Ecler DJ is back, launches WARM2 rotary mixer

We covered the teaser back in 2021 that Ecler – a long-standing pro audio brand that had largely abandoned their DJ product lineup – was returning. This month, the Barcelona-based company announced the WARM2 – a two-channel analog rotary mixer. It’s their first new DJ product in 13 years, so let’s take a closer look at what’s up with it and why DJs should care.

The WARM2 has two channels (phono/line), a third microphone/line input, “classic sharp filters”, and a “4th order isolator” to allow for some powerful live isolation mixing techniques. It also has FX send/return per channel, which makes for great expandability if you want to use some outboard pedals or other effects units.

The WARM2 mixer is available for purchase now for €640 (EU shipping included, otherwise it costs extra). Worth noting that the dollar and the Euro are about equal right now, so perhaps not the worst time to consider a unit like this.

Make no mistake, Ecler’s DJ releases have always seemed to be about providing a mixer product unlike others available in mass manufacturing. They also were big champions (alongside now-defunct Vestax) of the narrow two-channel mixer format, designed to slot nicely between two turntables. So the WARM2 is pretty ideal – taking smart advantage of an industry full of users that seem to be continually excited in rotary mixers.

It’s that same narrow mixer format – but this time, in rotary. The wooden side panels make it feel a bit like similar boutique offerings or even Rane’s rotary series.

Here’s the full tech specs:

  • 1 MICRO input
  • 2 PHONO inputs
  • 3 LINE inputs
  • Master Output (HOUSE) on XLR and RCA connectors
  • Booth Output on RCA connectors
  • 6.3mm Jack and 3.5mm mini-jack Headphone Monitor Outputs
  • 3 band full cut EQ for main channels and 2 band full cut EQ for MICRO/LINE channel
  • 3 bands isolator (300Hz and 4KHz, -? /+12dB, 4th order 24dB/oct )
  • Maximum Output without distortion: 21dBV (23dBu)
  • Mechanized from a solid block of aluminum knob, without visible screw.
  • Alps Blue Velvet Potentiometers
  • FX Send control and Pre/Post fader selector
  • Screen-printed faceplate by selective anodizing
  • Wooden side panels included

Would you buy Ecler’s new offering? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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