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UDG Producer: A good travel bag for the VCI-100

Even after our popular dj bag discussion, I was still searching for the perfect bag for my VCI-100 because after a few international trips I had ruined the pitch faders by not storing the VCI in a good enough bag. The guys at AMS suggested the UDG producer bag and were kind enough to send us one to check out. It looks like the perfect Dj bag for taking a VCI-100 or other small controller on planes but lets see if I ruin another set of pitch faders this summer in europe…..

  • Xpez2000

    need top pack my MPC 2000 and mackie mixer…

  • Xpez2000

    need top pack my MPC 2000 and mackie mixer…

  • Xpez2000

    need top pack my MPC 2000 and mackie mixer…

  • Will the bag accomodate a 17.5″ laptop?

  • Will it fit the akai apc 40 and a 15” macbook pro?

  • Does ANYONE know where I can order one of the UDG Producer Bags from? I have been searching and searching and they seem to be sold out EVERYWHERE.

  • Kama

    Anyone know where it buy the UDG Producer Bag in the USA.


  • Ollie Thomas

    I have this bag. Best product for laptop vci 100 and soundcard. just perfect.

  • akis

    i looking for a bag that would fit a novation xiosynth25,a vestx vci-100 a pair of head phones and my new macbook pro 15.
    any ideas/recommendations are welcome

  • i am slowly moving over to all that is necessary to rock the vci. i got a standard vci 100 ( i want a black one) and i just got a black udg prodcuer bag.

    for a guy that is going to still use his cdj's for back ups when he can, i have to tell you, doing a demo for a client with the vci is tight and sells and showing up with the udg bag sells even more

    it's the way to go

  • djs

    Just purchased a UDG Producer bag based on this review – Love it. Thanks!

  • Matt G

    Try looking into a North Face bag. Im about to buy one for my Novation Remote Sl 25. It has more than enough room to fit it in and the quality form North face is very durable.

  • Blueroads

    I went to check the UDG producer bag after looking at all those cool pictures online and absolutely loved it.

    But when I realized that I could not fit my novation xiosynth inside (even after trying for a long time) I could not believe it…

    Anybody has seen a good alternative to this bag where I could also fit a Novation? Or should I just dump novation?


    PS: The novation bag can't be the best thing out there, right?

  • The novation bag is inexpensive and light but quickly broke down on me after i tried to carry a lot of stuff over long distances. I packed in 2 laptops, the SL, a hard drive and a stand. Eventually the straps broke but the for just one laptop and a SL the bag works well.

  • Dj Benny Gazit

    What About The Novation Remote sl 25?

    The Bag Support It?

  • p.s. It would be great if JazzMutant could send one out to you. I know Remix did a review of one – but I'm more interested in YOUR take on the unit and how it could benefit the DJ Tech Tools community.

  • That's the video of Kanye and Daft Punk – When Daft Punk come out of the pyramid you can see their suits and there's a close-up on the lemurs they're working on! It's really cool!

    Also to see what gear they use you can check out:

    I found a link with two close-up stills on the lemurs earlier. But I can't find it now! :S

    They look really intriguing especially since you can hold multiple "pages" within the interface. That seems especially cool for switching between the volume faders in a virtual mixer in ableton and individual plug-in controls.


  • I have several friends that are pro djs and are using the lemur live. To be honest their feedback did not want to make me run out and throw down my money. Its hard to set up and buggy, at least thats what they said. Can you post a link to that daft punk performance? I am sure everyone would like to see it. Let me see if they will send us a unit though so we can get the real scoop on it.


  • Now… Let’s see that bag fit a Numark NS7 😛

    On another note – I know this isn’t the post to talk about it on… BUT…

    Ean – is there any way that you can tackle the Jazzmutant Lemur one day on DJ Tech Tools?

    I’ve been interested in this unit for a while but Daft Punk’s performance the Grammys with Kanye sent me over the edge – ESPECIALLY with the close up on the four units!

    I’ve been reading up on it and it seems that people are setting it up to be used with Ableton, Traktor, etc.

    I would jump all over one (YES – even at that price) but it looks harder to set up than even Traktor! LOL!

    Just an idea 😀



  • johan

    thomann had on sale
    There was one left when i orderd last friday.
    Just check out

  • Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

    johan, where did you order?

    the UDG bag is 200? (!) here in germany!

  • johan

    I orderd my producer bag same day i orderd my vci 100, so waiting like an child on christmas morning, I have experience with UDG cdj1000 bags , and I love them. I paid about 110 euro with taxes to norway for the black udg producer bag.

  • Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

    BLACK VESTAX SOLD OUT AT ISHIBASHI (biggest Japanese Music Hardware Retailer)!

    Biggest Japanese Retailer just gave out the word that the Black VCI-100 is sold out, but VESTAX WILL MANUFACTURE A SECOND SHIPMENT OF THE BLACK VCI FOR ALL RETAILERS IN APRIL.

    Now thats some good news.

  • -=oP

  • Freshness

    He also meant U-D-G not U-D-J….
    but we got it….

  • I meant compartment, not department. HAHA!

  • This look like a great bag. Do you know if a Novation Remote SL Compact keyboard will fit in it? I was looking at the Incase DC Skatebag because you can put your keyboard where the skateboard department suppose to be at.