• Lisa

    I’m very frustrated with the iOS 7 and that it’s messed up the audio on my IPad where its choppy and staticky. Is there any fix on this yet?

  • vtxr

    Pioneer Wego2 fuxx up also

  • St. Félix

    With a system update always issues appear. To have a million devices is always different from laboratory. And i cant see the urgent need to have 7 running when yu really work with your machine. If you cant wait to have all shiny new get another device just for the bling. But its fun to see you debating.

  • DJ alibi

    The pioneer wego has bigger problems working with idjay and mixvibes. Loud popping noise and cue going everywhere, like my controller is haunted lol, I see that idjay is trying at least, pumping out updates daily but I think it’s a pioneer issue and according to their support site, they are on it. Hopefully it will all pan out sooner or later for all the apps. My dumbass updated cause a friend said his was working. We’ll. it did for 5 minutes. In between our phone calls lol. By then the damage was done. We’ll I was having fun using my lil combo for small paying gigs, guess it’s back to the ole trusty dell and serato DJ 1.3′ hopefully no live crashes. Too bad the surface pro 2 probably won’t be powerful enough either

  • Alastair

    FiRe audio recorder won’t work on ios7

  • Jim Dusty

    When I was at BPM last weekend they had a Z1 on demo with an iPad running a beta version of the app. Wasn’t sure if it was on ios7 but they told me that they will be launching it in a few weeks time along with the new mk2 controllers so fingers crossed.

  • imagine

    Didn’t apple give developers the chance to test out and prepare their apps for iOS7? What was NI doing? C’mon on son

  • chris

    two cents

    *) make an Backup before
    *) wait, until you hear no probs more

    and actually, this is not problem of iOs7.
    an upgrade is mostly an freshly renewing in effizienz

  • DJXia1

    I am assuming that’s why NI is trying to hire competent people, Let keep up people stop being lazy and irresponsible. We pay for your product we expect good support. Now I have to wait for NI to get there act together. Come on. I’m sorry I will not wait for NI, there are tons of other iOS 7 supported device that are working flawless because they took the time to be prepared instead of waiting to get caught with there pants down. I’m losing time and money over this as it is important to me, it should be to NI as well.

  • dj bassbitz

    Hi folks,

    We’re on the cusp of iOS 7, and I’m here to urge caution: If you rely on music apps, please don’t update yet.

    iOS 7 audio is not ready. There are a wide variety of bugs that are causing performance problems, crashes and other problems in a large number of music apps.

    This may change in the future, but until we see a few point releases for the OS, I strongly urge you to stick with iOS 6.


    (audio bus)

    • Unuomo Qualunque

      Tnks man, big up audiobus dev team!

  • TexasAU

    Absolutely no excuse for this; the API changes have been available for Developers since iOS 7 betas were released. It’s supposed to be NI’s showcase app to get new users onto Traktor, and they can’t get this right.

    If previous iOS updates are anything to go by 60% of iOS users will be running iOS 7 within 2 weeks; that’s a massive chunk of the market they are missing out on.

    Wonder what their excuse will be with OS X Mavericks?

    • penguinsdoom

      Agreeing with this post. There is a reason for the ios beta.

    • Chaser720

      Probably something along the lines of replacing knobs and adding stickers was too tedious of a process to be concerned with any other minor details.

  • calmdown

    Pull your wedgies out and relaxxxxxx. Serato remote crashed on me too so it won’t solve your issue. Audio routing issues in these apps need to get worked out. From a developer perspective, many of these companies do not simply solely churn apps out all day. The same guys improving and stabilizing desktop apps may write for mobile or interface with mobiles dev groups. To expect a seamless switch on a major update is asinine. iOS 7 has been OFFICIALLY available for less than 24 hours and already the sensationalists are in full force. SMH.

  • monik ranou

    NI = slacker

  • Donny NLT

    This should be the same as on a computer. Don’t update to the latest version until compatibility issues have been sorted out, especially if you rely on these apps for business.

    Now that NI mentions it, I don’t recall any of my apps being updated to iOS 7 beforehand. Surely, these companies have had plenty of time to do it or maybe those apps are just dead already and won’t see further updates anyway.

  • dj strobo

    What says Algoriddim? Their djay app is in competition with traktor

    • I got an iOS7 update for Djay before the operating system became available so they are on the ball. I have had no problems with anything except Akai SynthStation which crashes after launching. Even Traktor is working on my iPad so far.

  • tr4gik

    GOD DAMMIT NI U been dropping the ball to much lately Hurry the fck up!! Maybe its time to start looking at serato remote. Hmmmm

  • Hey, NI, do you have an example or three of the “…many other audio apps…” that we may see?

    • Unuomo Qualunque

      Propellerhead and Steinberg (the biggest audio companies) have No issue with iOs 7, but I stay with iOs 6.1.3 for the moment…

  • Michael

    Eh sorry… how long have they had to actually test and redevelop their apps on existing hardware with their developer accounts. Its not like this day crept up on them and bit them on the bum unexpectedly, most of the universe is aware of the release of iOS7 and the last few revisions seeded to developers hasn’t had major revisions to API’s.

    Poor show, coming from the company who only made their website iOS friendly earlier this year.

    • calmdown

      This is assuming they are using Apple’s APIs for audio routing. Proprietary code that enhances API real-time audio may still have some quirks. I will agree with you a month from now however if issues still persist.

    • Markku Uttula

      I must say that I really love NI’s products, but there is something seriously wrong with their QA. I remember the previous “biggie” was the lack of support for USB3 in their controllers. Eventually they did get that problem fixed, but only at the point when a lot of people had been complaining about it for already (at least) six months. And when they finally came up with a solution, many new laptops only had USB3 ports, so they pretty much had to get their act together on that front. And now this.

      Like Michael says – it’s not like there was no developer releases available before the public release roll of iOS7. Why is it that they haven’t managed to fix things already (ok, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt; iOS7 might really be doing something very differently than the previous iOSs that makes solving the problem hard… but still.)

      • Bleh

        I remember a huge issue with original Maschines MIDI mapping mode that took them three years to fix! – NI are traditionally poor with bug fixing and updates in my experience

        • Sebastian Minkewitz

          some more shit from ni: two years ago, it takes over 1 month to release the driver for Audio4/8 and the new Mac OsX10,7. hope their will be no problems when 10.9 comes out on fall.

      • Chaser720

        They just hired a new QA Lead too. I know this because I didn’t get the job… ha