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Rane 68 Mixer for Serato Scratch – Reviewed

The 68 mixer is Rane’s answer to Pioneer’s popular line of 4 channel club mixers equipped with built in effects. This serious interface takes the quality, strength, and Serato integration from the 57 series to new heights with a full sized mixer aimed at club installs. Continue reading for a full review on the Rane 68 mixer along with a video going through our favorite, and least favorite features.

Reviewed: Rane 68 Digital DJ Mixer
Price: $2499
Available: Now
Ships With: Serato Scratch Live


  • Two USB ports and dual sound cards makes DJ switching truly seamless.
  • Sturdy, robust and well made, this mixer will last for a long time.
  • Two channels of full Scratch Live controls on each side of the mixer.
  • Full featured and well equipped mic input section.
  • ASIO/Core Audio drivers allow sound card use with any software
  • Scratch Live DJs can route sample players and up to four decks of audio into the mixer.


  • Really expensive for the home DJ, it might be primarily an install mixer
  • Lacks automatic beat detection on the effects.
  • Average effects offerings don’t include beat slicing, beat masher, or looper.
  • Stiff cue point buttons are not great for rapid play back.

Bottom Line

Even after the release of the brand new Pioneer Nexus, the Rane 68 is still one of the only mixers on the market to support two DJs at the same time on the same mixer via its built in dual soundcards. It really can’t be stressed enough how convenient this feature makes the 68 mixer.  With integrated controls for Serato Scratch Live and a bullet-proof construction style, this is an easy choice for clubs that primarily serve Serato DJs. Sadly, there is no Traktor Scratch support, and that fact alone may be enough to give the new Nexus the edge in Europe. Here in the U.S however, I think most DJs would be very happy to find a Rane 68 installed in their local club since it means seamless switching between each performer.



This is the one area where Rane falls slightly behind Xone and Pioneer mixers. The effects section performs like an early DJM-500, with limited manual controls and basic effects. For the average Serato DJ, you probably won’t care too much since the effects in Serato offer far greater control, flexibility and automatic tempo timing. The only challenge is finding knobs and faders to control those internal software effects. While the TTM-57SL mixer offered limited controls for Serato’s internal effects, the 68 does not offer any dedicated controls. Since all of the controls on the mixer are MIDI-mappable, you can assign them to Serato’s internal effects but that would mean losing some of the loop, cue, or browse controls.

One difference between the Rane 68’s effects processor and other mixers is that once a BPM is set for each effect, it is stored to that effect when switching between effects. For example this allows you to set the delay value to ½, and the flanger to 16/1.  This is a different experience compared to the DJM series which is driven by one single master tempo value.

Editor’s Note: Rane did tell us that they are working on auto tempo detection and that may be available as a free download sometime in the future.


As usual Rane’s input and output section reflects their professional audio pedigree. The mixer offers a wide range of connection options that will be more than sufficient for any club install and certainly plenty of connection points for a home studio. Since the 68 is a digital mixer, it offers 4 SPIDF inputs and outputs available directly available on the mixer.


The 68 offers dedicated Serato controls for Deck A and Deck B on either side of the central mixer area. In terms of layout, spacing and position, these groupings are ideal. Each channel strip is equipped with dedicated deck scrolling, a full looping section and five cue points.

The only downside is the feel of the encoders and buttons, both of which are less than ideal. On the positive side, all buttons found on the 68 are solidly built with high resistance tact switches that should survive a lor of abuse (The TTM-57SL was notorious for switch failure from hours of button presses). The downside is that the buttons are really stiff and un-playable. For basic triggers, it really won’t be a problem at all. However, if you’re the type of DJ that likes to get crazy with cue point juggling, a pair of Dicers would be more appropriate.


Dual sound cards sporting ASIO, Core audio and Serato Scratch live support makes this a mixer that will truly work for everyone.  Traktor and Serato DJs can not only play back to back without any awkward swap moments, they can easily play together – each mixing on 2 of the consoles 4 digital channels.

In two months of extensive testing in the office, we had no problems with driver failure or poor performance. It’s safe to say the dual on-board sound cards work really well and can easily replace your trusted Audio 2 or 4. The only downside? A lack of Traktor Scratch support means those timecode-reliant Traktor DJs still need to plug in a NI sound card to play ball.

Editor’s note: Although the Rane 68 mixer is not Traktor certified, you can use HID controllers like the CDJ-900 and 2000 directly in Traktor Scratch Pro (without time code). It’s primarily turntable control through time code records that is not supported without a NI sound card.


