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Pioneer DJ Teases DJS-1000: Toraiz/CDJ Hybrid Sequencer/Sampler

Over the weekend we spotted a brand new product being teased by Pioneer DJ. It appears to be a standalone sampler with the size and form factor of a CDJ. Some are calling it the DJS-1000, but we’re suspect it’s a new entry in the TORAIZ family, except with a more DJ-booth friendly design. Keep reading for images, video, and what we know so far.

A New TORAIZ at Dirtybird Campout

The first place that this new unit appeared was on Saturday night onstage at Dirtybird Campout in California. The unit was on stage being used during sets from both Barclay Crenshaw (Claude VonStroke’s bass-heavy alter-ego) and Walker and Royce. Watch it appear in this video clip:

Bass Alien.🔊👽 #BarclayCrenshaw #DirtyBirdCampout #PhonePhotography #ClaudeVonstroke

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Features of the DJS-1000

So far, a few things are clear from the first images of the new DJS-1000:

  • identical dimensions and case as a CDJ-2000NXS (units sit perfectly next to each other, use same feet and case)
  • 16 multi-color RGB pads on the top center of the unit
  • step sequencer below the pads with two rows of 8 step buttons
  • 6 encoders below a touchscreen
  • pitch fader and pause/play buttons seem to be inherited from CDJ
  • USB input slot
  • appears to have ProLINK cable running to CDJs for syncing
  • UI/interface looks very similar to what’s on the TORAIZ SP-16

Why The CDJ Shape?

It makes a lot of sense: one of the biggest issues with Pioneer DJ’s first standalone sequencer (the Toraiz SP-16) was that it simply didn’t fit into a DJ booth easily without clearing a substantial amount of space. As you can see in the photos above, the new DJS-1000 design makes it easier to add it to a DJ booth. If you pull out a CDJ, you can drop this DJS-1000 in the same space, we suspect with identical cabling on the back as well.

Image via @mirandamcdonald on Instagram

Yes, It’s Really Pioneer

As tipped off by other sharp followers, the units were also featured today on Luciano’s Instagram story – without tape covering the Pioneer DJ logo. It’s confirmed in the video that it’s called the DJS-1000.

DJTT reached out to Pioneer DJ for this article – they unsurprisingly declined to comment on the new hardware. 

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  • Valentin

    “It makes a lot of sense: one of the biggest issues with Pioneer DJ’s
    first standalone sequencer (the Toraiz SP-16) was that it simply didn’t
    fit into a DJ booth” – not really, look at the DDJ SP1 or the new XP1. Should those have a CDJ form factor?

  • Nick

    I was there and can confirm that Justin Martin was also using it! He was doing some pretty gnarly stuff with it during his set, it sounded amazing

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  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    I like the look of this. If it can somehow sample and slice up a signal from another CDJ in the system, it’d definitely be a killer.

  • Vecchiarelli

    If it can live sample from any CDJ on the network, slice to pad quickly, and keep it all locked tightly with Pro DJ Link I can see this being a very useful tool and probably what the Toraiz SP-16 should have been in the first place. I think people would have been less eager to compare it to the MPC Live had it been in the CDJ format and marketed more as a live performance DJ tool than a production device.

    • Simmo

      I think the Toraiz SP16 can do all of that already….

      • Vecchiarelli

        It does now I believe but it took them a long time after release to come out with the live sampling. Pro DJ Linked live sampling like what is on the the DJM-2000NXS but greatly expanded would make this a killer unit.

  • boris de koningh

    I for one am super excited and glad I waited instead jumping in to buy a toraiz sp16!

  • Tay

    Looks good! Could be used as a substitute for the Traktor Remix deck so no need for a computer anymore.


    This could be very interesting… I can see it now, “The DJS-1000 uses Stems”

  • Alex Buretz
    • A similar design – what was this, a custom design?

      • Anthony Alonso

        This was a custom project someone started not related to Pioneer.

  • Anthony Alonso

    I for one am super excited and glad I waited instead jumping in to buy a toraiz sp16!

    • Bobby Duracel

      The Sp16 is extremely playable, but more studio-rich with the DSI filters and the 8outs on the back. This one lacks the analog warmth, but definitely added even more playability. I was quoted many times saying “someone just make a modern sampler with a damn tempo fader and nudge” – and someone finally did.

  • killmedj

    This makes sense! I love it!

  • jbjov

    so another overpriced toraiz sampler? and whats the difference of this and sp16? no thanks

    • No way to tell features or price yet 🙂

    • Anthony Alonso

      How do you consider the toraiz overpriced? When utilized alongside other hardware, it is fantastic. It’s also priced lower than my first 909.

      • Jon Cooper

        I suspect its because jbjov has no idea what they are talking about and slamming Pioneer for being “overpriced” is the go-to response to any new Pioneer gear.

    • Bobby Duracel

      Sp16 – lacks live sampling and hot slices, lacks tempo fader. Adds Dave Smith ANALOG filters and 8outs on the back, vs 2 outs on this box. One is more studio oriented (but still highly playable live) and the other is more live performance (but still works in a studio, albeit without the analog bit).

  • Rick WrexZor Mazzante

    Seriously excited to see where this goes. Using the same dimensions and look as a their CDJs to make it all fit nice in the booth.