Yes, you can now play DOOM on a XDJ-RX2

Well, this wasn’t exactly the type of hack that we thought someone might do to DJ gear, but we’re here for it. In a video uploaded to YouTube by a guy named Andy, or TheRasteri, you can see the original DOOM running directly on a Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 standalone. Pretty amazing:

More Details

The entire concept seems based around a discovery by a different but equally clever Andy on Twitter, @G33KatWork. He discovered earlier this year that Pioneer DJ’s onboard computers not only run Linux and could potentially boot custom firmwares from USB sources.

Andy Rasteri went a little further – and shared some instructions in his YouTube upload:

Instructions to get this to work : (do not attempt this unless you’re good at soldering/linux/etc)

1. Cross-compile fbDOOM for ARM –

2. Put it on a USB stick alongside DOOM.WAD from the shareware release (or full version if you like)

3. Connect a 3.3v UART to port CN1002 on the main PCB (1=3.3v, 2=TXD, 3=RXD, 4=GND)

4. Get Root (… )

5. kill rbp

6. run fbDOOM from the usb stick (it gets mounted in /media/usbx/sda1)

Hit me up if you want better instructions.

So essentially, his solution to load DOOM was to use a UART cable to directly to the XDJ-RX2’s PCB to kill the built-in Rekordbox software and instead load the version of DOOM that runs on Linux. Pretty cool.

We imagine this could inspire any number of other hack-minded DJs out there to take control of their gear and do interesting stuff with it. That’s how controllerism and turntablism both were born, after all.

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