If you are a Serato/Ableton “Bridge” user then this mixer does pack some ideal features:

  • Independent routing of ASIO channels from Live to each channel in the bridge
  • Full recording of 4 channels of audio including mixer automation of all 4 faders and EQ’s.
  • You can MIDI-map the buttons on the side of the mixer to trigger clips in Ableton Live
  • Use of the effects in Ableton as inserts on all channels in the 68 (digital send and return)


As a bonus, every knob, fader and button on the 68 is MIDI-mappable in Traktor. The entire mixer surface both controls the audio and sends MIDI signals at the same time without requiring any shift buttons. With this you could theoretically layer Traktor effects on your low EQ or do anything else our crazy readers might dream up. Rane’s product specialist Zach Stone created a Traktor mapping for the 68 and we will be posting that later in the day.  and here it is!

Rane 68 MIDI TSI file for Traktor

  • Sally

    I want it inside of me

  • jeff

    did they discontinue this mixer. i went to my local guitarcenter and they had it for $1900. i was about to get it but they said rane stopped making it and it was $1900 for the floor model (which had knobs and faders missing and a nice dent in the corner)… i just ended up getting the 62

  • Best Mixer for me. Very versatile and great sounding, once you get the hang of the “floating db” system. I’m satisfied with the effects, but the outputs and the inputs are all very versatile and the midi mapping is a great tool that is useful for assigning the sp6 effects on a second “page”. The on surface loop controls made the dicer obsolete and the filter hi/lo is decent (although again not overly impressive). the 68 is not for everybody and I kind of like that not every other dj loves it. One other thing, the customer service at Rane has been very good to me and a few of my fellow djs. Quick returns on repairs and above and beyond customer service (ie replacing faders, knobs , and sending surprises when sending out orders). Overall, my goal as a Serato DJ is to rely less on the laptop and more on my mixer and turntables or cdjs for my performance, the 68 virtually eliminates my need to touch my laptop other than to type in the name of a song and hopefully the 78 will have one of those as well lol. As for the price it is similar to buying a 900 and a Serato SL4 Box new, unless you want to use RekordBox (not my thing).

  • Djmausvader

    I see that ian goulding is using the traktor pro 2 on the 68 mixer, i have the same mixer and traktor scratch pro 2 is there a way i can use the master gain from my actuale 68 mixer than use the one in traktor because i dont know how to change that 

  • Gordon

    The sound of this mixer is just awesome! We have many DJ’s each night and on different formats like Vinyl Serato, CD Serato, CD, MP3, even Traktor through on sound card while Serato is playing and the transitions are quick and seemless. This replaced a Pioneer DJM800 and sound difference was night & day, so clean and so loud.

  • Gordon

    We recently purchased this mixer for a brand new megaclub in San Francisco.  The only flaw we found while dj’ing was the FlexFx level is lower than the source level. Is there a simple solution for this?. Thanks all.

    • Gordon

      Other than that, the mixer sounds awesome and the transition of as many as 5 deejays in one night is a breeze. From turntables to CDs (Serato), CDs, MP3’s, and even Traktor with an Ipad control all during one night through the source knobs.

    • DJ Niros

      Not sure, but you should check to make sure the flex effect mix level is turned all the way to the right.  This is the Wet/Dry level of the effects.

    •  Level knob in front of the mixer…

  • Dj Goma

    Just so you’re aware the BPM works fine when you’re using Scratch Live just doesn’t function when you’re using Traktor. Because it’s not set up to sync with it 100%. If all your files are BPM’d properly in SSL it works like a freaking charm. 

  • Dj Goma

    Just so you’re aware the BPM works fine when you’re using Scratch Live just doesn’t function when you’re using Traktor. Because it’s not set up to sync with it 100%. If all your files are BPM’d properly in SSL it works like a freaking charm. 

  • Thats a sick set up

  • The Numark iDJ, also includes a tap-tempo feature for quickly matching track BPMs between decks, and an LED sync grid above the cross fader, which offers a visual cue for the downbeat for each song. cogent features,

  • The Numark iDJ, also includes a tap-tempo feature for quickly matching track BPMs between decks, and an LED sync grid above the cross fader, which offers a visual cue for the downbeat for each song. cogent features,

  • James


  • Tim Belgium

    I’m kinda disappointed you don’t test the mixer with Serato software.
    Also it’s pretty obvious many people have no clue what they’re talking about (bedroom DJ’s) and some are just traktor fanboys/anti-Rane.

