• Theo Void

    I love Ableton! I’ve been making custom racks for a long time now. I have a ridiculous amount of racks saved that I use for various things. This Mapulator seems pretty f’n amazing! I may have to go back thru all my racks and see what I can add using the Mapulator! 

  • Squad

    MACRO Randomizer is a good alternative to MidiPipe!

  • ive always wanted to make a decent “fade to grey” style effect and also a beatrepeat + filter combo so the combo of the Mapulator and effect chains is awesome in my book!! 

  • BentoSan

    “It’s a shame that the audio effects chains can’t have automation for controls stored in them, because that’s the thing that’s really needed for one of the important parts of Mapulator” – I don’t understand that sentence at all.

    If your trying to say you cant automate an effect nested in a chain, you certainly can. In fact a forthcoming feature i have already coded and im extensively testing is the ability to save save a rack with Mapulator saved inside into your live devices rack tree. Mapulator will be able to “survive” being reloaded anywhere in the set – thus giving the users the ability to share really cool effects.

    If your trying to say that you cant automate the fades and chain start/stop points then that would be true, however Mapulator makes this functionality virtually nul and void as you you can automate the volume faders on each chain to switch between effects chains – in fact you have a lot more control in switching in-between chains because Mapulator lets you have way more accurate control over the volume fades than Ableton allows you. Put simply all the chain selector is doing is automating the volume between each of the chains, which can be quite limiting when creating effects.

    If you want each of the effects chains to have its own unique modulation in Mapulator, then you would simply have different starting/stopping points in Mapulator for your desired shape.

    Id beg differ with this sentence and would say that there is no “important parts of mapulator” missing when it comes to dealing with effects racks at all. In-fact mapulator only serves to improve the performance of racks. If theres something that you think that you cant do with Mapulator just let me know and ill point you in the right direction.

    • Chris Cartledge

      Hi BentoSan, my point was that chains can’t have automation data for effects stored in them – you can’t draw an automation lane inside a chain, which would be cool and is one of the reasons I think Mapulator is cool.

      I’m not saying that Mapulator is lacking at all, I’m saying that Live is lacking and Mapulator introduces that functionality – I’m about to edit the sentence to:

      “It’s a shame that the audio effects chains can’t have automation for controls stored in them, that’s the thing that would be really needed for one of the important concepts of Mapulator to ‘come as stock'”

      because I agree that perhaps it was a little unclear. Cheers 🙂

      • BentoSan

        That works 🙂 thanks for straightening that up!

    •  hi! regarding what you said about saving a rack with Mapulator in it, that seems to work fine for me. i made an LPF/HPF one knob filter with it yesterday and when i load the rack everything loads just fine and the Mapulator’s graphs are all in place! thanks again for the awesome device.

      and thank you Chris, for exposing the sometimes not so easy world of complex effects rack mapping! great tips there.

      • BentoSan

        It only works if you load the rack back into the EXACT same position, if you try loading it into a different channel, or even right next to the first instance it will fail.