• Tomash Ghz

    Now taking orders! http://digitalwarrior.co/

  • Andrew Ivan

    has anyone been able to get this on the spectra

  • Cesco

    Hi! Very interesting trick! I would like to use a step sequencer on traktor remix decks with my Xone K:2. It’s possible to do it with the last version of traktor?

  • Lee

    This is great! More than happy to start work on a MAX/M4L version of sequencer in a few weeks time if people are interested…. http://www.sigabort.co/m4l_lp

    • Tomash Ghz

      that’s great! if you could make a stand-alone max patch that would spit back midi values that are routed to Traktor you could use this with any controller!

  • DjSenSeiNyc

    I just finished mapping the remixDeck C to my maschinemikro.II. Took me a while only thing that i cant get the pads to light up as the music plays. Anytips?

  • audiomontana

    see my feature requests in traktor 3 forum circa 2008 2009

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    now this is DJing as an art form! awesome performance and set-up!
    and it’s really cool how you make an awesome and entertaining tune out of a loop!

    • Tomash Ghz

      thank you for your kind words 🙂

  • Xian

    This is really awesome. I would love to see a blog with the development process you used to wire it up and design the casing and what not. The source code would be neat too.

  • psy/OPs

    man, that was awesome! I hope you’re using this to inject live-electronics in between tracks in your dj sets. Simply no reason not to when you have this level of control 🙂

    • Tomash Ghz

      yeah that was exactly the whole idea 🙂

  • Tomash Ghz

    Anybody interested just fill in this so I could easily keep track of it 🙂

  • Miguel Milheiro

    Awesome! If Richie Hawtin sees this, you will soon be hired by his label. The only problem is the entry test. They make you swim in a 1 meter square pool, hold your balance on top of a ballon and drink water (that’s the only thing I am not able to do:) Thanks for the video. Great skills.

    • Tomash Ghz

      ahahah, lets hope he does and I might manage the challenges 😉 but i better practice! glad you like it 🙂

  • Mekon

    Make it in PURE DATA(or max patch) so anyone with 16 buttons can have this, please

    • Tomash Ghz

      I’d love to but unfortunately I’m no good with pd or max

  • Fernando Midi

    You are a genius!

  • Roni

    Any idea how can i do that with my maschine?

    • Nude Photo Music

      Run Maschine stand-alone (not as a plugin) and route midi notes from it to Traktor. Map the notes to samples in a sample deck. Boom – same thing. You could use any piece of gear that sends midi notes out (MPC, electribe, groove box) to do it as well. The trick is to map the notes to the samples in traktor and sync the sequencer to traktor’s clock.

      • Tomash Ghz

        Couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

      • Roni

        Ok that’s good and all, but I’m a beginner. Is there a video or link on how i can do that? like a more specific step by step process? I’m not familiar with the terms yet too. I just heard about that since the update on traktor 2.6.2. PLEASE HELP A ROOKIE! Thanks for the help though!

        • danny

          Would love see a vid aint got a clue where to start would love a step sequencer with my remix decks..wish native instruments would do maschine integration 🙁

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        How bad would it be on performance to simply automate the MIDI clock sync every second or so?



  • Manou

    yay! nice one! would love to by/build something similar :).. Are you going to share a buildlog or something like that? Also the code you´ve written would be awesome 😉

  • Eoghain

    This is so so so sick! Fair play man this just looks like so much fun to use and its brilliant idea.

  • Mad Zach

    too cool Tomash, so you built the step sequencer into the firmware on your controller?

    • Tomash Ghz

      Yes, at that moment it seemed like the most sensible thing to do. But I’m guessing this could also be done with some intermediate Max patch for just any controller.

  • Micha

    People like you should get employed with the big companies! Vids like this are a resume on itself!
    Love this stuff!

    • Tomash Ghz

      Thanks Micha! I’m really glad you guys enjoyed this!
      Then lets hope they see this 😉

  • Ewan Collins

    That Digital Warrior controller is sick.