• jk

    hidesato, if by chance you ever read this….. i’m an avid collector and heavy user of almost all “nadines”, “vesta fire” and vestax guitar pedals. they are the canvas of my art and thank you for creating them.

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  • Lâm HUA

    Great words. I still love my VCI 400 and thinks its build qulity is top notch and features ahead of its time. A bit sad that the incoming Vestax will be beautiful, but out of reach.

  • Bulge

    Interesting. Not sure if it fits where the industry is headed but perhaps that’s the genius. Let the others fight over the low costs, low margin business, and STP can sell high margin, high quality gear at low volume. I’d love to see a compact high quality 2 ch Serato controller, aka VCI-380mk2 with mixer and DVS. By the sound of it though, Mr Shiino won’t be focussed in that area.

  • SaltySnapZ

    I’m so excited! My Vestax controller has been amazing! Do we know if the new Vestax will continue to support their old product line in terms of firmware?

    • Platinius

      Of course they won’t. Having a Vestax controller will soon be like having a High tech but useless book stand.

      But then again, if they support their old products I will support them again. But if they don’t, they should pick another name for their company. All or nothing Mr. Shiino.

      • proben

        I don’t see anything in this announcement that will make my VCI-100 (or any other Vestax MIDI controller) obsolete. As long as MIDI is a standard, your controller will be as useful to you next year as it is today. Unless there is a bug in your firmware, there’s really not much for them to do (and no value to doing so) in updated firmware, and as we’ve seen from the VCI line, interested third parties can write their own firmware to add features (as DJTT has done with the VCI-100 and -400).

        • Platinius

          I thought El Capitan was a problem for a lot of controllers and needed updated firmware or drivers to be stable. Last time I read Serato’s list of equipment ready to use with El Capitan I didn’t see the VCI on it and I suspect nothing has changed.

          Other than that it would be great to get dvs for the vci-380, I would pay for it for sure. But that needs a firmware update so I’m not holding my breath.

    • DJ from Tokyo

      He stated this in Japanese but didn’t translated to English statement. According to Hidesato;


      ‘Those Vestax branded products, which currently available on the markets are total imitation (of original Vestax before 2002) and please be aware we are not going to support them’

      So he said he is not going to support those controllers in Japanese. But not in English. I don’t know why….