    ‘For 2500 dollars get a DJM-2000 instead’
    I have residencies in several clubs and play 4 nights out of 7 minimum of which 2 are on a DJM-2000.
    I still prefer playing on a 800 over a 2000 since the lay-out is pretty crappy. It happened several times a accidently touched the screen (good thing it wasn’t enabled) and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

    Rane68 has superior sound to the 2000/900/800. One of the biggest clubs in Belgium got rid of their 800 because the sound was just horrible and sound is still the biggest reason to buy a mixer in my opinion.
    I’ll take a Xone or 68 over a DJM any day of the week.

    Rane68 is perfect for clubs with several DJ’s coming and going on the same night (playing timecoded that is). If you don’t need the soundcard/midi features you’re better of just going for a Xone92. (Never played on a DB4 before so I can’t give my opinion on that)

  • Djniros

    This mixer is seriously awesome when you learn to use it. It’s really sad that Pioneer have corned the club install market, especially with their sound quality. Also people complaining about the price, probably shouldn’t be using this mixer. If you don’t know or understand your equipment, than you won’t understand the reasoning for the price. Things are cheap/expensive for a reason.

    I remember buying a vestax 05 pro back in the day and it was over $800. That was more than 16 years ago, but that was the only really good scratch mixer available. I also remember when the 57 came out and people were shitting their pants over the price, now it’s a standard. Equipment companies are making cheap equipment and pawning it off as Professional quality and the uneducated consumer is believing it. Next time you see a really good guitarist play, should go ask him how much he paid for his guitar.

    Sorry for the rant, one of the residencies I DJ at got one and switched to an 800 and now the place sounds really tingy and muddy.

    I love my 68.

  • cabdoctor

    I really really hope they make a version without the soundcard and maybe even with out the midi. I would kill for a 4ch version of my TTM-56……..*sigh*

  • Mr Mice

    I love this mixer. So much can be done with it!
    Here’s a little rotuine I put together for a showcase when the mixer just came out:
    PART A

    PART B

  • Reggaedelgado

    I have a 68 and have found it to really open up a whole new world. I was a pioneer owner and I will admit that the built in effects on the rane are not as nice in terms of variety, BUT they are much easier to use live. The ability to use software effects as well (or outboard effects) is a real huge step, as is the fact that the effects can be updated. The midi mapping is great too, the buttons & the various combinations are great (I found using the mic knobs to be very effective as well). The buttons are rather stiff, I agree that a dicer is better for cue juggling. The fact it has two souncards is crazy, and the bridge has totally blown my mind. lastly, where this mixer really won me over is the feel & the faders. Pioneer just isn’t there when it comes to scratching.

  • I think this site is filled with kids with little experience. If you understood the routing options that were explained above by the obviously stated Rane person, you’d see that the options for creativity are what sells this thing. Well, that and it is a Rane mixer which holds their own against the quality of the Allen & Heath DJ mixers. (FWIW, I like the A&H options better because that’s what I still consider to be the gold standard for sound).

    Pioneer’s sound is muddy compared to the A&H. You buy a mixer for the effects first? That’s madness.

    Buy a mixer first and foremost for the sound output. I’ve heard Funktion One sound systems ruined by Pioneer 800 mixers (and it is especially bad when a DJ doesn’t know how to stay out of the RED). But hey, go for it with the value argument.

    You are either committed to good sound first and foremost as a DJ or you aren’t. Most of you aren’t.

    I think Ian did a good job reviewing the mixer and the additional comments by the Rane person really opened my eyes to why this mixer deserves the price point it has.

    Reading the comments here only shows how this site is frustrating to read because it is informed by visitors of limited experience and swayed by marketing first and foremost. It is sad. But then again, I’m in a grumpy mood this morning. lol.

    • Andy

      Spot on, i use the Funktion-One mixer they developed in conjunction with Formula Sound and whilst no effects and technical stuff to speak of, the layout and feel of the knobs is great and the sound quality outstanding 🙂
      Nothing worse than a Funktion-One rig being misused… And no, i don’t work for them!

