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  • Biosyntheka

    I have no idea how to do this in serato, anyone be a lifesaver? I have a DDj-Sb can it evern be done? There is extensive loop functionality on it so my guess is yes, but no idea how to macro map it – plzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂 peace everyone

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  • Ean I LOVE YOU!

  • Guest

    i love you

  • Coco Lupu

    did anyone manage to map something like this (the move selector thingy) in Ableton?

  • BinkC

    is there any mapping for the ddj-t1? i would love to do this on my controller

  • fmshred

    Ean can´t you get Richie to give us some insight in his techniques himself? That would be really great!

  • Sascha Plobner

    Can i do this also with Serato DJ?!

  • Francesco

    this is the standard on traktor s4, but not on x1. i recently bought a second hand x1 mk1 and audio 8 dj because i’m trying to change my actual s4 setup to a more modular one, and i was very, very disappointed when i found out that by default the loop move function on the x1 makes the loop jump by 1 beat only. it makes absolutely no sense to me, coming from an s4 controller. did NI change this behaviour in x1 mk2?

  • Sascha Plobner

    How can i do this with Serato DJ ?

  • Matthew Goldstein

    For those interested in using loop move macros with the X1 mk2 check out my latest mapping: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/2442

  • Steve

    well if i turn the encoder it makes the loop longer PLUS the loop is moved. How can I solve this problem?

  • Aaron Zilch

    If you are using Ableton, think about “Legato” launching….

  • Vince

    how doe’s one integrate the example TSI with the loop macros into the factory X1 TSI settings? I know the provided loop TSI is an example, but this is my first MIDI mapping and don’t know the basics of mapping. When importing the example TSI, i get unexpected results… which i sort of expected. Anyone willing to give a step by step for a newbie? Thanks

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      preferences>controller manger>import tab>then search for un-zipped .tsi file. hope it does the trick for you.

      • Jakub Kroutil

        when i import your mapping, original x1 mapping disappears. Can i import your mappingi to the original x1 mapping? Or do I have everything mapped manually?

  • djsynth

    sorry guys for my inexperience but how can I integrate my mapping with these new commands without overwriting my actual settings? tnx so much

    • Stewe

      Simply add those commands to your existing mapping by using “Add In” tab. Ensure to create same button settings as in example .TSI.

  • Ulysses

    How do i map this on a S2 MKII? Is this possible?

  • Greg

    Does the tsi mapping provided work ok on the MK 2 Kontrol X1? I now realise the benefit of having the MK1

    • Greg

      i realised this is for MK1. Anyone any ideas on best way to map beat jump to MK II?

  • Clay Ford

    oohhhhhohohohohohho……this trick is dangerous in the right hands!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Ulysses

    Can this mapping work on a Traktor Kontrol S2?

    • Clay Ford

      I can’t see why not.

  • b

    Its not so clear to me, does this mean that even if you have 4 beat loop, and when mapped this way that when you exit the loops it always jumps back to the first beat of a 16 or 32 beat phrase? Cause when looping with traktor and moving say a four beat loop 4 times..you know when to release it right? Have to say that that gets trickier with shorter loops 😉

    • Rayalon

      If you start the loop at the Downbeat your always going to be within the musical 4/8/16/32 phrase.
      The only issue is, some producers like to add a bar or two before the drop and by that they kind of blow this method away, unless you use hot cues for musically staying within the 4to32 beats count.

  • signaturex

    meow i thought this was going to be an RH demo ….. i would like to see his actions and the EDIT

    • signaturex

      i wish there was a t3 transport mode

  • Dual Citizen

    Another great tutorial! Thanks for this stuff.


    You know, I was missing your tips.. But those two last “quick and dirty tips” are just awesome ! so keep it right and thank you 😉

  • Fatlimey

    That’s really simple yet fiendishly clever.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    by far, my favorite loop guru/ dj/ producer/ label owner. some of my first memories of playing vinyl are of the “red and white” plastikman from +8. ritchie is one of the most level headed and easy going dj’s that i have met, it’s just a shame that running a label takes so much time away from his production. ty for the article.

  • chris

    this is very nice, that Richie Hawtin share his Tricks with us. I listen last week to an boiler-room session (Amsterdam) from Richie, and this shows me how much you need an heart for mixing music. I moved in the room to his boom 😉

    btw: Hater-music has already a big problem with smooth vibes, and i think is also a bit sick for the energy of the body.

    • chris

      Hey yo haters!
      I’m also an underground Dj, but i know, that i need some Vitamin D to have a clear mind.

      • sub-chris
      • Oddie O’Phyle

        hehehe… Vitamin D was one of my favorite dj’s in the 90’s.

        • chris

          it looks, that he had not finished his work

  • samsteeno

    What are the benefits of using a X1 mk1 over a mk2?
    I’m looking to go more modular from my S4, and I’m looking into an X1 for deck control

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      This article (and the comments) may provide some insight. http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/08/13/video-review-traktor-kontrol-x1-mk2/

      Personally, I’m sticking with my original x1 for my modular set up but it does depend on your style. I’m actually thinking about adding a Behringer CMD PL-1 because it has a platter and I like to play a Capellas/Spoken word over techno beats. The platter helps me line up the timing nicely. I also have an S4 set up so i have the platter taken care of in that instance.

    • Chaser720

      The MK2 forces you to give up a loop size or move wheel for one deck (unless you run one unit for each deck). I haven’t used the touch strip but the click feel of the encoder provides touch feedback when your changing loop sizes or moving within a track.

      You know Ean has access to any controllers he wants and still uses the MK1s so that’s saying something.

      • Aken

        Yeah, and this video (http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/08/13/video-review-traktor-kontrol-x1-mk2/) where he promotes the mk2 is one another example about the integrity issue of the guy 🙂

        • Chaser720

          Well the touchstrip is cool tech but its just aimed at a different purpose. Also Ean does run a store and stocking a new product and telling everyone it’s useless wouldn’t be the brightest idea. ha

    • The X1mk2 is a very nice controller, however I really value the 4 total encoders with 2 dedicated to each channel strip for loop move and browse.

      • Coco Lupu

        HI Ean, Is there anyway of replicating this in Ableton?