DJ edits get a licensing deal: Beatsource’s new deal with Sony, UMG, Warner adds 100k edited tracks to LINK

Beatsource has taken quite the leap forward today in the world of music licensing and accessibility for artists. The company is partnering with Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and multiple independent labels to allow Beatsource LINK to share adapted versions of popular songs with its subscribers, opening the door to a library of ~100,000 tracks that are now available on the DJ streaming service.

The library consists of Authorized DJ Edits such as extended instrumental versions, radio-friendly clean edits, acapella versions, and tempo transition tools intended to serve open-format DJs. Beatsource LINK is also offering DJ edits of old-school party classics such as 70’s disco, 80’s classic rock, and 90’s hip-hop that were previously unavailable on record pools.

Beatsource’s president, Brian Wong, shared:

“DJs are unquestionably one of the most influential components of contemporary music. From nightclub and wedding DJs, to radio and online creators, nearly all of the music we listen to has been curated by a DJ. So why have DJs struggled to access the right type of content that they play for us? Today we make a progressive leap towards removing the limitations that prevent DJs from pursuing their art. I’m celebrating today with all my fellow DJs because the music industry is paying attention and providing us with a fully licensed solution.”

With a Beatsource LINK Pro+ monthly plan, users can peruse the DJ Edit library on their DJ software of choice – the platform integrates with Serato, rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Djay, Engine OS, DEX, and Hercules DJUCED. The plan sits at $34.99/mo and includes offline storage for 1,000 tracks.

You can try Beatsource LINK Pro+ with a 30-day trial and explore the DJ edits offerings today. Head to the Beatsource website to learn more.

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