  • Zeba

    too expensive

  • cabdoctor

    I wonder if someone will make an aftermarket set of button plastic pieces for this. Or alternatively I wonder if boiling the plastic would soften them up enough. It seems like a simple part to re-manufacture and/or modify

  • Brandon Hughes

    Why are all these people so butthurt over a mixer? Can’t afford it? That’s fine, but you don’t have to whine about it. The reason its priced so high is because you’re paying for 2 soundcards + a 4 channel mixer from Rane. People still cut throats for the 57 and that’s still pricey.. add another 2 channels, another sound card and some midi controls.

    Stop crying.

    • WillBlaze

      I’m not butt-hurt, I’ll take a Denon 600 OVER a SL-57 ANYDAY. Put an Innofader in it and STILL have $200 left in my Pocket. I will NEVER doubt a RANE product, but I’m not gonna waste my money either.

  • Between this and the new Pioneer 900 (Nexus), these mixers are getting mad expensive.
    To be honest I never use mixer effects anymore anyway; I just use the effects in the software (whether it be Traktor or Serato). So for me to pay for a super expensive mixer because it has effects just doesn’t make sense.
    But I will admit having two sound cards is crazy cool, and would def like to be able to switch DJs easier. And I really like the fact that that this mixer is fully midi-mappable…
    What I would really want is a 4 Channel, fully midi-mappable, mixer for about $600-$800. Doesn’t need effects or anything fancy. (And maybe TSP Certified) that would be worth it…

    • WillBlaze

      You mean like the Denon 1600? It has an effects section, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. You can find one between $850 to $1000 depending on where you look. I personally think a 1600 with an Innofader in it is the BEST POSSIBLE mixer for TSP. Coupled with TSP2 and a Midi-Fighter, with the MF routed out of channel 3 and 4 is UNBEATABLE. THIS MY OPINION.

    • dahJah

      Denon 1600 does that, think it’s around $900 though.

  • NIKK C

    Does it support Traktor timecode for digital vinyl?

  • Test

    Just got mines Sixty-Eight! Paid only $2000 on eBay brand new! Now I can easily route my Bridge to output on a dedicated channel!

    • troll

      “only $2000” hahaha! what a moron!

      • DUZi V BoomBoom

        I want to know what troll spins on?

    • FrancodeLeon


      When running Bridge, how many output options do you have in Ableton in audio preferences?

      For example, could you have Serato Vinyl Control on the 68s channel 1 and 2, and have 1 ableton track outputting to 68 h/w channel 3, and another ableton track outputting to the 68 h/w channel 4?

      thanks – I’ve been trying to find this out before I purchase, but can’t get an answer.


  • meh

    bit slow on the uptake here. This has been out for ages.

  • Deviantdigi

    No beat masher or slicer? Really Rane. They had so much going for this mixer. Had to screw up somewhere.

    • Rainesupreme

      Give it up dude. Surely if you really need it you could MAP THE GODDAM THING FROM TRAKTOR!

  • troll

    It’s ugly as hell and it’s overpriced

    • Sally

      And you’re a troll

  • neworleanstech

    I bought the mixer 2 weeks ago, and love it. The windows 64 bit asio drivers are not out so my bridge does not work, but the Rane/Serato support has been great, and I have my old laptop to run the bridge and traktor via asio drivers. If I don’t see the new driver in the next 30 days I will be pissed, but the product is sick, and mapping the mic controls makes for great internal effects controls.
    When you break the mixer down as an interface vs the SL4 and a four channel mixer. It’s not a bad deal I paid $1980 for a used one on ebay.

  • Dur

    look at all these kids who have obviously never rocked a rane opening their mouth with “fuck that mixer it should make me and my effects coffee for 2500!!!!” because of Ean Goldens thoughts on the effects section….

    just wow.

  • Zachs

    The effects section of the Sixty Eight is unlike any other effects processor on any other mixer and is DOPE!

    Yes it has its basic flanger, phaser, filter, vocoder, reverb, and delay (which all sound good) but unlike other effect processors each effect remembers the beat multiplier you set for that effect.
    This means, as Ean stated above, that you can have, for example, your delay on a 1/8 multiplier and the flanger on a 16/1 sweep and go in-between each effect with a click of a button.
    This allows the user to do some really cool effect changes.
    Not only that but you can apply the effect to any of the 4 channels as well as the two mics by simply pressing the Flex FX buttons above the channel faders or below the mic section.
    No need to turn one knob you can barely see in a club to add an effect to only one channel or the master channel. It gives you the flexibility to add the effect to whatever channels you want at the same time.

