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  • benjaminwg

    Damn thing can’t even analyze my tracks without freezing.

  • what about my PIONEER DDJ-T1 :S

  • Dj Rex

    m sory new to tis place bt cn sm1 help me n hw to upgrade to serato dj? mean my numark n4 has serato dj intro which came with the pack nd im usin it nw,. bt stuffs gt limited features nd serato dj kinda has it all!!! Im nt much used to serato since other controlers tht ive used are tracktor,. so cn sm pls give the u knw hw i cn do stuf clue???!!!

  • KIO

    Hey DJ Tech Tools! Here’s an idea: with the midi mapping in SDJ you can only map a secondary controller, not the primary. Still I would like to map my NS6. So what would happen if we’d take an NS6 and add another NS6 as a second controller? Will it suddenly become mapable? Do you guess over at DJTT happen to have two NS6’s or perhaps two DDJ-SX’s lying about and care for finding out how SDJ handles two of the same controllers?


  • Scott

    would of bought the ddj sx if it was for traktor, serato have release a someware which isnt as versatile as traktor on its release date, I think poineer should of backed a different horse this time,

  • This is the most ugly/unergonomic User Interface I ever saw :-/

  • Washuma DJ

    a hobbit made this basic layout? we are in 2012 not in the age of lord of the rings come on!

  • i’m currently a Traktor dude, but I’m intrigued by the DDJ-SX controller, and I’ve seen a lot of larger acts out there use ITCH for ages. Haven’t tried it myself more than once, but didn’t turn me off at all. I’ve read all sorts of reviews, but none of them have measured the Serato DJ software against Traktor Pro 2.6 directly. Anyone got a good idea as to what I should choose?

  • It’s funny that some people are saying this is cluttered. I mean, have you SEEN Traktor? That’s part of the reason I don’t care to switch to Traktor. The Serato interface is simple and easy to find things. Traktor makes me crazy and I can never find anything.

    I’ll stick with Serato, thanks.

  • Jack

    Seems to me that DJs that keep their stares glued on their screens throughout their sets are more concerned about UI bling than DJs who keep their eyes and ears on the dance floor and sparing glance at UI only as needed. The UI isn’t a video game guys.

  • I am a Serato user and I still feel it looks as ugly as hell. What’s wrong with having great performance AND a stunning UI?

  • Finally has most of the stuff Traktor has had for a while. The UI is still strait out of 1998, but I guess it’s a start.

  • dj lefthand

    this update is way way behind other dvs done this 2008!!! and this controllers are limited it means setup and fun is limited!!!!

  • audiohauz

    I just received the DDJ-SX yesterday. I was a little skeptical about Serato DJ’s new UI, but let me tell you, It’s actually really nice! It does not feel cluttered at all, especially with the different layout options. The browser color scheme makes it easier to identify which songs have been played and everything really just stands out. There’s not a ton of FX, but like they said, they are of amazing quality! The Filter knobs on the DDJ-SX sound the best out of any DJ Software I’ve heard by far! I’m very confident with Serato DJ and the direction they are going with this. If anyone is thinking about getting the DDJ-SX, don’t wait… Jump on it! It is everything you could expect from a company like Pioneer. The jogs just feel amazing. I def prefer them over CDJ’s anyday. If anyone has questions, Ill do my best to answer them.

    • sgb

      Random question, but pertinent – is there any way to MIDI map to move a deck to the SP-6? To the extent of my knowledge, the only way to do this in either Itch or SSL is to drag to the SP-6 with a mouse.

      • sgb

        To be more clear, when I say “move a deck” … I mean deck copy a track loaded in A/B into one of the SP-6 slots.

        • audiohauz

          There are key commands to load into sample deck. I’ll have to look into it

  • Darilov

    Why don’t they start by redesigning the user interface. It’s beyond fugly!! That’s one of the reasons I love Traktor!!

    • jprime

      You know what else is ugly? Mould. Mould is one freaking ugly growth.

      Hard to believe we get penicillin out of it. I love penicillin!

      • Darilov

        Yeah that’s what Serato Software looks like right now!! Mould!!!

    • Dude, how can you love traktor’s UI for other reason than pure melancholy? Modern UIs doesn’t try to make a fader or knob look like their physical representation, it makes it look clear on the screen.

      When it comes to clutter, however, Serato still has a job to do. When I DJ I either look at songs to play next or at the waveforms. What else matters are visible on my controller.

      • Darilov

        Pure melancholy? Are you serious? Dude Get your facts right!! First of all if you’d happen to know a little bit about Human Interface Design, programs created based on a hardware device try to emulate the device itself by representing knobs, faders, switches etc on the screen. That’s the human way of understaning it. Because mixers and turntables existed first!!. All modern DAWs, Virtual Instruments and plug-ins emulate hardware ex: ( Reason, ProTools, Ableton Live etc). And you do have to look at both the screen and the controller in order to deejay. That’s a must!!!

