• Lyle Petty

    would it be possible to run a guitar pedal through the dvs loop on the dif-1s instead of a sound card for dvs?

  • Ezra Martin-Rosenthal

    no mention of the epsilon inno mix 2??

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  • Robert

    Does the allen & heath sound stronger than the Pioneer?

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  • Ezra

    you forgot the epsilon inno-mix 2

  • stickone

    Can i put a effect unit on djm 250 in one of the masters and return it to one of the aux and have a “send and return” function?

    someone know something about this?


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  • Luke Peter Annett

    Not impressed with Allen and Heath sound these days, get an analogue mixer if you want good sound. Some brands that go for cheaper than they should… Ecler, old UK made Citronic mixers and also old Japanese made Numark (PPD) series mixers. All go for far cheaper than they should on ebay and are made from quality components that can be easily repaired/replaced. They all sound better than these cheap shitty chinese made digital mixers.

    • Psicomajo

      Im Sad Ecler is having problems these days and we cant see a Nuo 2.1 in this chart

  • Garrett Cox

    i really like the DJtech x10, any thoughts. X1($200) + X10($240 Amazon). built in 4in/4out sound card, lots of crossfader and line fader controlls, booth output for recording, and powered USB hub. $440 total

    • jacobsteringa

      I occasionally use that setup and I really like it! I picked up the DJ-Tech X10 brand new for about 100 euros and a second hand x1 also for 100 euros.

      I could have lived without all the fader controls, it required a bit of fiddling to get the faders adjusted the way I wanted. A crossfader curve switch would have been sufficient for me.

      But overall a very good bargain.

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  • Robert Wulfman

    Just tested this out, there are 3 ways of getting post-fader effect tails on the NOX404 (that is to say, the FX-unit comes after these parts in the routing). One is to turn the gain all the way down, which can get you more of a fade out effect. another is to turn all the EQs down, which when used with the EQ On/Off switch can get you that echo freeze effect, however the best method I’ve found for this effect is to switch the channel source to get a sudden cut. Unfortunately there’s no way to get the actual channel fader to go before the effects unit but these methods should get you a similar effect at least, though they may be a bit harder to pull off.

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  • MilkyBass

    Does the xone 23 have a way to view the line (channel) output instead of only the master?

  • While it is true that the Xone 23 is a bit limited in terms of inputs (2+2 mixer: 2 line, 2 phono), one should note that the Xone 23C is more flexible (3+3 mixer: 2 line, 2 phono, 2 USB). I still could not test this, but in the data sheet of the 23C it looks like each of the two main channels has a **summing** input amplifier that combines USB + line + phono. If that is true, then all three inputs can be used at the same time on one channel. It is pretty likely true, since there is no switch for toggling between USB and line/phono mode. Looks like whenever there is a USB audio signal, it is just mixed into the channel.

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  • Andrew Rivas

    Great Great

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  • DrDreidel

    I’m a big supporter of A&H and have been using a xone:92 for quite some time mainly because of the filters and sound quality. The xone:23 is a great option for beginners who care about sound, however I see a caveat of choosing the xone in this price range.

    I’m generalizing here, but something tells me that someone who only has 200-300 to blow on a mixer doesn’t have a proper PA/Hi-Fi to take advantage of the increased sound quality present in the A&H. Audio is all about bottlenecks as your sound is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Just something to keep in mind. Great article!

    • Mojaxx

      You know, that is a good point about buyers of budget mixers not really needing incredible sound quality. And certainly that was in my mind when judging the $200 mixers; both of which have sound which is ‘good enough’. But there’s no reason a $300 mixer like the Xone can’t continue to be used as the rest of a DJ’s setup improves over time.

      Food for thought, certainly.

      – Chris

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  • Highlanda Dot Net

    How about the Numark M-6 USB, which comes in under $200 with XLR outputs plus RCA unbalanced booth with volume control, master, and record outs. It also has 2 Mics, 4 Channels, and USB as options. The fader may not stack up to the one’s reviewed here, but there are certainly some other advantages.

  • I have to say, I’d rather play on one of these budget mixers than a higher quality mixer that is ten years old. I’ve found that some people hold on to their high end gear long way too long because they feel like they made an investment. It’s sort of like driving a 30 year old Mercedes around that has duct tape holding it together. Obviously high end mixers can last quite a long time and be maintained but I’ve run into so many pieces of crap.

  • Daniel MacKinnon

    I did a lot of research when buying a budget mixer and the two I really came back to were the Behringer NOX(upside is you can choose which one to suit your needs) and the DDM4000. I had read that the DDM4000 was a little better quality for it and so I decided to go with that-for the price this mixer is absolutely fun and reliable. If anyone is considering the NOX, please also check out the DDM-4000.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    lately i’ve been thinking of getting a small, low cost mixer for my 15yr old daughter to use, as she’s afraid to touch the Z2 in the house. i have been taking a close look at the A&H Xone-23. here is my reasoning… i personally have a pair of cdj-900’s (that my daughter and i both use) and my friends all play DVS. the A&H xone-23 has a quick mod to switch the phono line inputs to digital by removing the resisters on the board. it just means that the swicth from cdj to DVS with turntables is just the flick of a switch instead of a frantic flailing of cables… just my 2 cents.

