• DJ Chill G

    I just picked up a VCI 100, what must I do to get started juggling

  • http://www.muddyloop.com Metro

    [quote comment=""][…] does anyone know a company, preferably UK based that can modify VCI 100s? […][/quote]

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    Thats great work bro. I am in the process of switching to all digital. Hopefully the stereotype that all digital (non turntable) setups aren't professional will go away with your mad skills on the controller ;)

    take it eazy

  • http://www.eangolden.com Editor

    your right- crabs do suck. The entire team here at dj tech tools got crabs from the same dj groupie this weekend and now our girl friends have left us. I am thinking about giving the entire thing up.

  • Controllerism sucks

    do you know what crabs are? because pushing buttons to repeat a phrase isn't it.

  • DJ Bob (USA)

    Love the Arcade Buttons (seriously). Pioneer should replace those damn ELEVATOR buttons on their CDJs with those :)

  • http://www.eangolden.com Editor

    thanks matt! good luck,

  • Matt Holden

    easily one the greatest things ive ever seen, im desperate to mod my VCI now, just need to find some places in the UK that can do it.

    keep up the great work man.