Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-FLX6: a Rekordbox/Serato DJ controller with new FX and scratch features

Back again with a new addition to their growing lines of controllers, Pioneer DJ announced their latest product today: the DDJ-FLX6. It’s a 4-channel controller that comes with a swath of new features, designed with the intention of allowing artists to perform intuitively with their own flow.

Perform with rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro

Perhaps the biggest new perk of the DDJ-FLX6 is its flexibility (get it?) for artists to choose their software when using DJ Performance mode. Whether you’re a rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro user, both are now compatible – for free.

New design, jog wheel, & features.

On the design front, the DDJ-FLX6 is the first of Pioneer DJ’s family of gear to feature a dark grey matte finish. It reflects a similar layout to the typical CDJ-and-DJM mixer setup artists often use in clubs – a nice familiarity for artists.

The DDJ-FLX has upgraded to offer full-sized jog wheels that display track position. With the jog wheel also comes the Jog Cutter feature, which gives artists the ability to scratch via the wheel without needing to ever use the crossfader.

Other new features seen in the DDJ-FLX6 include:

  • Sample Scratch – Originally seen in the rekordbox software and with a similar Serato offering on the DDJ-SB3, this feature now exists on the DDJ-FLX6 controller. Assign sounds to your sampler, then load them onto your decks to use as you’d like via the Jog Cutter feature. With the four channels on the FLX6, you can play tracks on Decks 1 & 2, and scratch with your favorite samples on Decks 3 & 4.

    It’s somewhere between James Zabiela on the gate effect and auto-scratching, and we suspect some DJs will love it, and just as many will claim that it “isn’t real DJing” and “would only be enjoyed by someone who has never owned a Technics 1200”
  • Merge FX – sitting at the top right of each deck, this knob provides an array of new effects that Pioneer DJ claims makes moving through genres smooth and easy. Shifting the knob can aid in cross-genre transitions and initiate a crescendo; from there, you can then press it to trigger a beat drop.

    You’re also able to make your own merge effects as well. This type of effects customization is pretty awesome and reminds us of how powerful Traktor FX once were considered. We can’t wait to see someone map it to other controllers.
The Merge FX knob, courtesy of Pioneer DJ.
  • Performance Pads
  • Built-in Sound Card/Audio Interface
  • Powered via USB Bus
  • Class Compliant – no drivers are needed

Up for grabs now

The controller is set to be released ASAP. You’ll need the latest version of rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro – you can download rekordbox here and Serato here.

The controller is on sale now for $599 with stock arriving soon in the DJTT store. Grab a FLX6 here.

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