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  • Infect

    Very true, you do need to invest a lot of time into music theory in order to understand and be able to piece together a good song. I strongly disagree with his outlook on sounds though. You can’t go online and make any kind of bass you want “in an evening.” After four years of studying and experimenting with sound engineering, I’m getting close to the Noisia style sound I want my music to have, but I still have a ways to go.

    tl;dr: EDM isn’t about either the songwriting or the science. Both are equally important and difficult to learn.

  • lucas laboucan

    i recently was that kid who just fucks with massive and crams a bunch of shitty mids into the mix . But now im starting to see how i can turn my “tunes” into actual music . And its a very good feeling when you do get it to that . Although im not the best at it , im still learning 🙂

  • JohnnieBräts

    Jake is the truth.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    He’s right, too many people are concerned with making a piece contextually complex instead of making songs that mean something (which is the main reason people who dislike “Complextro.” Almost no one wants to hear ” learn the basics of Music Theory” before making music, but not learning the basics before doing something just means you’ll have to spend more time and be more frustrated until you do.

    There is no shortcut to success.

  • Ztronical

    All of his tips on giving sound space and especially contrasting sounds. That’s exactly my issues. I’ve learned how to make sounds but making it all fit is a pain. So now 10 or so years I am still trying. I now know the next step. Thanks.

    • Sohrab Zia

      pan your sounds. use reverb to give your sounds depth which in turn creates space. avoid boosting FQ’s on your channel eq as much as possible. you want to make it so you’ve taken as much as necessary out from your sound and leaving the peak point at 0.0 db that way it doesnt muddy up. just a few tips in case you don’t already know. much love

  • acidjazz

    Excellence; wish he’d release that “I’m Gone” track from back in the day. It’s super great!

  • chris

    btw: this reminds me the different of work. there is always a next step to “creating”

  • did not everyone make the change to Ableton Live from Reason.

    BLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Skrillex

  • killmedj

    Just an incredible producer!