The DDJ-FLX6-W: a matte white version of the FLX6

Pioneer DJ is back with a new fresh look on a DJ controller: a matte white edition of their DDJ-FLX6. The 4-channel controller, titled the DDJ-FLX6-W, offers all the functions of the original FLX6 with a limited-run, standout color in case you’re looking to make a statement at your next DJ gig.

Beyond the white finish – though the jog wheels are still black – the features worth noting with the DDJ-FLX6-W (which are the same as the original, just with a white color way) include:

  • Merge FX: An effect created to help DJs seamlessly transition between genres. There are eight pattern presets here (four if you’re on Serato DJ Pro), plus you can use your own samples. If you’re using the DDJ with rekordbox, you can customize it by programming eight patterns from their library of 41 effect presets.
  • Full-sized jog wheels: You’ll find the same wheels that are featured on the CDJ-3000s, which also come with the on-jog track display.
  • Jog Cutter: Artists can move the job wheel to trigger a scratch effect to the last Hot Cue or playback position used on the deck, then remove their hand to allow the track to play as normal from that position
  • Sample Scratch: Add samples on top of the track you’re playing – in rekordbox, it’s a pad mode in which you can choose sounds assigned to the sampler and load them onto the decks; in Serato DJ Pro, you can trigger samples via the Scratch Bank by hitting the Performance Pads.

Here’s a look at the original launch video for the FLX6, to give you an idea:

It also has a built-in sound card and unlocks DJ Performance in both rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.

The DDJ-FLX6-W sits at $649 USD, and you can nab it from the DJTechTools shop today. You’ll need the latest version of rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro in order to use it.

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