• Hey guys, if you want to crate-dig, check out ListenByLabel — lets you search record labels on Spotify & iTunes, create custom label playlists, and much more.


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  • DJ Poundz

    Digitally Imported is a great source of listening for me , lots of Genre
    to find there. Keeps me informed with new music and new DJ’s. DI.FM
    keeps my Friday nites Fresh and informed!

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    http://www.djservicepack.com/ is a great spot, especially for hip-hop DJs. It’s essentially a free record pool with old and new; clean, dirty, instrumentals, acapellas, the whole 9.

  • juepucta

    Getting to know well curated blogs for out of print and rare stuff also helps.

  • Reef Ali-Vinyl Frontier

    thanks for recommending Vinyl Frontier DJ Tech Tools! 😀

  • Dual Citizen

    Great post with some very helpful info. I’m fascinated with drip.fm. Thank you.

  • Keith

    Trackhunter is by far the best tool for DJs to find new music. The whole point of the software is to let you trawl though all the new music without using the DJ charts so you develop your own style. Sean mentioned listening to every single release that comes out every week, Trackhunter allows you to do that. It covers all the major online digital music stores; Traxsource, JunoDownload, iTunes, Amazon Mp3, TrackItDown and more. Take a look at http://www.trackhunter.co.uk, it’s available for Mac and Windows right now. It actually warrants a whole article on DjTechTools in itself 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Just downloaded it and letting it find tracks. Seems very promising though, only selected a few genres and it’s coming up with hundreds of results.

      Thanks very much man!:D

  • Johnny01

    where i cratedig:
    1) Full sets. Listening to a set and finding tunes. Or let Shazam do the dirty work if there’s not any tracklist.
    2) Discogs. Nuff said.
    3) Spotify radio feature. Not so good for old tunes, but you can find many gems in there.
    4) Soulseek or any other P2P program. Oh yeah, they still exist and you can find many users with whole collections of a specifc genre or label. Of course, it’s illegal to share copyrighted material through those networks.
    5) I listen a lot to radio. Especially Rinse FM. I let Shazam do the dirty work again or i’m just tweeting to the Dj that’s playing to provide us the name of the tune. Works almost always.

    Here in Greece there are not any record stores that are focused on electronic music, nor any nightclubs. There are only a handful of small venues here.

  • Jon


  • Ryan

    “The Vinyl Frontier”

    That pun is glorious.

    • Reef Ali-Vinyl Frontier

      haha glad you like the name 😀

  • Guest

    Personally, I love the hype machine (hypem.com). It tracks top blogged music and can be sorted by what’s new, what’s popular, and even by genre. They even track top tweeted tracks. I find it really helpful in discovering new music.

  • Sean

    If you’re really serious about finding new music, you should be skipping the “Featured” release section of Beatport and going straight to the regular “Releases” section on their genre pages – listen to every single release that’s come out for the week EVERY WEEK. Great way to get familiar with new upcoming labels and artists you might like.

  • Michael Walsh

    I’m famous! And considered a “musically informed friend.” Nice.

  • Pedro

    The ones I use are Soundcloud, Majestic’s Channel (YouTube), Bandcamp and Shuffler.fm

    • Dan White

      Everyone seems to love Magestic!

      • Swift Sloth

        Etonmessy Channel on youtube is well worth a look, similar to Majestic quite often with links to free downloads of the tracks being promoted. I would also recommend joining mailing lists like Kerri Chandler’s MadTech Records

  • Bohdi

    Try some of the “rooms” on turntable.fm; every time I go onto that site, I hear something new. I don’t always like t, but it’s worth a try.

    • Huntz

      They stopped allowing users to upload music from their computers so turntable is essentially useless now. It’s a shame because I found ALL of my drum and bass in one of those rooms.

  • chris

    by the way
    some internet- streams delivers music nonstop. you only have to look at the trackname – for me, this is very similar to my childhood of ripping with an compact casette the hitradio

    streaming monsters are actually Shoutcast.com, and iTunes-Radio
    they have all genres