    • Mojaxx

      If the Xone works for your specific needs, you’ll be VERY happy with it, I’m sure. It’s a great product, just doesn’t suit me.

      – Chris

      • Oddie O’Phyle

        I’ve enjoyed the A&H build for a few years, I use a Zed-10FX in my home studio. Tank like construction, solid circuitry and clear sound.

  • Paul

    DJ Tech DIF-1S. You can cue scratching by putting head phones into a Y cable and connect that into the booth. Yes, not ideal but it works

  • DJ Erik Thoresen

    I would like to know where to get my hands on a Pioneer DJM 250, I love the filters. Seems they are hard to get here, no major online retailer has them.
    Screen shot taken from bhphotovideo

    • Dan White

      I just heard from Pioneer a few hours ago that they are discontinued!
      Interesting play – seems like a lot of their low-end hardware is starting to dry up.

  • LoopCat

    I can’t seem to find the ideal mixer for me. I want an analogue 2 channel mixer with a filter per channel. I really thought A+E where going to do it on the xone 23 but was disappoint. I’ve been looking at an ecler nuo 2.0 but I have heard the fx loop is a bit weird.

  • jason

    if your going to spend around $200 you might as well save for a better mixer that is $4-500 ex. djm 600 or djm 909, better quality and last longer than these crappy mixers. no offense to these reviewed mixers lol

    • ltd1

      So tell me where I can find a brand new djm 909 or djm 600? Ur not being realistic about the topic that recent mixer on d market below $300 range

      • jason

        look on ebay and craigslist. lots of great used gear, of course you have to keep looking and something will pop up. many djs buy these cheap mixers and end up selling it a few weeks because they realize they want to upgrade to a mixer with better quality and features. if you watch any pro dj training vids or your favorite dj you will notice no one is rocking these cheap mixers lol just my opinion tho

        • Keep in mind that for someone who may be 16, the difference between spending $200 vs $4-500 is huge.

          Additionally there are many out there that just need a mixer for a bedroom set up because their gigs always have a dedicated mixer.

          • jason

            i agree, like i said just my opinion. in the current trend a dj controller might be the best budget mixer since you get software that has many effects for transitions and remixing, jog wheels and cues to control music

          • jason

            actually if your on a cheap budget, these days you dont need a mixer. you can rock a party with a 5 dollar iphone dj app like traktor dj or djay lol

          • Guest

            step 1: press play on soundcloud mix.
            step 2: hands in the air DJ Jesus pose.
            step 3: winning?


          • step 1: press play on soundcloud mix.
            step 2: hands in the air DJ Jesus pose.
            step 3: winning?

            LOL 😛

          • jason

            there you go lol the future of djing, no mixer and no hands

        • Mark Smith

          I bought a Xone 22 and I also own Z2 now and I cannot be happier. The A&H is certainly not a piece of crap.

          • jason

            you just proved my point, you first owned a cheap mixer and then you went out and spent more money on a better mixer lol

          • Mark Smith

            Not exactly why? I bought the Z2 as I despise Traktor Audio 2/6/8/10 Sound cars with the looms of wires that they use. They are messy. The Z2 has all of that built in. I spin vinyl so this was the perfect alternative to buying one of those sound cards. My Xone 22 is used regularly as some of the venues I spin at have XLR inputs and my S2 Mk2 does not. I would rather use the mixer than buy converted cables. I use the A&H more than the Z2 as I don’t spin vinyl all the time and some locations don’t have enough space for CDJ’s. The Xone 22 is awesome!

          • jason

            got it, makes perfect sense. it’s good to have a another mixer for different purposes, don’t get me wrong, these reviewed mixer are good depending on your needs, i guess i shouldn’t have used the word crappy lol i actually got a z2 because of the same points you stated

    • ok i will say this my old behringer lasted 10 years, of course the faders were fairly toasted by end of life. I think the sound quality on the pioneer and especially the allen heath is a game changer though. You will notice a huge difference and yes i am an Allen and Heath convert!

    • The point of the lower cost mixer is so that it’s a good alternative to the “all in one” style of djing that was so popular for the past few years.

      A typical all in one controller (decks, mixer, sound card) = $500-$800

      VS. a modular setup with an affordable mixer

      X1 ($199) + Audio 2 ($99) + Mixer ($300) = $600 total.

      The 2nd option is more future proof and likely to translate better to club gigs.

  • efrazable

    Didn’t see much for midi mixers. You should really review the American Audio 10 MXR and 14MXR. They’re basically open-platform Z2’s for less than half the price, with 2 or 4 channels, and a built-in soundcard!

    • Mike Kraze

      Thanks for sharing this, I was in the market for a cheap 2 channel mixer with a built in soundcard to place my turntables on a seprate channel in Ableton for sampling scratches, etc., I was thinking of something along the lines to a Numark M1USB, but after seeing this I thin I am going to have to pick me up the 10MXR, that thing is a beast, and built in MIDI too?!? Why not!?

      • deadrubbish

        I recently bought a b-stock 14mxr – very impressed with the whole package. Built like a tank, easy to set up and fun. Sounds pretty good for £150, too, infinitely better than my previous old behringer. Has a few quirks but with so many features for the price, I love it! Saw one on ebay recently for £110…