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DJ TechTools is the internet’s headquarters for digital DJs, producers and live performers

About DJ Techtools experts

DJ TechTools is founded and run by DJs that are passionate about technology, creativity, and the power of music. Each person on the DJTT staff strives to make our site a benefit to the DJ community by helping others find their own path regardless of musical style or technology choice- everyone is welcome.

Our experts are also our community members, who help to answer questions and build awesome things all over our site:

  • Maps: With thousands of mappings in our MIDI maps database, it’s the best place on the internet to find unique mappings to manipulate digital DJ/performance software with controllers.
  • Forums: One of the earliest community resources on our site, our forums connect beginners with grizzled veterans and allows users to collaborate and network. We’ve got nearly 150,000 members in the forum!

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DJ Techtools about curation

In our online store, we test and select only the best DJ and live performance gear, the products that stand up to the rigours of real world performance. Think of the coolest record store ever, the one where they carry only the best products and are always super helpful. We strive to keep that vibe alive in the digital age.

Why shop at DJ Techtools?
  • Safe & Secure Shopping – 128 bit encryption ensures all your info is safe from all harm and stays private while shopping with us.
  • International Shipping – We ship products everyday to a lot of very satisfied customers around the globe.
  • Best Price Guarantee – We price match basically deal you can find as long as it matches the item’s condition in our store.
  • Way Cool Returns – Every purchase is backed by the DJ TechTools way cool guarantee with easy returns.
  • Help Share the Knowledge – Every order directly supports the DJ community by funding our content creation efforts.

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In 2007, the DJTT blog was the very first blog to sharing exciting developments in the then-emerging field of digital DJing. Today, our editorial team of journalists, DJs, and producers craft original articles, videos, and tutorials designed to help further DJ culture at large. We’re lucky enough to have a community-powered site, meaning that despite a reach of over a million DJs each month, DJTT maintains that close-knit feeling DJs previously found exclusively in local record stores.

  • Blog: Tutorials, news, reviews, instructional how-to techniques, and opinion articles all find a wide audience on the DJTT blog.
  • YouTube: Our interviews, product spotlights, and video tutorials are found here.

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DJ Techtools about invention

DJ TechTools as a DJ gear designer was born out of a history of hacking consumer DJ products to make them more fun and functional – starting with the infamous arcade button hacks. We solved community problems through creative designs. Now we invent new ground breaking technologies that push boundaries.

We’re the team behind legendary controllers and accessories that have been spotted on booths around the world.

DJ TechTools is proud to be located in San Francisco, California.