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  • brassprophet

    Eh, it’s an oversized more expensive DDJ-SX. If they added screens and USB drive ports, then it would have been a home run. At least, the USB drive port. I’ll wait for the SZ2, which will probably have one of these two things.

  • Kevin Lawson

    Will it be able to control Serato flip.

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  • Cleberson Pertile

    Well… If you play on Serato and have the money, why not?
    But if I had to choose between the SZ on Serato and the S4+F1 on Traktor, I’d go for the second. All the features you could ask for on a cheaper package.

  • CUSP

    Pinnacle? Probably not, but not far off. Certainly this controller has most of what a DJ would want, but it doesn’t have an internal computer (or rather “no need for a laptop”) and we’re seeing these new, very small, monitors that can display almost anything, placeable almost anywhere that would be nice too. This controller also has a maximum of Stereo out, which means managing 3D audio (Super CD or anything equivalent/better) simply won’t be possible.

    If having all these features in one box does it for you, get it. If it this seems too clunky, fortunately, there are many other options.

  • Peasey

    “…and if Decksaver get round to bringing out a model to fit…”



    • Maccwerk

      …and the Decksaver for the SZ is fantastic. Well worth the price. Perfect fit, and great protection.

  • tony corless

    Nice review Chris, can I add no split cue and why can this thing not display track info over each deck.I think its way too big to fit into most club and bar booths and most mobile jocks I know can barely mix so can’t see them going for this.
    I can see this being a status symbol for jocks who would really prefer a pair of cdj 2000s and nexus mixer but won’t pay the price yet are prepared to pay the still very hefty price for this.
    The technology is out there to make a very good controller with plenty bells and whistles that will also play from a hard drive or usb stick,that will work just as well with whatever software you chose but its not about the dj its all about shifting units isn’t it,

  • Greg4422

    USB playback would’ve been nice

    • Toontown

      Agreed. Big miss.

  • chris

    looks fine. in my opinion to much colors and to little Fluro

  • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

    Bought it off DJTT about 2 months ago & in love with it,
    2 Best purchases made = DDJ-SZ & RMX-1000

    • DJ Chronassuer

      I have the same setup!! to bad they didnt put send and returns on the mixer

      • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

        Ya only thing missing. I Route it threw the master into another mixer and control the booth moniter in that mixer

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Does it support Scratch control with Traktor?

    • Mojaxx

      It’s not Traktor Scratch certified, so DVS won’t work with the internal interface unless you want to get a bit ‘hacky’, which I personally don’t recommend.

      • Peasey

        I can confirm it does work though!

        • vastnorrland

          How did you get it to work? I got two Turntables i want to connect with DVS and use traktor. Do i have to buy the “NI Audio 10” soundcard? Or just two “DVS vinyls”?

  • Toontown

    So far this seems to have been a pretty huge flop. No club owner is going to install this as a permanent fixture. No mobile DJ is going to see a need to drop this much cash on something so gargantuan. They should have broken it up into modular pieces–a driveless CDJ is something I would actually consider buying.

    • Greg4422

      modular pieces? they already have those…they are call a stand alone mixer and CDJ’s

      • Toontown

        By driveless CDJ I meant one without onboard CD-playing technology. So it would be a CDJ-style platter that either controls your software or plays tracks from a USB stick.

        • Siana Gearz

          What’s the point? the CD player hardware adds the lot of like 10 or 20 bucks of cost. Negligible.

          • Toontown

            So by your logic we should put CD player hardware in every controller, right?

            It has nothing to do with cost. It has more to do with phasing out components that people use less and less to streamline designs and workflows.

          • Siana Gearz

            Streamlining workflows sounds good. We need some kind of standard for information to go along with the music in the file – the beatgrid, the comment and rating, the thumbnail for the waveform. Break down a few walled gardens, have a big party where everyone’s invited.

            Stop pumping audio through analog connections, never worry about buzz and earth, only one part (the mixer) will need to have a thorough electric design. Have Ethernet between all devices, and pass tempo, beat and phase information along with the sound, and share the music collection between all players. Pass along MIDI too, to integrate more live performance instruments and effects. All of this as an open standard so you can mix and match the Xones and the Denons, let the Pioneer rule you no more. And Power over Ethernet, so you can have your mixer power the whole kit – 25W per player is super plenty, have a magnificent lightshow with few cables.

