• Has anyone seen this performance on the AlphaSphere?

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  • bruno.dualo

    We just add a new cool video and we are very proud of it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBAYyGPL6kE

  • Bob Bobberton

    Well since you can’t get the Kitara anymore, the Misa Tri-Bass should be in its spot. It actually looks like a much more electronic music-focused controller than the Kitara to me.

  • xx

    Be real, the Drum pants guys got their idea from that “hamboning” episode of Regular Show, didn’t they?

  • Danalog.

    That was cool.
    I used to work @ Starr Labs as the talent behind the circuit boards and I can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure. Other devices seem to be pushing the musical boundary in completely creative ways as well. What a great time to be alive!

  • Frederik Tollund Juutilainen

    While these are technical and not musical demos, I think it’s interesting to see that most of these demos aren’t offering anything control- or musicwise that couldn’t be done with a decent midikeyboard and a dedicated ableton controller. And why wouldn’t you, when trying to promote these gadgets, just spend a little more time on the actual music? While I’m interested in new ways of interacting with music, I think most of these are nothing more than gadgets.

    • Kaitain1977

      I agree. If you compare a digital instrument to an actual instrument (like a guitar/violin/whatever), to compete with the analog instruments the digital ones need to have certain features that are often partially lacking from these examples:

      – you need to be able to use all 8 fingers (most achieve this) (and possibly even thumbs too)

      – ALL fingers need to be controlling an interface that has real subtleties and responds in different ways to different types of touch, whether it be velocity sensitivity, vibrato, tremolo, aftertouch, or some other type of control

      – ALL fingers need to have tactile feedback (you need to be touching something that responds to your touch… there’s a reason the Theremin remains a novelty)

      In regards to the demos themselves, yes they need to be impressive music to be convincing, which highlights something that is a bit of a hidden aspect to many instruments: you are probably going to need one HELL of a patch to make these things shine. Patches designed for keyboards are not going to be able to produce any more expression than you could with a keyboard, and so a big part of the point of the instrument is lost.

  • calgarc

    wow, such toys, very music! lol

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    just wondering if you knew about Reactable? ran across it a bunch of years ago and thought it was the coolest thing for live performance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h-RhyopUmc

    • chris

      Basic of Sound 2.0
      >> Cymatics <<


    • Rhyot

      I’ve gotten to play around with one in the US =)

      Special thanks to Bastinado 😉

  • Alan Smithson

    You also missed Emulator ELITE http://www.SmithsonMartin.com

    • Gigantic

      Pimping your own products…desperation?

      • Alan Smithson

        Really? You think that a CEO that takes an active role in the promotion of his products is doing so out of desperation? What about the fact I just created the most incredible DJ gear ever made and perhaps I am very proud of what our team has accomplished. Gigantic, I understand Emulator ELITE is not for everyone, but for those lucky enough to get one, they will be the ones taking your gigs away from you.

  • gbevin

    You really missed Leap Motion and GECO: http://uwyn.com/geco/

  • Aken

    Very good post but HAHAHA I laughed so heavily with the first video xD Especially when the following texte appears “take your live performance to the NEXT LEVEL” haha and you see the guy watching his guitar like… hmmmm ok… yeah.. this is my guitar and I have absolutely nothing to do”

  • me

    >> Misa Digital Ktara <<