’ feature allows artists to use their streaming service, Mixcloud LIVE, to host pay-for-view streams. With this, the platform is also launching a series of livestream shows with Flying Lotus (happening on October 31), Leon Vynehall (November 21), and more.

One of the first ticketed events on Mixcloud Live

Mixcloud’s CEO, Nico Perez, shared:

“Live streaming on Mixcloud was received with amazing enthusiasm and has been a game changer for us. Launching Tickets is our next step in helping artists and creators generate new income and building out a full-stack music platform, with creators at the core.”

It’s also worth noting that Mixcloud is one of the few streaming platforms that does not face copyright issues like Twitch and Facebook Live – instead, it’s a licensed service that lets DJs creatively play out music without getting flagged or muted. This new capability with Tickets gives the platform yet another leg up, and we’re interested to see how many artists will shift to this service as Tickets’ availability to artists becomes more widespread.

At this point, Tickets is invite-only for artists, but managers and artists can apply here. We’re curious to see how this will work out for artists in the future, as well as what the consumer perspective will be as well.

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