    To add to that… not only do you have control of the wet/dry of the effect via one master level/depth knob, you have control over the volume of the applied effect via the Flex Fx mix level knob on the front of the mixer.
    This allows you to really fine tune your effected signals… which brings me to another amazing feature of the effects section of the Sixty Eight.

    Not only do you have the internal effects but you have the option to apply external effects (efx 500/100, Kaos Pad, etc) to any channel of the 4 channels and the two mics via the Flex FX buttons.
    Simply run the Flex FX send on the back of the mixer to external effects processor, out of the processor, and back into the Flex FX return on the Sixty Eight.
    From there, press the ‘Ext. Insert’ button at the top of the effect section and press any of the Flex FX buttons to apply the signal to the channel/mic.

    Now for the big awesomeness of the effect section…
    The ability to apply VST effects to any of the channels or mic section via the USB 5 Insert button.

    You would do this by first creating an audio track in the DAW of your choice (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, etc) and set the IN and OUT of that track to usb channels 9/10.
    From there, add whatever VST effects you’re wanting to use onto that track (I put several on the track and turn them on or off depending on what one I’m wanting to use).
    Once all the routing is done, and the track inside the DAW is armed, you can press the ‘USB 5 Insert’ button at the top of the effects section on the Sixty Eight, then press the Flex FX button on whatever channel you’re wanting to add the VST effect to, to apply the effect to that channel.
    This allows you to add that awesome Waves TrueVerb (or whatever plugin) to ANY audio running into the mixer.
    Even regular vinyl!
    Keep in mind… you will need to run a low latency setting in the DAW you’re using in order to avoid any latency issues.

    On top of that… you can stack the internal, external, and VST effects on top of each other to do some seriously sick effects.

    This is all outside of using Scratch Live with the Sixty Eight.
    When using Scratch Live, you can use the ‘USB 5 Insert’ to route the internal Scratch Live effects to the mixer to then apply the effects to any channels or mic section via the Flex FX buttons.

    It’s also worth noting the 6 internal effects on the Sixty Eight can be tweeked or changed via a firmware upgrade so if there is something a user doesn’t like about the effects let us know and we can fix it:)

    The other key feature of the Sixty Eight that isn’t mentioned in this review is the ability to multitrack record in the DAW of your choice.
    The Sixty Eight can route all four channels of audio to four separate tracks in your DAW and also run the internal, external, and USB 5 Insert effects to a fifth track allowing you to completely edit any errors you may have made during your live set.
    This can be done on one or both computers plugged into the mixer at the same time:)

    There is no other mixer on the market that can do what the Sixty Eight can do. It may not be what everyone needs but its the only mixer that gives me what I need as a performer. Its definitely some next level stuff.
    I’m hoping to get the time to create some videos showing what I’ve explained above as I know it might be a bit much to wrap your head around.
    Feel free to contact me directly at 425-355-6000 or email if anyone has any further questions:)

    • troll

      Blah, blah ,blah….. It’s ugly as hell and it’s overpriced!

    • Sniffer

      Someone very obviously works for Rane. Quit trying to sell your crap products out of the comments section of an amazing website.

    • J.J.

      Zach, where are the 32-bit drivers for Windows 6 64-bit? Ableton Live doesn’t even recognize the 64-bit drivers. Try to find a new 32-bit Win 7 laptop, and you cannot find one. When can we expect an update?

      Give us the ability to change to lame default effects. I would love a Gater, looper, and a different type of Echo. The only effect I use and love is the current Echo. I still don’t understand the Flex FX knob on the front of the mixer. It is seriously not needed and has only confused the DJ’s at the club. Why is there no magnetic upfaders like the 57?

      There is noticeable lag (silent delay) when you engage the 5 Insert button for SSL effects. Having the SSL effects go Post Fader is AWESOME!

      Where is the rubber button kit for the hard plastic Cue Buttons that don’t always engage? This is a huge failure for a $2500 mixer.

      This MIDI mixer needs to control other MIDI software while in SSL. We shouldn’t have to hook up another USB to the second sound card for this. Talk to Serato.

      • Epiphenomenon

        These are some serious concerns, especially since most clubs are sitting on DJM-800s in the booth. Brand new they run, what, $1600?

        I can see the niche market for this, and that’s part of what augments the price. Have to make it worthwhile, though…

  • 4321djgear

    Seriously a Denon X1600 is the best mixer for the dollar. If you want to pay $2500 then Pioneer’s DJM2000 is the only way to go. I laughed when I saw that you have to tap your BPM on a $2500 mixer! My Behringer DDM4000 at least has dual BPM counters (not the greatest though).

