• Bertie B.

    The one thing I really struggled with when writing my bio was to make it sound neutral. I’m sure I’m not the only person who hates trying to sell themselves. I always remember a club owner in London saying he hated unprofessional bios. That got me really worried, he described it like someone who does their own website to someone who pays for it. Anyway, I used these guys, they even advertise DJ bios – http://www.bio-writer.com/dj-bio.htm. Not sure if anyone else has used them, but they did a good job with mine

  • Mark Goertzen

    My favorite ones are when they forget which perspective they’re writing from and switch from third to first person.

  • Lux

    Maybe even have a friend of your write a biography for you and then you just add upon it. I know for some, myself included, it can be hard to judge yourself. You don’t want to make things sound corny and sarcastic. Having a friend write a letter of recommendation and then take out snippets from it definitely helps!

    Tucson DJ

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  • KMD

    Might want to have this post edited…I spotted a few pretty obvious errors, especially since “journalist” is claimed as a skill.

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  • Hana Sheala

    I was very shy and socially awkward as a teen because I was different. So I though thats the reason I cant get my bio done. Social phobia, fear of being judged or that stuff. And now I read this. And I feel like… weird. You know I started to appreciate my difference and now I read that all DJs struggle with their bios?

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  • anonDJ

    fiverr best place for bios & logos

  • http://www.mixcloud.com/sandeepmusic/ Sandeep

    good read :)

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  • CUSP

    Generally, this works:

    If you can explain roughly what styles/genres you play, the promoters will know by a few keywords whether they want to hear your “mix set recordings.” If they like that, they may move on to hearing your mix. Your mix sets are what’s going to impress the Promoters, by (PRIMARILY) song selection, and (SECONDARILY) your transition work/layering.

    Ultimately, your Bio should reflect what works for you getting work, make it the written equivalent of what works in conversations. Give them a little bit more than a vague description of what you play like and always leave them wanting more.

    No one wants to hear you describe how great you think you are… that’s a Rookie mistake, they will (on the otherhand) be interested in why you’re motivated to play each song.

  • FireUrEngine

    Just be yourself who cares what others think but don’t over do it. I have seen one profile from a local dj who runs one of the most popular sites on the planet, and his bio goes off the wall to explain his track selection for arranging his mixes it makes me want to puke from my arse or chit from my mouth! If djs say they represent the underground please maintain this integrity, no radio or pop music.

  • Andy Kershaw

    I’ve edited over 500 bios for a label group I work for. It’s best to leave years off the bio and use links for recent discography, mixes, etc. It’s best to leave number of years off the bio (i.e. how long you’ve been DJing or producing) as this needs to be updated every year. Instead, you can say what year you began DJing/producing and just leave it at that.

  • Max One

    Here’s a big DJ agency. Each artist has a bio http://www.elitemm.co.uk/artists/ they’re the long kind but maybe good inspiration

  • Dean Zulueta

    I always find the simple bios to be much more effective than the over-hyped, spam style bios. Also, most of the time the people who have simple bio have more unique music than the ones trying to be the next Avicii.

  • Toontown

    Bonus Tip: have somebody you trust proofread and edit your bio for typographical or grammatical errors.

  • Adam Arthur

    Does anyone have any links to, what they would see as, top-notch DJ/Artist BIOs? I recently needed to create my BIO for a radio appearance opportunity but when searching Google I found hardly any decent BIOs. I wish I would have had this article at the time, but hey now I can better update what I have!

    • alfredo otero

      not sure if all of those bios are top notch, but in resident advisor you can literally find thousands of them, I would check the bigger names first… good luck!

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  • Chris Alker

    Excellent piece. So glad someone said it! As a writer myself, reading bad DJ bios is a huge pet peeve of mine. If I see another “I began drumming at the tender age of…” one more time, I’m going to lose it!

    • shlerner

      With a background in classical piano playing I soon started to take out my grandparents edison phonograph to make scratches on my self glued tape recorder mixes. At the age of 2 I never listened to any kind of uncool music and Kraftwerk was by far my biggest influence ever. Digging trough my parents record collection I soon realized that my dream is to take people on a journey. Soon afterwards to legendary 1200s were bought to get into the deep basics of turntablism and beatmatching. Just recently I thought about getting to the next level and dived into the world of pro controllerism by buying a mixtrack pro. Mind boggling, epic bangers are soon to be produced.

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  • Jason Black

    Um I think you skipped #5 or am I missing something?

    • CUSP

      #5 or #6… but yeah, you’re right.

  • noxxi

    aw man i hate writing bios, all of mine are super cringey,i never know what to write that isnt bragging or sad!

    • CUSP

      Yeah, I keep seeing Bios with words that are ultra-hypey, (desperately) wanting to convince you to listen to them because they’re telling you how much they’re awesome, OR I get see these ultra-eclectic bios that make hipsters cringe at how nitchey their DJ sets are.

      • noxxi

        nice tips! i just need to get around to doing it now…

      • noxxi

        also, fuck hipsters! haha!

  • killmedj

    Oh boy do I need this advice =/

  • chris

    in german we had the word Arschkriecher, this means someone penetrates you to be forced.
    to give music to the people, is, to give a nice time

    • Isaac Smile

      sounds dodgey.