  • NI should have side by side waveforms…

  • djstefy74

    My 2 Only wishes to jump from itch to dj….
    1 i have a 2010 Macbook and i hope that for my Vci 300 i don’t need to replace with a new Mbp(if the great djtt team can try with an older mac is a great deal)
    2 i (and many more with old Itch controllers) need to wait about 6 months 4 the upgrade,so i expect from Serato that this time is spent to customize Dj for every single controller layout,for example i have 3 cue pointsloops..hope that in my interface were showed 3cueloops and not 8 like on the ddj sx..

    • KIO

      I’m sure these six months are primarily used so Pioneer can have six months of exclusivity selling their brand new controller as the only controller offering Serato DJ.

  • not impressed…..serato trying to compete with NI will never catch up. stick to vinyl serato…..its what your good at.

  • Itcher

    Itch updates are not coming soon.

    They are taking for-freaking-ever, with the first ones slated to show up “Spring 2013.”

  • VJ Justin Allen


    You did not read the instructions for the Pioneer firmware upgrade. You need to hold down the shift and sync while turning the unit on. Instructions are right here:


    DO this and the unit will upgrade fine.

  • Jay

    Really guys? You have gripes about the UI? Seems that some of you are so insecure about the way you look as a DJ, that unless youre controlling something that looks like it was made for Tron, that it wont be impressive to anyone that might care. It looks great, far better than Traktors, which by the way, im sure is the reason that it uses about 10-15% of the CPU power.

    It displays all the important info, who cares if its not all shiny.

    Seems kinda weird that it doesn’t support AMD though.

    • jprime

      I kind of feel that way when reading comments on the UI as well. What I look for when I reasd these are actual *reasons* as to how the look and feel affect the overall use and performance. Like “The text is too small to read” or “The dark colors make it hard to use in my club” but noone seems to offer up any actual *constructive* criticism.
      Enjoyed the review DJTT – thanks for that. Really looking forward to your SX review 🙂

    • Ryan Supak

      Agreed. The most important thing about the UI to me is that I can eyeball it from across the booth/room, or in a sticky situation, and see what’s going on instantly.

      I guess Traktor’s maybe looks subjectively cooler, but it seems like this one is a bit more “readable”, like vehicle gauges. In truth either Traktor’s or Serato’s is probably fine though — just a question of what you’re used to.

      Then again, I’d be fine with ASCII graphics provided that it was easy to read quickly. If graphics eat up a significant amount of CPU that could be used to make audio more stable and higher-quality, I’d choose the audio every time. I tend to use 5-year-old laptops for DJing as opposed to a pricey new “mothership”…


  • I think I am getting the VCI400 just so I can compare the two side by side. Traktor vs Serato.

  • still no ableton bridge support for those who don’t want scratch live 🙁

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to be positive about that UI. Man who is thier UX/UI designer? He should be shot.


    • jprime

      To each his own. I prefer it over the alternatives.

    • way way way too busy… looks like a cluster f#$k
      I am all for Serato becoming more modern but they should definitely clean up the UI

      • DJ Cruz

        Not really as buys as it looks, since everything is not on the screen at the same time. If you are not using the SP6 sampler, you don’t see it etc..

    • Guest

      the UI looks pretty sweet imo. but yeah, for DJing in practice, it’s too cluttered.

    • D.Rave

      it is looking like an 90ies shareware program. I think software design is one of the very important aspects today – just imagine you are djaying and someone who has no ideas about digital djing sees this softwar – he must think “what a cheap pice of Software that can not be a good dj, and he does not play gangnam style too….”

      • this was exactly my though when i saw it for first time, now i am buying pioneer ddj sx with this software 🙂 i was like “oww, poor guy, he has some primitive software..” i only knew traktor

    • It’s a minimalist-functionalist aproach. IMHO it couldbe better but the basics are there: high contrast, plain and simple. Only problem it is too busy. ABleton live is an example of minimalism done right.

  • Disabnormal

    Any thing about Slip mode????

    • DJ Cruz

      Slip mode is on the DDJ SX, it is a LOT of fun!

  • I think it all sounds great but it looks like a black dull version of windows 1998! I couldn’t use that in a dark space. Looks awful. Sorry but. Think it does.

  • paraschi

    Looks like some cool improvements for Serato users. The 2 things I’m not a fan of are the somewhat “flat” interface (looks like touch osc, not a high tech software interface) and the waveforms… the wave forms for some reason have always seemed to look disgusting to me. Still exciting update to all you serato users.

  • DJ TeeOh

    Dope review. Thanks.

    • DJ TeeOh

      wow, I was 1st?!