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Video: Rick Fresco’s “Me Duele” on MF3D Controllers

Remember Rick Fresco / Riccardo Betti, who won last year’s Midi Fighter 3D/Ableton sound pack contest? He just sent us this brand new video of an upcoming release that we thought would be cool to feature, especially since he’s rocking out on the Midi Fighter 3Ds that he won.

Watch another one of Rick’s controllerism performances on our YouTube channel.

  • l3f

    First thing I did when I set up my X1 for the first time was mapping the left browser knob to tree list instead of track list, and that’s how I never had to touch the keyboard. I organize in playlists located to the tree to the left. Both browser knobs doing the same thing when turned felt a bit wrong. The solution of taking one away is a mistake, imho.

    Touch strip is an ok idea but I seriously doubt it’s going to be more accurate or faster than shift+browser turn for seeking. Loop leds are the only addition that I liked together with the smaller fx assign buttons.

    What would be great is a LED strip screen with the active deck’s waveform. Even if it made the unit more expensive. As it is, I feel the older X1 is more functional for me.

  • Bastard MIke

    so I had a friend who is a dealer run this by NI and they’re adamantly saying that this is not true at all. It’s seems to have all the information and too perfect to not be it. Could it be a huge hoax?

  • M4d

    This is the remix of “Me duele” made by Wobble Lovers and MC Rayna

  • Deksel

    Some things I haven’t heard anything about:

    1: there seem to be 10 little leds, ranging from light blue to yellow above the touchstrips. Any ideas what these could be for?

    2: with the multicolored LED push buttons, would NI go for the HID propriatary coding seen in the F1, or would it regular MIDI?

  • David

    Thumbs up for random pandas

  • J. Cano

    With an s2, an f1 and an x1 mk2, could I control 3 track decks and one remix set?

    • Jay Dizzle

      You would have to mapped The s2, or download a 4 deck map.

  • Wedding PartyDJs

    It looks amazing and we will pick one up but I will really miss having dedicated a ‘CUP’ control. It’s great for slamming in a completely different track.

  • Joost van der Laan
  • I would like to see — from anyone, really — a controller like the Kontrol F1 (pads sized and spaced to allow more relaxed positioning of the fingers) with velocity sensitivity.

    • Rotem Ayalon

      U mean like MASCHINE MK2? 🙂

      • Nah, pads needs to be smaller. More like the Ableton Push, but doesnt need to be 64 pads or nearly as expensive.

  • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

    Think they need to bring out a white version 🙂