    Side note, Denon X1600 should be getting the firmware update to recieve midi clock for its mixer effects from traktor. When this happens it will be the perfect mixer.

    • 4321djgear

      Just checked firware for Denon X1600 and the receive midi clock from serato/traktor has already been added to firware update, so it is the perfect mixer.

  • Anonymous

    Did they let you keep it?

    Nice review but I’ll stick with my s4 and midi fighter…..unless I get stupid rich

  • Anonymous

    Did they let you keep it?

    Nice review but I’ll stick with my s4 and midi fighter….unless I get stupid rich

  • jahsonic

    wax or CD? Oh noes!)

  • jahsonic

    I just convinced the club where I have my residency to get one of these. Now when I have guests, we can play together or swap without having to run two SL interface boxes into the DJM-800 or any of the other annoying hijinks involved when we use the clubs 57SL (you didn’t bring a peice of wa

  • WillBlaze

    RANE 68? Pioneer Nexus 900? NO! Denon 1700, 1600, or 600? YES! Half the price. ALL the specs. Can someone do a side by side with the 68 and the 1600? Obviously you have one there at DJTT headquarters. Time permitting, of course, can you give it a go?

  • Jayman574

    Im sure this will outlast a Nexus in build but they bombed in effects…. cmmooon Rane!

  • I could never afford these mixers. That’s why Traktor Pro is god sent.

  • Toontown

    Man this is pretty sick.

  • Cassius

    Do it worth twice the price of a DJM-700? BTW what do you think about DJM-700?

    • neworleanstech

      A DJM-700 + a Audio 8 or SL3 or SL4 is going to cost around $1700 for another pay check you can have the baddest beast on the block “live like a boss”

      • Cassius

        You’re right… so I’m not rich enough to buy any mixer i guess…

      • Mdaxford

        I was actually considering this but it doesn’t have full kill EQs 🙁

  • Nick Monge

    I can’t afford this mixer, and can only hope to step up to one at a club (or play a club, ha) so I assumed this article would be worthless to me… Woe and behold I discover a new remix of “Pong!” DJTT never ceases to satisfy.

  • Nick Monge

    I can’t afford this mixer, and can only hope to step up to one at a club (or play a club, ha) so I assumed this article would be worthless to me… Woe and behold I discover a new remix of “Pong!” DJTT never ceases to satisfy.

  • Kieran-Craddock

    I still can not see what justifies it’s price tag??

  • Kieran-Craddock

    I still can not see what justifies it’s price tag??

    • Jayman574

      Are you kidding me? Its a Rane! Quality is what you pay for its not plastic!

      • Adexcgvr

        If a metal case is the only parameter to ensure quality then sir, you are a n00b

    • neworleanstech

      Think of it’s price like this 2 dvs sound cards ($800-$1000) then a high end 4 channel mixer ($1000+) I have friends who have rocked their Rane 2 channels for 15 years. This ain’t a (insert 95% of all DJ brands) this is a Rane.

  • i go wit the nexus 900 but two usb slots that’s great!!!

  • i go wit the nexus 900 but two usb slots that’s great!!!

  • Michielygil

    Sloppy basic effects with that pricetag? Serious?

    • Spacecamp

      It is too bad- I find that I have a lot of trouble remembering to re-tap tempo on the effects unit when I change BPM. We’ll see what the future holds from Rane, but IMO Pioneer has won the effects battle.

    • Spacecamp

      It is too bad- I find that I have a lot of trouble remembering to re-tap tempo on the effects unit when I change BPM. We’ll see what the future holds from Rane, but IMO Pioneer has won the effects battle.

  • Michielygil

    Sloppy basic effects with that pricetag? Serious?

  • For real, the price of this mixer is madness even though the feature set (2 sound cards, especially) is attractive.

  • For real, the price of this mixer is madness even though the feature set (2 sound cards, especially) is attractive.

  • Kunal (Coldfuzion)

    Man, I may need one of these if I pick up 1200s!

    • Kunal (Coldfuzion)

      After I win the lottery.

    • Kunal (Coldfuzion)

      After I win the lottery.

      • Anonymous

        After you get your transitions down 😉

  • Kunal (Coldfuzion)

    Man, I may need one of these if I pick up 1200s!