            Streamlining designs… i don’t regard yer olde IDE/ATAPI bus on an embedded system as such a burden, you simply multiplex it with RAM, boo ya, streamlined design. Can’t do that on a PC, things are more complex there.

            The CDJ has the same hight as the mixer. We’ll want shallower mixers to go with players which can now be shallower.

            How’s that for a plan? But such changes need time, a lot of time. I give it 2 decades to happen. And i don’t think simply removing one part will nudge it further along. Hell, the gramophone record is still here. Matsushita/Technics have cancelled the DJ’s workhorse vinyl player half a decade ago, AudioTechnica and DJ-centric companies were quite eager to fill the void. What makes you think people won’t want to play a CD in another 30 years in their setup? Metadata will get scooped from the Internet, while still taking advantage of single-cable setup and multi-vendor, fully digital sysem, which is yet to emerge.

    • Dan White
      • Toontown

        HA! Yes! I forgot about that. The CDJ-Zero also boasts a game changing in-built advertising feature whereby a 30 second advertisement plays during every DJ’s set, roughly around every 20 minutes or so and in between songs so it doesn’t spoil the vibe in the room. Advertising is big business and so this felt like a natural step for the CDJ-Zero

      • tony corless

        thats the fellow £150 each and still a profit to be made

      • J.sto

        the cdj-xero with usb and legit screen would be cool. what about a pionner 2k cdj platter where the top part spins like vinyl?..i like the ns7’s and denons but it seems like you could merge the moving platter with the controller-like ring around the outside. turntables are great n all but really i just like the feel of the music going away from the cue point..

    • Esbeesy

      I’m very friendly with one of the largest nightclub chains in the UK and I know that they have ordered quite a few of these controllers from Pioneer (Albeit at cost price, Pioneers clever marketing strategy being what it is and all that)

      • Toontown

        Interesting. I guess if there’s room in the booth for this AND a CDJ/TT rig it’s not a bad investment.

    • Sounds like it’s having no troubles selling. It’s a beast 🙂

  • Feel

    No send/return for external fx like pioneer RMX is not so professional at this high price.

    • Mojaxx

      I’ve pretty much given up on any controller having send/return loops by now… It’s a real shame, as I love my RMX-1000, but I can only conclude that the market isn’t really demanding that feature enough for manufacturers to bother.

      • Mike

        I still prefer an analog mixer because most of them have a send/return channel and no need to carry big controllers and its easier to start using other controllers or combining a few of them

        • feel

          This why, I quit controller gear after 4 years now and come back to DVS. Nothing compare to a real analog mixer and an RMX-1000.
          Please DJ gear company, go to the next step of professional controller. 🙂

          • calkutta

            absolutely correct.

      • Feel

        Nice video Chris, good jobs as usual. I like your Mojaxx youtube channel 🙂

  • DJblackjack

    Hey look at the bright side, the SX will become cheaper 😀

  • sandeep

    2000$ is a strong investment. Better go modular.
    In terms of traktor usage, the s4 really is top class at the moment.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      went modular about a half year ago. i have no complaints with my Z2 and 900’s as a set up, i enjoy the flexibility more than the S4.

      • sandeep

        Yes I was referring to s4 as a cost effective alternative in the all in one category.
        Of course the z2, x1s are killer setups for modular expansion

        • Oddie O’Phyle

          i bought an S4 about 2 and a half years ago, by far one of my favorite controllers. the one thing that bothers me about controllers is that it is dependent on a computer being present, running your host software. it was a tough decision to sell my S4 to fund the new set up, but now i have the option to leave the laptop at home while using the same gear.

          • sandeep

            True that. Dependency can lead to disasters.

    • Darilov

      Agree with you. I have an S4 mk2 with 2 F1’s. One on each side and I think nothing can beat that set up..

      • sandeep

        I am planning on getting the f1s 🙂
        but first I need to upgrade my knowledge on them

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