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  • John Williams

    1: get rid of that horrendous header photo, 2: make the photos for each service a link for accessibility.

  • Club Music Trax

    Acapella Town has moved to http://acapellatown.net/

  • sammsousa

    are you kidding??? the air horn is great! hahaha im joking of course, but i really have to laugh everytime i hear that! its just so bad! haha

  • Robbie

    You can do this with the smart mixing temp in ableton (using two of the smart mixing compression racks [without the sidechain], one for the lows and one for the highs, focus the sound into the on the mid frequency).

    Sample Inversion : have compression frequency splitters (the smart mixing compression) focus on the vocal frequencies and then use a limiter to bring up the volume of the vocals, this is easier to accomplish and then the above method.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I’m still waiting on Record Companies to release Remix Kits… I can’t seem to make any traction with ANY Record Company regarding this. I’ve been working on this idea for over 3 years now… why do they ignore me? I know I can make them money and get new Producers what they want.

    • Manky

      Great Idea! Could create massive in-come for the labels, ignoring this is just stupid.

  • mickytalbz

    check this tutorial out MPC style sample chopping in Ableton

    • S_Rig

      Thanks mickytalbz!

  • S_Rig

    A good idea for an article would be a how to sample and crop acapellas from new tracks using a DAW or other type of program!

  • Dan D Max Perez

    UMMM WHOSAMPLED.com??? How can you write about sampling with mentioning them!!!!

  • Prodijay

    My question is can you just put an acapella over any song or do you have to keep in mind keys and bpm’s?

    • khaiyin

      Always be wary of keys and BPM.

      If it’s a short enough sample, or one which doesnt run over a melodic portion of the song, you can sometimes get away with it. But the best acapella use (i find) is when keys match up and it’s over a melodic portion. You start building harmonies which weren’t intended with the original song and it starts to feel like you’ve created something fresh.
      BPM work can be tricky, especially when they’re quite different (100bpm acapella to a 128bpm song, for example). It takes a lot of practice to be able to drop something like that live. Easiest way around this is if you do a bit of production work (Ableton is great for this) and have the acapella timed properly to a similar bpm as your sets would be. Acapellas don’t have an intro drum track, like easily mixable songs do, so traktor (or whatever you’re using) isn’t going to detect the right downbeat most of the time.
      If you do have some producing background, mashups are quite easily created in Ableton and take a lot of guesswork out. But as always, be wary of the key. I’ve heard so many out of key mashups on youtube; it drives me insane to think these people think what they’ve made sounds good.

      • KIO

        Serato can set a beat grid to anything. Even acapella’s.

        • Anonymous

          And Traktor

      • Prodijay

        Sadly I don’t have any producing background. Is there anything else I can do to make it work? And thanks for the reply, I highly appreciate it

        • randomdude

          Besides using Serato to physically tap out the bpm (to know what the tempo is), you should refer to the original song to insure you’re familiar with the ‘cadence’ of the lyrics. Essentially knowing what beat of what measure in the sequence the lyrics start. It’s hard to ignore when a potentially great idea is mucked up because the vocal was dropped in out of cadence. Done wrong and it sounds like beat matching in perfect tempo, but mixing 1’s and 2’s together.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      The simple answer is: Yes, you can do anything to anything… the lyrics will go over any song. The complex answer is: Yes, you can do anything to anything, but in order to make the music sound good, it should flow, work with the beats and generally not conflict with the instruments.

  • thebigblaa

    Hi David, great article. I’ve seen the process for “Ripping your own acapellas” highlighted before, however, never with an example that actually works. Can you provide a link to a track and instrumental that this process definitely works with please?

    • David Schulman

      Yeah it can be a tricky process. There are a few examples of working sample inversion up on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p5QC-4jGWA) but in the end it will all come down to using similarly mastered tracks in your DAW. In my example I tried using a few MF Doom tracks (Metal Fingers/Special Herbs and Spices specifically for the instrumentals) but this led to mixed results.

  • Crimson—-

    Great article David. Look forward to hearing more from you. Accapellas can really add some depth and texture to your set, and is a good one to test out a new original track without alienating the crowd.

  • V-3PO

    Yay Reddit!